Tera Nexus Times

The current nexus times are:

Saturday, Sunday—2 a.m., noon, 7 p.m. pst
Monday, Friday—noon, 7 p.m. pst
Tuesday, Thursday—6 p.m. pst

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Free Summer Shades code

Another give away code for the release of the bathing suits this week gives a free pair of White Sun Shades. Use the code to take advantage of this give away they are a temporary 30 day cosmetic for free.  NGSPP-04A3M-IS3OP-H7JZW-HGXOR

Friday, July 18, 2014

Free Pet food code

Enmasse has given a way another free gift code for your accounts this time it's related to the new pets released and gives you free food to feed them.


I also wanted to appologize for not posting as often I've been wrapped up with Archeage learning the game and all and helping guildies but I will try and put out some more good information for Tera when I have time.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Enmasse ZMR Beta Keys

Even though most people might not care about this I have a some beta key's for ZMR and since i've been busy with archeage I'm not really interested in the ZMR beta but if your bored and you would like a key feel free to take one of the keys below and use it.


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Tera Online Masterwork Scroll farming made easy

So most people know that masterwork scrolls will be getting removed from the level 58 dungeons when the new dungeons come out this month. Currently there is some ways to farm mes scrolls very fast in dungeons and I figured before it gets patched I would teach you something you can use tonight and tommorrow before the new content comes out so you can stack scrolls up. Of course might be a waste of time because the new mes scrolls for 50% and 100% masterworking should be following soon. But the price of mes should go up eventually so this can make you some money for the future.

So to take advantage of this the dungeon is Suryati's Peak the dungeon is usually use for leveling 58's and you would think it might be too annoying to use for getting mes but you get 2-6 mes normally and for a double drop it counts as triple so that would be 6 to 18 mes scrolls per run and you can solo it. It should take you about 2-4 minutes per clear depending on how good your are soloing the last boss.

*Disclaimer use at your own risk

To accomplish a fast run you will want to remove the following file from your game EX_HWC_B_SD_CollisionMap.gmp

Retard proof option:

Removes more then just Suryati's Peak also removes kuma's and alliance collision just modify if you don't wanna remove all of those.

This allows you to walk around the gates allowing you to skip all of the monsters and go right to the last boss. You will need to kill atleast the first set of mobs to start the instance timer this makes it so you don't have to wait (If you dont have elite status) when you kill the boss. You walk into the dungeon climb around the first fence on the left side of it. Skip the second boss and walk around the left side of the second fence. At the 3rd fence you can jump over it using profile spaming with space bar jumping. Then just ride to the npc's for the last boss and spawn the boss and kill it. Don't get hit by red balls and using vigorous and potions help a lot you want to keep the blue ball buff stacked 3 times.

You might be asking why I'm sharing such a broken bug to the game. The answer to that is that I've tried to have them fix this if they really wanted to improve tera they could have fixed it 6 or 7 months ago when I started reporting people for all of the collision removal and stuff people where doing they just gave me generic answers and responses and nothing really happens at all. And at the most if you get caught abusing such things your looking at a 24/hr ban which is just a slap on the wrist for doing things like kuma collision exploiting. People exploit the macro's and also lag switch too so unless it gets bad enough that it could like risk the player base I doubt they will really do anything about it. Which is sad cause it's really ruining tera so more or less just giving you some heads up on what everyone else is using.

Not to mention people actually sell this information on some of the hacking forums and such which is pretty sad. Its not like it requires much effort to accomplish just requires you to mess with different files. It was stupid they didn't make collision serverside that's why people would use teleport hacking and such cause the server doesnt record what it should. I've been busy with testing Archeage and playing that so I'm just sharing some of the reason's I most likely won't play tera anymore and letting you guys use this to farm of course it's probly laggy anyways.