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Monday, August 26, 2013

A LOL moment in Tera Online

I figured that I would share a LOL moment of Dragonfury. I was not a participant of this but Lora decides to troll bouncy into dieing to the jelly fish in MCHM and of course Lora was trying so hard not to laugh you hear Neb in the background like LOL.
Watch live video from shizen579 on TwitchTV

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Upcoming Ktera PvP update for Visionmaker 2

All of us PvPers only really care about the updates which allow us to the abilities to do more damage within PvP arena's and battlegrounds as well as in open world PvP and with the addition of the Alliance patch if we can build new gear to give us more survivablity we would be crazy not to take it. What makes it even more valuable to us is the fact that we can start working on this before it even comes out since we get information about Ktera before patches come out.

The upcoming sets which have been released for Ktera is the:

Ruthless Conjunct Series

Ruthless Visionmaker Series

From what I understand the difference from the ruthless conjunct and the ruthless visionmaker is not that much different to allow people who have not put as much time and dedication into the game some advantages to compete but the stats from the old conjunct and fraywind gear is much different.

But keep in mind if you are working on making the Ruthless Visionmaker series this will not be a walk in the park to start with you must have either Bloodrave or Visionmaker to use as the base to make the Visionmaker 2 gear.

The materials to make the new Ruthless Visionmaker 2 gear is:

Ruthless Visionmaker 2 with Visionmaker as a base:

  • Visionmaker (1)
  • Victor's Trophy (11)
  • Sturdy Forge Pitch (16)
  • Noctenium Forge Slag (8 )
  • Visionmaker (1)
  • Victor's Trophy (8)
  • Sturdy Forge Pitch (12)
  • Noctenium Forge Slag (6)
  • Visionmaker (1)
  • Victor's Trophy (4)
  • Sturdy Forge Pitch (6)
  • Noctenium Forge Slag (3)
  • Flexible Forge Pitch (1)
  • Visionmaker (1)
  • Victor's Trophy (4)
  • Sturdy Forge Pitch (6)
  • Noctenium Forge Slag (3)
Ruthless Visionmaker 2 with Bloodrave as a base:

  • Bloodrave Weapon (1)
  • Victor's Trophy (11)
  • Sturdy Forge Pitch (16)
  • Noctenium Forge Slag (8 )

  •  Bloodrave Armor (1)
  • Victor's Trophy (8)
  • Sturdy Forge Pitch (12)
  • Noctenium Forge Slag (6)
  •  Bloodrave Glove (1)
  • Victor's Trophy (4)
  • Sturdy Forge Pitch (6)
  • Noctenium Forge Slag (3)
  • Flexible Forge Pitch (1)
  • Bloodrave Boot (1)
  • Victor's Trophy (4)
  • Sturdy Forge Pitch (6)
  • Noctenium Forge Slag (3)

Ruthless Conjunct Set Materials:

  • Conjunct Weapon (1)
  • Victor's Orthoclase (9)
  • Noble Stone (3)
  • Conjunct Armor (1)
  • Victor's Orthoclase (7)
  • Noble Stone (2)
  • Conjunct Glove (1)
  • Victor's Orthoclase (3)
  • Noble Stone (1)
  • Conjunct Boot (1)
  • Victor's Orthoclase (3)
  • Noble Stone (1)

Above is the cost of Luminous Stone's these come from Killing Spree points in otherwords you get these by completing 3v3's The point cap of 1,000 points per week will be removed and the rewards for winning a game will also be increased. But this is not the only item which will be required in order to make the Ruthless set from the 3's. Some of he items from 3's will require the rating of 1800 to actually be able to buy them this will make it very difficult to obtain these items.

Victor's Orthoclase
KTERA 1200 Bellicarium credits
Current NA price 2200 credits
Victor's Trophy
3000 Bellicarium credits
Sturdy Forge Pitch
KTERA 4,000 Killing Spree credits
Flexible Forge Pitch
KTERA 1,000 Killing Spree credits Must be 1800 battle rating to buy them
Noble Stone
KTERA 1,800 Killing Spree credits
Noctenium Forge Slag
Requires 5 Superior Noctenium Membrane to craft. The reagent to craft it costs 1070g at the Alliance Quartermaster.

Total Required Materials for Nightforge:

3 Common Membranes = 1 Uncommon Membrane

3 Uncommon Membranes = 1 Rare Membrane

3 Rare Membranes = 1 Superior Membrane

27 Common Membranes = 1 Superior Membrane

100 Superior Membranes:  5 superiors = 1 Noctenium Forge Slag

•Victor's Trophy (27) x 3,000 =  81,000  Ballicarium Points
•Sturdy Forge Pitch (40)x 4,000 = 160,000   Killing Spree points
•Flexible Forge Pitch (1) =  1,000 Killing Spree points

Of course I figured it would be a good idea to also provide the information about the PvE set as well which is called Luminous Visionmaker. The pve set cannot be prefarmed before the patch comes out since all of these drops come from the dungeon. This set is also much easier to make aside from the low drop rates which people will be stuck with and fighting over who gets what loot.

Luminous Visionmaker Set Materials:

  • Visionmaker Weapon (1)
  • Ancient Weapon (15)
  • King Lazard's Cube (5)
  • Magician's Insignia (5)
  • Visionmaker Armor (1)
  • Ancient Weapon (9)
  • King Lazard's Cube (3)
  • Magician's Insignia (3)
  • Visionmaker Glove (1)
  • Ancient Weapon (6)
  • King Lazard's Cube (2)
  • Magician's Insignia (2)
  • Visionmaker Boot (1)
  • Ancient Weapon (6)
  • King Lazard's Cube (2)
  • Magician's Insignia (2)
Ancient Weapon
Only be obtained from a repeatable zone quest called "shattered ancient weapon"

King Lazard's Cube
Magician's Fortress normal and hard mode drop from final boss. Untradeable.

Magician's Insignia
Drops from Magician's Fortress. Low drop rate from Ancient Underground Waterway and Red Mist Pirates' Trap as well. Can obtain from boxes obtained after clearing the new dungeons. This item is tradable.

The difference between the Ruthless Visionmaker and Ruthless Conjunct sets are mostly different base stats with the exception of the blacksmith's hammerstrike on the weapons. And after looking at the lumonious sets I wonder how these new stats will effect players in pvp since things have been changed from boss monsters to damage dealt and specific monster reductions to all incoming damage. Some people have decided to all together skip creation of the Ruthless VM set and just decided to build the Luminous set instead of wasting time and money to craft the Ruthless VM set.

Weapons Stats:




Rerollable stats options:

Some of the changes to PvP vendors and system changes include:

  • Bellicarium Shop List

    • Battleground Equipment: Fraywind
    • Supplies: Battle Charger, Victor's Set, Victor's Spoils Item, Black Label Templates, Coat of Arms Box
    • Designs: Luminous Conjunct Weapon / Armor / Gloves / Boots
    • Sacrificial Equipment: T14 Superior Weapon / Armor / Gloves / Boots

  • Killing Spree Shop

    • Equipment: Bloodrave Set
    • Design I: Ruthless Conjunct Weapon / Armor / Gloves / Boots
    • Design II: Ruthless Visionmaker Weapon / Armor / Gloves / Boots
    • Supplies: Luminous Enchantment Stone, Powerful Luminous Enchantment Stone, Suspicious Enchantment Stone

  • Reduced the credits required for Cyasmic Oil to 425.
  • Reduced the credits required for Chaos Block to 6000.
  • Changed the level of Killing Spree reputation from level 60 to 30.
  • When a drop-out occurs in your solo matching Champion Skyring queue, the matching system will search for a new member. 

  • Ktera set names converted to english

    Monday, August 5, 2013

    Tera Online Alliance Patch

    The Alliance patch brings a whole new type of game-play to Tera Online and while we patiently wait for it I thought I would go ahead and explain some of the great features that we are going to be getting when this wonderful patch is going to release hopefully sometime either this month or next month.

    The very first change will be the revamp of the political system in Tera Online I think by now everyone who has been in a vanarch guild at some point within Tera or has voted for a guild. This system has many flaws. One of which is that any level 40 account can vote for who ever so with free to play it made it possible for people with multiple accounts to vote. Buying votes and all sorts of other ways of winning where also used in this system.

    The change to the alliance system makes it so there's three cities Kaitor, Velika, and Allementhia and each of these are a different faction. Each faction has a color Velika is red, Allemanthia is green and Kaitor is blue. Each area has a home base of the respected color above and the enemy's will be attacking these bases.

    Each map will have repeatable quests that allow you to gather things you will need for new gear, potions of invisibility, nocternium shards.

    The shards give the following bonuses:
    • 3~8% damage increased on certain skills for all classes except healers following skills:
    Warrior - Combative Strike / Blade draw / Scythe / Rain of Blows / Cascade of Stuns
    Lancer - Shield Barrage / Spring Attack / Wallop / Debilitate
    Slayer - Overhand Strike / Heart Thrust / Know-down Strike / Measured Slice / Whirlwind
    Berserker -- Thunder Strike / Flatten / Cyclone / Vampiric Blow / Evasive Smash
    Sorcerer - Fire-blast / Flaming Barrage / Magma Bomb / Void Pulse / Hail Storm
    Archer - Rain of Arrows / Explosion Trap / Penetrating Arrow / Radiant Arrow / Arrow Volley

    • 3~8% Aggro increased for lancers for the following skills:
    Lancer -- Challenging Shout
    • MP regen, attack speed increase, and others for healers following skills:
    Priest -- 100 MP Regen every 2 seconds on Regen Circle
    50 MP Regen on restorative burst
    Energy stars increases damage on target by 10% for next skill
    -HP increase with mana charge
    Mystics - Auras use less mana, Titanic favor creates a 4K health shield, increased HP Regen on warding totem

    Of these factions Consul's take control over the faction and these are not elected by votes instead they are elected by participating in the area's event's and dailies. This makes it so as a guild you would want to make sure your playing in one of the more active guilds on the server not the guild with three people on everyday more like 20+ daily. Battles verse the opposing factions will give contribution points during the territory battles which will take place. The competition to be elected consul is two weeks; two weeks in which you collect points. In the second week, your guild master can register to run for consul if he feels fit. Consul's power lasts 2 weeks. Guild-masters select an alliance to join. Each alliance has their own meeting house outside their respective city. You can only PVP against the enemy faction inside the alliance PVP maps.

    These battles work like so:

    • Stealing resource's or stopping invaders from stealing your alliances resources
    • Invading enemies posts or defending your own posts. Posts left undefended can cripple the controls of the Consul.

    Crystal Capping:
    One of the methods of gaining points for Political power you also get a quest to cap them.
    You can only cap them on maps of the opponent factions.

    Maps are filled with BAM's and mini bosses which you will need to complete your quests to help you gain the gear.

    The Consul elected controls not only taxes for one small area of the map but all of the area's of the faction of that continent making it a very powerful position to hold within the server. The consul of a faction has the authority to provide buffs to other alliance members. The consul is able to elect commanders to take control over each of the cities each of these cities.

    Powers of the consul:
    • Collect Taxs
    • Allocate stores
    • Provide power to others
    • Adjust success rate of enchantments
    • Next Patch: Steal tax from opponent alliances.
    Point system for gaining Consul:
    • Kill crystal in enemy base: 51 points
    • Kill BAMs for alliance -- 42 points
    • Alliance monster hunt quest- 20 points
    • PK enemy -- 2 points
    • PK assist -- 1 points
    • Leveling gives points
    • Other ways, see patch notes.
    Guilds that are inactive will not be able to apply and win consul for an area because of the point system above is how a guild goes about applying and winning consul. So the object is to be in the largest active guild. One of my friends on ktera originally was not in an active guild at the time so she was unable to participate in much of the content for the alliance patch. So it would be wise to find a better home with an active number of players that enjoy PvP daily.

    The guild leader can pick which faction to be apart of by going to one of the main cities and registering with the faction officers located in the headquarters section. The cost for joining an alliance is 1,000 gold and you can switch alliances but that has a 6 hour cool-down and you'll have to pay the fee every time you switch the points accumulated also gets reset when you switch.

    Once you join one of the alliances then you are able to fight the other two alliances. Battling these alliances can only be done in one of two instanced area's there are portals within the headquaters which allow you to warp to these new locations. Each of the 3 new area's it allows you to warp to are for each of the factions above. If you warp into an enemy's area you will spawn at a base camp and if you warp to your own factions area you will port inside of the fortress. Each area has one fortress and two base camps the two base camps are for the enemy factions.

    The npc's inside of the fortress need to be protected by the faction they are controlled by. Some quests will require the enemy factions to kill these same NPC's and will make it impossible for the defending parties to pick up and turn in quests crippling the area. Capturing Fortresses will require more then just your own guild unless you are doing it during the night when most people are offline.

    The fortress can be defended by guards and and cannons and fences after a town has been captured there is a two hour delay before crystals can be captured again. The largest amount of quests will be obtained from the fortresses while the base camp's will not have as many quests. The group quests reward more then the solo quests.

    You can steal nocternium extractors you can capture these from the other alliances to earn points. At most there is only 300 nocternium extractors by default each alliance has 100 of them but you can steal them from the other alliances for your own to earn more points they are also the biggest sources of PvP in Ktera. There are also rare loot finds off of monsters which can also be used for earning points.

    PvP has diminishing returns and cool-downs to prevent friendly guilds from opposite factions from farming each other. Any points that you earn will go to your guild leader in order for him to collect enough points for consul. The consul cycle lasts four weeks the first two weeks are the farming enough consul points in order for a guild to become consul of the respective faction. Then the consul has control over the faction for two weeks. At the end of week one the guild master can apply to be consul by paying gold in the alliance headquarters. If you have the most consul points but did not apply for the position you will not get consul so you have to apply in order to get consul. After you apply another farming week continues and after that week the guild that collected the most points becomes the consul. After the two weeks the points get reset and the system starts all over again.

    One commander is given the power to summon teleportals and allows them to summon teleports to attempt sneaky tactics against the enemy factions. The defense commander has the power to summon guards, cannons, and walls. The supply commander can summon a merchant NPC for that alliance. The alliance commander get access to a specialty vendor, special skills, and a mask that gives special bonus stats. Consul gets a special mask with bonus stats too. These commanders can receive special funds from the consul.

    There is a role in the alliance called elite alliance members each alliance has a cap of 80 elite members. The elite members spot is dedicated to the players who have earned the most points for their alliance. These elite alliance members get access to a lesser specialty store that sells war flags which when used buff nearby alliance players with defense, movement speed, and damage depending on the flag used. They can only be used inside the new area's.

    Average players will want to participate in order to collect powder and crystals items you can use them to form upgrades for specific skills. These skill upgrades are located above and how they are effected. The strength of the upgrade will require you to hope for good RNG rolls for these skills.

    Monster summoning sticks can be obtained by combining some items which drop from some of the local BAM's and monsters that you find in the area. They are low quality and high quality sticks and they are used to summon monsters that drop loot which will help you craft new gear. These monsters are designed for 20 man teams so you will need to grab your friends to help you when defeating them. This new gear helps people without conjunct gear have a way to catch up to the current system. This system works similar to that of dead branches and bloody branches that where used to summon monsters in Ragnarok Online.

    New training grounds can be entered by the headquarters of each alliance. The training grounds is a dungeon and your entry is limited per day by your rank and points in that alliance and what the consul has set it too at that time. Inside the training ground you can fight monsters in a solo or group environment to earn more stuff to make the new gear, obtain the powder items, and obtain new rings and accessories like necklaces.

    The new alliance resources your consul can allocate to you are used to purchase potions for invisiblity potions, timed bombs, land mines, slowing and stunning bombs and also flash grenades to allow players to develop interesting stratagies in the PvP. The consul can control who can obtain these and some can be bought based on your rank.

    Many things have been changing frequently for the alliance patch but this should at least give some idea's of what to expect for the new upcoming alliance patch. I apologize for it being such a long post but there's a lot of very interesting information that needed to be covered for this since we are expecting this patch to be coming soon to a NA server near you.