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Friday, November 27, 2015

Tree of Savior

I know I haven't really been posting much in awhile I've been pretty busy with work but wanted to at least post about Tree of Savior because this is one I've actually been following for a while. As a Ragnarok Online fan for a good number of years, Tree of Savior really brings to the table a lot of the really good things that I enjoyed about RO. If you have yet to check the game out even though its still in beta testing it's totally worth it.
I gave up my beta key for Tree of Savior to my friend who will be covering information about the game on his blog which you can find here. The game still needs work but they will be having a closed beta test 3 sometime after this one closes and most likely they will be addressing all of the game bugs the game currently has. The game also has yet to add any guild system or any pvp but everyone is hoping that they plan to release a system similar to Ragnarok Online. But currently the game isn't super grindy its actually really balanced in terms of leveling. But if you want more information on that I do suggest checking my friends blog out. Since I only have his word and haven't really gotten to talk to him too much about Tree of Savior.
But most likely I won't be covering anything in Tera Online anymore since I really don't plan on playing the game anymore. But a lot of you guys still check the previous posts so don't worry. I'll be keeping them up there for records.