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Monday, February 16, 2015

Closers Online English Downloader

So closers is a newer game which nexon is the publisher of which has a very anime theme type of MOARPG game. I'm not quite sure whether its playable as of yet I started downloading it just to see if I could play it. And Fuyuko bet me that I couldn't translate the downloader to English for it because she wanted to download it and can't read Korean. And with my background working on Ragnarok Online for like 14 years wanted to prove her wrong so I went ahead and translated the whole thing into English and Uploading it here so Fuyuko can see I told her so.

Closers English Downloader

The game looks like something that will just be something to do when I have nothing better to do. I will let you know if I navigate to the point to login to game and let you know what is required in order to play.