Tera Nexus Times

The current nexus times are:

Saturday, Sunday—2 a.m., noon, 7 p.m. pst
Monday, Friday—noon, 7 p.m. pst
Tuesday, Thursday—6 p.m. pst

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Changing Tera Online's Font

For people that can't see the font or maybe just don't like the default font there's a way that you can change it. The only bad thing about it is so far it seems to be slightly limited to only a few different font styles. But even though it is limited there's a few very nice and easy to read font types.

To change the font type you'll need to go to:
C:\Program Files (x86)\TERA\Client\S1Game\Localization\USA   (64bit)
C:\Program Files\TERA\Client\S1Game\Localization\USA  (32bit)

And open the file called: GFxUI.usa   Using notepad the default one looks like so:


TitleFont=Astoria Medium,Normal
TitleFontB=Diverda Sans Com Medium,Normal
NormalFont=Diverda Sans Com,Normal
ChatFont=Frutiger LT Pro 55 Roman,Normal



No Trigger=No Trigger!

By changing the ChatFont line you can modify the in game chat but it seems limited to only the few styles provided other styles which don't work will appear as [] squares in game. I did some experimenting trying different standard types of fonts but none of them seemed to work other then the ones provided so the working fonts for the English package are:

Astoria Medium
Diverda Sans Com Medium
Diverda Sans Com
Frutiger LT Pro 55 Roman

You can change the  FontLib and use the korean fonts from some of the other countries like from the INT folder but the above fonts can be swapped into the ChatFont= without having to change the FontLib in the config if you want to use other font types you need to change the name of the package they are located from.

If anyone figures out more English fonts which work or if they find a way to pack and repack more font types into the fonts_eng.fonts_eng would be great if you could comment on how to do it. I extracted the fonts_eng.gpk but it doesn't seem to be standard font types. Out of the files that are packed in it is one called fonts_eng.GFxMovieInfo which seems to be a flash related file what could be possible is replacing it with one from a different game to add new types of fonts. A friend told me the game Alice Madness Returns uses similar font type files but I don't know enough to figure out if it's possible to modify the font. At least what we have figured out is enough to allow us to customize the font style and enjoy a Tera that's easier on the eye's.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter in Tera Online and the Egg Event

Anyone that has been around for any of Tera's older events like the Xmas Santa event or the Halloween ghost event knows that the events are usually rich with rewards. But now that Tera has gone free to play events seem to have gotten more about wasting time and less about rewards.  The spawn rate of the egg monsters have been decreased and the time they respawn is now 5 minutes where it used to be only 2 minutes a really bad nerf.

The loot tables for the egg's seem to have been changed now bronze eggs can drop more decent items but gold eggs drop a lot of crap which is pretty useless or worthless. Many of the egg monsters will despawn or drop nothing when killed making it more annoying and less fun. And so far that I've seen no cosmetics have dropped from any eggs. Other then the small chance of possibly getting a master enigmatic scroll or some strongbox keys nothing really amazing drops and the drop rate is really low of the good items.

But rather then just make this a whole rant about how they ruined the event I will at least help out the people that might be interested in investing time on this event. While a lot of the really populated map's that had a lot of spawns got nerfed really bad I did find some area's that have spawns that are worth your time if your interested. Some of these maps include:

Freeholds (north of Chebika)
Basilisk Crag
Elenea area's are fairly good too
Tempest Reach

Keep in mind each channel has different spawns and spawns aren't always static some egg monsters wonder in a range of 40 meters so sometimes you'll have to move around a bit they do appear as a orange color star on your map as you can see from the pictures so you don't always have to see them before you know there's one in the location.

The event does give you eggs just for logging in daily and this is per account so if you have multiple accounts it would be wise to login to all of them to get the free eggs. You might also want to wear your PvP gear while doing this event because some have even tried to steal my eggs during the event. Its better to be safe then sorry in this case in PvP events are a battleground.

But you won't find me egg hunting during this event as for everyone else happy egg hunting and good luck finding all the gold ones!

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

A cheaper way to masterwork items

The prices of master enigmatic scrolls keep rising because now the demand is greater then ever with all the new players trying to masterwork all of their items. On Mount Tyrannus alone scrolls are over 500 gold each and while it is possible for classes like a lancer to solo KN for scrolls most other classes spend a more time consuming amount of time to farm scrolls because they have to have a group to do it. This is true for priests and mystics because they do the least amount of DPS. Some of us have a life outside of Tera and can't devote unlimited time to farming so this guide will help people who have limited amount of time or people that just want a cheap solution.

I'll start by saying Tera is RNG while people are gonna come in and bash this by saying lower chance means it won't ever masterwork the difference between master enigmatic scroll's and common scrolls are only a 2.5% difference. Common enigmatic scrolls can be bought from the vendor these are only a 0.5% chance of masterworking an item but you are getting more chances to masterwork then using one master enigmatic scroll. Think about it like this it costs about 520 gold for a master enigmatic scroll that is one attempt at 3% chance of success for 500 gold you are getting 100 attempts at 0.5% chance. If it ends up costing you 800 or more common scrolls it's still more chances then if you got the same amount in master enigmatic scrolls.

We don't really know how Tera's RNG system works but one thing I know for sure it's a pretty dumb system which even with master enigmatic scrolls you can fail over 100 times and RNG from person to person seems to differ a lot but we most likely will never find out the exact RNG formula usually games use a time based system using UID (user identification) serial over attempting to put a max limit on scrolls this means for most of us even the unlucky ones you have a better chance burning massive amounts of common scrolls over a period of time to masterwork items over using a possibly massive amount of enigmatic scrolls.

The one reason I believe that the system used is most likely based on time was I've had two of my own guild members masterwork at the same time while using common scrolls but the difference in the scrolls they used was much different one used 40 scrolls the other used 450. My normal luck usually seems to be later at night and that's always when I end up master-working items. Not to mention all of my previous experience in the game development industry and older games with trying to figure out the RNG socketing systems or enchanting / upgrading where usually time based systems its the seemingly most random way for a game to make a system. That people can't just easily master because we have no idea the exact formula and because of the use of UID it differs for each person. Even if one person could figure out what's lucky for themselves everyone else will differ time wise because each person would be built with a separate lucky time so to speak.

So anyhow most people might complain that its time consuming to spam 300 to 1000+ common enigmatic scrolls since it would require 3000 clicks to do 1000 scrolls but if you don't feel like putting time into clicking you could do what i do and use a macro to do it. A macro allows you to record a certain click action and then repeat it multiple times. Even someone without skills can set up a macro for doing this. I was working on the same thing last night with a friends priest to masterwork her conjunct boots. And you can leave it running during the day or night while your away from keyboard. You can't get in trouble or anything for using a program like this all your doing is automating your common spamming. If you have a macro program you normally use go ahead and use that one but if your new to this macro thing you might want to try Axife Mouse Recorder  they have a demo version which works fine I didn't notice limitations with it and its really easy for someone who has not set up a macro before all you do is hit record do the process of master-working with a common scroll then stop it and put in the number of times you want the program to repeat it which will depend on the number of scrolls used and it will keep doing it till all the scrolls are used up.

One thing to consider in the end is when K-Tera went free to play common enigmatic scrolls where removed from the vendor to force people to spend more money on enigmatic scrolls from random boxes and stop the use of master-working using common scrolls. If common scrolls had such a low chance that it was impossible to actually masterwork an item they wouldn't have removed it from K-Tera the fact we are lucky enough to still have them can save us a lot of money because you can masterwork using common scrolls then save the master enigmatic scrolls for the re-rolling.

If you've had success masterworking using common enigmatic scrolls feel free to comment about it in the section below. And if you just feel like raging about how you think this is stupid don't comment and just don't use common enigmatic scrolls. This is just meant for people that don't feel like wasting money on a only slightly higher chance. Some of the people I know who have actually succeeded:

Lulumia: used 100 MES scrolls first failed all of them used 650 common scrolls and Masterworked her regent staff.
My slayer: 5 scrolls rerolling a level 27 sword masterworked
Klau: 450 scrolls to masterwork chest
Sepheria: 850 scrolls to masterwork a chest
Jyu: 1350 scrolls to masterwork regent tip

Update: I wanted to share a screenshot of a conjunct chest I masterworked with common scrolls I left it running with 400 scrolls and it masterworked with 100 of them. People keep wondering as well if an item that's masterworked can revert to being unmasterworked the answer to that is no. Once an item is masterworked with common scrolls it completely stops rolling because a masterworked item requires master enigmatic scrolls to reroll it. Common scrolls are unusable on a masterworked item.


Saturday, March 23, 2013

Tera Online Leveling Guide

Leveling in Tera Online might seem like a impossible task for many people. Especially since Tera Online is a Korean mmorpg and for many it might seem more grindy then games like World of Warcraft where you magically hit max level over an hour or two of work. I will start by saying Tera Online was not made for people with ADHD or ADD because someone who does not want to put in effort to playing a mmorpg will not like leveling in Tera.

With that being said Tera Online is a fun fast paced action game and you need to put effort not only into leveling up but actually learning how to play. This isn't the kind of game where you press your 1, 2 then 3 and repeat. Tera Online requires you to build your own combination and is great for people that like to fiddle with large amounts of skills. Most skills trickle in as you get higher level so don't feel to discouraged by the low number of starting skills.

Deciding on which class you want to level is the best way to start off in Tera Online. The easiest classes to level are sorcerer, slayer, berzerker, archer, warrior, lancer, priest, mystic in that order. Your healing classes will be the slowest leveling classes mystic being the most painful. With the new buff to lancer it has helped to speed up leveling process making it fairly easy.

Once you know which class your going to be leveling with the next step is crystals many of the other guides I have put up go into detail about crystals for classes and such which you can check out but for quick purposes you'll want normal monster crystals and boss crystals for weapon and armor these will be the most useful to someone whose been playing awhile and if your new you could buy the cheap crystals from the specialty vendor and get the mana restore for weapons and HP restore for armor.

You can level in Tera Online in quite a few different ways depending on your own personal style. If your the kind of person that doesn't mind repetitively grinding the same monsters over and over each area comes with different repeatable quests which are optional you can choose to do them or not even pick them up at all.  Dungeons have repeatable quests as well if your more of a dungeon grinding kind of person those quests last up till you out level the dungeon. All repeatable quests will not allow a high level to kill for you so it would have to be done by yourself or by having people your level go do them with you.

If grinding the same monsters are not your thing and you don't really like waiting for dungeon parties then you might want to try questing the normal way by following all of your quests from location to location and follow the storyline. You'll want to make sure you do all of the red storyline quests because these give a really good amount of experience.

If you learn your class well enough and are using a dps class you could pick up the repeatable BAM quests and then use an experience boost and farm BAM's for experience this can be a very well rewarding way of leveling quickly but one of the downsides to BAM experience is you will hit levels that the BAM's might be too hard and some levels your quests will end up being to low for you. Usually if you plan on using BAM's to level you will need to stop at some point and either continue the storyline to get into an area with easier BAM's again or go grind some of the repeatable normal monster quests.

When I'm soloing I usually skip BAM quests when they aren't easy kills mostly because the longer it takes to kill a BAM for a quest the less value the quest reward is to you when you can just skip it and continue the easier quests and move on to the next area. But if you have a good guild it doesn't hurt to see if someone can help or ask in area chat to see if anyone your own level is planing on doing it. That way you can get it done without wasting 30-60 minutes per BAM while you are alone.

Elite status can be helpful for daily experience boosts for questing but most of us leveled our characters long before elite status even came out. It isn't required to have elite status to level to 60 fast it just helps to cut the time down it takes by a decent amount. Keep in mind the elite status experience only effects monsters killed. It does not effect quest experience so if you are buying it in hopes that you will get double experience on quests you'll be disappointed. Also if you don't feel buying elite status is a good idea for you what you can do instead is buy experience boosts from the auction house. The only downside to buying the ones from the auction house is they work in real time so when you are logged off they keep ticking down unlike the ones from elite status that don't decrease while you are logged off.

When all is said and done there is no super secret guide that will make you level up in a day and usually the fastest leveling will take about a week or so without elite status if you play like a Korean and don't sleep or eat much. If you manage to have a friend that plays a priest you can use a level 60 priest's buffs to make your questing or BAM killing so much easier since the amount of HP it restores will be enough to keep you alive even if your hit really hard. Many of us at level 60 use the buffs to solo farm BAM's for items so this is something that would help you leveling too. But for many new players this will not be an option. 

Keep in mind if your going to buy some leveling guide your most likely going to end up with some version of what you just got here so save yourself money and don't buy some outdated useless guide which really won't tell you anything you didn't already know. Leveling area's are easy to find just follow the story quests even if your BAM farming story quests will popup as you level up and show you the next area. If you do some quick exploring you usually can find all the BAM's your looking for in the next area.

And lastly Tera Online has no cheats to get to 60 instantly if someone claims you can do it with some program hes most likely trying to hack your account. Keep yourself safe by not trusting shady programs which claim to make the game better. You'll want to avoid using Tera Online bots because in Tera people will find you and ruin your day when they catch you.

Friday, March 22, 2013

Nexus changed yet again?

So nexus has changed yet again this time with more noticeable changes this time to include a remodeled nexus. Now instead of the massive world raid with over 900 people in a single location everyone has to pick up a quest and there's a limit of 120 quests in each nexus portal. The times for nexus have also been changed as well.

Nexus Times:
  • Saturday, Sunday—2 a.m., noon, 7 p.m. pst
  • Monday, Friday—noon, 7 p.m. pst
  • Tuesday, Thursday—6 p.m. pst
So far the biggest downside to this is that if you don't show up to nexus on time you will not be going to do nexus anymore because portals fill up very fast your lucky if you get in and get the quest. While the server is less laggy and the portals run much smoother then they used too it still hasn't prevented the game from crashing but part of this problem has to do with people DDOS attacking the server. Portal farming is nearly impossible now because of the massive amount of players which show up trying to actually get quests. The credits from the portals have been increased and so has the reward from the quest. Now you get enough credits that with the elite status you should have enough to buy one piece of agnitor gear per nexus.

Portals start with the normal gray inactive color with a 0/120 from the start when people start filling it the color changes to blue when the portal is getting slightly full it turns orange meaning there's a good amount of people inside. When the portal turns red it means there's very few portals left once the portal has no quests left it gets a locked mark on it to show that no one can pick up the quest anymore. People can go to a locked portal but they get no rewards for being inside of that portal making it very pointless to be inside of it. You only need to clean one phase 3 portal and you must be alive to get credit. If you die during a phase you will lose the quest and someone can take your place.

Gvg's can still take place during nexus and because once you die you don't get credit this can be a very annoying thing for you and your guild. You will not want to declare during nexus if you plan to go or you'll want to surrender to avoid getting pushed out of nexus. 

The quest rewards per stage of nexus has also been changed to the following:

  • First stage: 50 Agnitor credits, 100 Agnitor xp, 10 gold
  • Second stage: 100 Agnitor credits, 200 Agnitor xp, 25 gold
  • Third stage: 150 Agnitor credits, 300 Agnitor xp, 40 gold
The raid leader cannot click the quest for everyone. Everyone must be responsible for picking up his own quest. The poison that was found in nexus no longer decreases HP over time so the only thing that can hurt is the damage that the bosses can do. The HP for the bosses was greatly reduced making the phases go by very fast. Over all the portals are cleared 10 to 15 minutes into nexus which is a huge change compared to the painful hour we used to spend.

The quest reward for the dragon inside of the nexus traverse has also been modified as follows:

  • 200 gold
  • 4600 Agnitor reputation
  • 1400 Agnitor credits
The gold however does not get doubled with the gold buff so you will not receive more then 200 per nexus from this but if your lucky you might be able to clear two portals in nexus for extra credits.  The nexus boons no longer drop from the bosses inside of the portals but nexus traverse monsters still drop nexus boons.

Over all you should have much less problems with lag during clearing nexus portals the over all nexus experience is easier. But I do recommend that you show up on time if you plan to do nexus. Even 5 minutes late can cause you to not get the quest and miss your nexus.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Guide to making Gold in Tera Online

Joining a mmorpg like Tera Online usually comes with a lot of rewards if you have bought the game then you can expect that you got your founders account and if you used your code backwards chances are you got a free mount with some free emeralds which vendor for 1k gold each. But many people never bought the physical copy and the time to still obtain these is running out. So how will you make gold in Tera Online? Most websites want to sell you some secret gold farming guide or sell you gold with some shady gold farming outfit but today I will teach you how to make gold in Tera Online completely free and no strings attatched.

At lower levels while it might seem nearly impossible to farm gold there are still some ways to farm gold without having a level 60. You will need to however get to level 27 or higher first to make it worth time to farm. The very first dungeon which drops superior items is called Sinestral Manor these are valuable to lower levels and people making new characters because when upgraded they can carry a player quickly through level 27-38 without having to buy a new weapon or armor. Armors usually sell for much more then the weapons since they can be used by multible classes. Example a priest uses the same type of armor as a sorcerer or mystic just like archers share the same gear with warriors and slayers. Even if no superior armors are for sale chances are you can sell armors for 2 or 3 times the value since drop of armors are also quite rare.

As you can see above these are some of the current prices keep in mind its double drop weekend right now prices vary depending on supply and demand and the more the market gets flooded of a certain item. The more of a demand the item will be but the difference between weapons and armor is a lot armor will always be higher since its a harder drop and has more demand. If you notice some people upgrade the item to +6 this is because upgrading to +6 is very cheap and many people are lazy or cheap and won't do this themselves so if someone upgrades the item for them they usually will spend more money on it. Some people also twink characters and look for masterworked version of an item if you get lucky and masterwork an item chances are it will sell for much more. Twinking is a term which describes someone getting the highest quality gear for a certain bracket so they can kill others while there is no battlegrounds for lower levels people will still do this in open world. But only on the PvP servers so prices might not be as high on PvE servers.

Keep in mind that every dungeon from 27 onward becomes a place to make money if you want to solo the dungeon you usually need to out level the dungeon by 5 to 8 levels to solo it you must have the gear from the next dungeon to do it. Characters which are higher then the level of the dungeon suffer a drop reduction which is usually about half unless they run with a lower level to balance it out but even still you will have decent items drop it just doesnt make too much sense for a level 60 to farm level 27 dungeons since they can just do level 60 dungeons and make more money in less time.

Some levels also have special weapons of higher tiers then normal like for example akasha's hidout weapon have a 107 item level, 109 and 111 item level. The 111 item level items compare to the low tier level 58 weapons making them very useful for leveling. If you +9 one of those weapons you can use it till you hit 58 making it a very quick and easy way to level up since they have such high base damage. People usually will spend 500 to 1k+ for these weapons and because many people do not know this about them they usually list them at low prices especially new people. Usually you can buy them and resell them for much more at a very fast rate and for a new player this can be a great source of income for you especially when your under level 50. While writting this I managed to pick up lugibar's reach which is the very rare bow. In the dungeon you have a rare chance to get one of two monsters one of them drops all of the cloth gear the other drops all the leather and it seems that the leather is much more rare outcome and drop. This makes all of the leather based gear usually worth way over 1k if you are lucky and obtain any of those you will make money and fast. The leather armors are just as expensive. You can see below for an example of prices in the PvP server Mount Tyrannus.

Lets talk about the more simple ways of making money without looking at gear. Some other items which are valuable which have pretty stable high demand markets are that of Arunic Panacea which is an item which will fully recover stamina to 120 without having to sit near a fire. Stamina effects attack damage and HP pool so during a hard boss fight like the queen you might find yourself dead a lot. Usually when ressurected you would have to use one of these to recover stamina since you would not have 10 minutes to stand near a fire. In my server these are going for 30g each and can be farmed very easily by doing low level dungeons or killing BAM monsters in any map. Many BAM monsters also drop crystals for weapons and armor and many of these will sell for a good amount of money especially ones like Hunter or Mutinous which are helpful for people leveling up some of the low level crystals of these types range from 10 to 190 gold each. You can always check market prices before killing a certain level of BAM so you know what to expect from the item drops.

The new elite status if you decide to buy it can also help you within your quest to obtain money. There are monthly strongbox keys which can either be sold to other players or used to open strongbox's in game which have random items. You can obtain many of the cash shop items out of them which sell for a decent amount of money. But usually the key's themselves sell for 180-200 gold each depending on market and demand. With elite status you get daily quest gold boost, gold hunting boost, experience boost, and reputation boost. While quests at lower levels don't give as much gold the boost is still a double the value and as you hit 40+ the quests start giving more then 5 gold each which will still reward you when you turn in quests. The gold hunting boost doubles gold picked up so if monsters are dropping 2 gold per kill you will obtain 4 gold instead. This add's up quickly normally you can expect if you do not spend any money on gear till you hit 60 with quests alone you should have 10k gold without the gold buff but with it should be closer to 20k gold this means every new character you level to 60 will end up with near to that much if you don't waste money on buying gear and farm everything yourself.

Daily quests are a great way at level 60 to pick up even more money most of these give 40-50 gold each along with reputation and reputation credits. The credits can be used at the reputation vendor to buy gear, cosmetics and crystals many of which will also sell on the auction house for very generous amounts cause many people don't want to farm the reputation and credits for them. With elite status you can complete 20 daily quests without it you can only do 10 of them. Even at only 10 dailies that is 1k gold per character if you feel like doing it on each just from the quest gold. This doesn't include the credits you obtain from them.

If you don't have time for BAM farming or dungeon running of any kind because of work you could always look into using the cash shop to make money even though this game is free to play many of the cosmetic mounts and items are popular and high demand. This makes it possible for people who do not have money to buy them want to buy them from the trade broker for gold. You can buy mounts and cosmetic gear then sell them or you can just stick to the strongbox keys and sell them or open items with them to sell the items. The choice is up to you.

BAM farming at level 60 and dungeon farming are the most rewarding if you can solo bams you get to keep all the loot for yourself the same with dungeons. Many people can solo the level 58 dungeons and make money selling master enigmatic scrolls for gold. Others farm bams for the tier 13's and 14s they drop as well as a chance for the rare vitrol or a semi engimatic scroll. But dungeon farming has the highest yield money wise especially if you can clear the queen hardmode since many peices sell for 50k to 100k gold.

Making gold in Tera Online is not very hard you just need to figure out which items are in demand the most obtain them and control the market for them. Hopefully with the information I have provided you will find it much easier to make gold. Feel free to share this guide and any others with your friends I make these for everyone.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Tera Online Berserker Class Guide

In Tera Online the berzerker class is a powerful burst damage dealing DPS class that has the ability to block attacks using his axe as a shield. The berzerker class or zerker for short is known as a PVE hero in Tera Online they have some of the highest critical's in game using thunderstrike or lethal strike. In the PVP area's in Tera Online they can put an axe through your skull and do some serious one shot kills when properly behind the target or when the target is knocked to the floor. One thing to note about the berzerker class in PVP is that you will want a healer class to back you up. While berzerkers have good burst DPS when they are against two players they quickly lose steam and can find themselves in trouble. Berzerkers also have the slowest movement speed and normal attack speed since they run around with one of the biggest weapons in game when they enter into a battle alone the likely hood that they can escape like most classes is very low.

Below I have included information about each skill and what level a berzerker obtains it. Skills importance ranges depending on the situation many skills are not super important outside of the PVE situation and can get you yelled at by your tank if used in the PVE situation. Your play style will depend on the type of skills you are comfortable using. Tera Online provides flexibility when it comes to different skill combinations.

Skill DescriptionSkill LevelSkill Name
This skill is the main melee attack for a berzerker used to charge mana with each hit. 1 Combo Attack
Allows you to block frontal attacks using your axe as a shield. The more powerful axe you have the more damage can be blocked. 1 Axe Block
Charging attack that causes you to spin damaging all enemies caught in the cyclone of axe damage. 2 Cyclone

Smash the ground with a heavy axe attack which can knock over and stun foes.
4 Flatten
A Powerful charged attack which deals very high damage one of the hardest hitting skills a berzeker has. 8 Thunder Strike
A skill that restores 100 mana instantly and stop's all mana from decreasing for 20 seconds. 10 Triumphant Shout
Allows you to leap back to your feet after being knocked over and damages enemies close enough to get hit by the sweeping attack. 12 Retaliate
One of the most useful skills a berzerker has allowing them to drain HP of enemies and use it to heal the berzerkers own HP. 16 Vampiric Blow
Restores 240 mana of the berzerker instantly 20 Tenacity
Increases strength of the berzerker while sacrificing endurance. 22 Fiery Rage
A jumping attack which is used to smash foes with your axe. Damage increases on enemies if they are knocked down causing double damage. 24 Leaping Strike
Can be used to stun and knock down smaller enemies and can interrupt the attacks of enemies. Makes the berzerker immune to knock down and stun for 7 seconds. 26 Mocking Shout
Sacrifices berzerkers HP to restore mana instantly. 30 Unchained Anger
A skill when used increases the berzerkers movement speed making them run faster then normal. 32 Dash
A powerful charged skill that sacrifices HP instead of mana to attack enemies. 36 Lethal Strike
An attack which can briefly stun and turn enemies around making their back face you. 40 Staggering Strike
An ability that causes enemies to run in fear from you. 42 Fearsome Shout
Greatly increases a berzerkers strength by 26 and increases stun and knockdown resistance by 50%. Increases damage on other players by 15% for 30 seconds. 52 Bloodlust
Increases the attack speed and animation speed of all your skill by 20% for 15 seconds. 56 Flurry of Blows
Decreases movement speed of all enemies hit in a 7 meter radius by 60% and prevents enemies from using evasive and movement skills. 58 Inescapable Doom
A skill that interrupts one of the berzerkers charging skills and allows the berzerker to dodge roll and use a smashing attack which is based on the damage of the skill which was charged. 60 Evasive Smash

Many of the above skills have uses in different situations. And depending on your play style that will determine which skills you use in what order. But for most circumstances berzerker class will be using four main skills in every rotation they use these are thunder strike, lethal strike, flatten, and vampiric blow. These are the main damage dealing skills which will be used in most situations. Vampiric blow is very useful in that it is used to restore the berzerkers HP in all situations.

When fighting BAM's and leveling your berzerker you will be using your shield to block incoming attacks when you know something is coming. Its important to watch for the tells that bosses do before attacking which includes red glowing eyes or pre-charged attacks. When fighting a BAM one of the most useful skills is vampiric blow which can easily allow a berzerker to solo many harder BAM's that other classes would need to find a group to do. Berzerkers are also valuable to party groups trying to quest fast because they can be used to gather large groups of monsters and kill them all with the powerful cyclone skill they have which deals the same damage across all of the monsters caught in cyclone.

In a player vs player situation a berzerker can be very powerful in a one versus one with most classes since they have the ability to fear and slow an enemy then deal powerful damage with skills that can nearly one shot most classes. berzerkers slowly lose steam in fights with more then one enemy because of the weaknesses a berzerker has when fighting multiple people. Berzerkers work best when group with a healer to back them up and help them by sleeping enemies giving the berzerker a chance to charge a one shot skill to the back of the enemies skull. Keep in mind as a berzerker you will have the slowest walking speed, the slowest melee attack speed and you must be facing enemies to block attacks using shield. Enemies that get behind you are dangerous because that is a berzerkers weak point.

Another thing to keep in mind during PvP is you will end up having to put in more effort then that of someone that plays a slayer class. Since berzerkers only have four main damaging skills once they have used their combo they will find themselves in trouble until the cooldown of the skills is up again. A lot of strategy and effort goes into making kills but if you can master the berzerker class its a very rewarding class when you get a kill and it's a good tool to make you play other melee classes in Tera with much more skill. The better your gear is as a berzerker the more damage and easier making kills will be. It will feel painful at first to play in battlegrounds without having any PvP gear but don't lose hope once you have the victors PvP set survivability increases and the amount of damage you deal starts to make you a powerful opponent to your enemies.

The glyph system is a very important part of Tera Online it allows a class to obtain bonuses to existing skills making the class much more powerful or even adding completely new bonus's to different skills. Unlike other mmorpg's like world of warcraft, Tera Online allows much more flexibility when picking glyphs. No one will make fun of you for how you have your glyph's. Glyphs will depend on play style and the skills that you use most frequently. Below is a chart that shows all of the glyphs for each skill as well as the advanced glyphs. Advanced glyphs reduce the amount of points that a glyph normally takes. For example a skill like increasing flattens damage might cost 6 points well an advanced glyph might make it only cost 5.

Skill Name Glyph's and Descriptions
Combo Attack [6] Glyph of Carving  (Level 20):  Increases critical hit rate by 10%.
[4] Glyph of Spirit  (Level 20):  Increases MP regeneration by 15%.
Axe Block [3] Glyph of Mindspark  (Level 20):  Restores 3% of MP with a successful block.
[4] Glyph of the Pump  (Level 20):  30% chance to increase strength by 20% for 5 seconds.
[2] Glyph of Mindspark  (Level 60):  Restores 3% of MP with a successful block.
Cyclone [6] Glyph of Carving  (Level 20):  Doubles critical hit rate.
[6] Glyph of Power  (Level 20):  Increases power by 12% when over-charged.
[4] Glyph of Haste  (Level 20):  Speeds charging by 25%.
[3] Glyph of Haste  (Level 58):  Speeds charging by 25%.
[5] Glyph of Carving  (Level 60):  Doubles critical rate.
Flatten [4] Glyph of the Swift  (Lvl 20):  Increases attack speed by 25%.
[4] Glyph of Power  (Level 20):  Increases power by 25%.
[3] Glyph of Power  (Level 58):  Increases power by 25%.
[3] Glyph of the Swift  (Level 58):  Increases attack speed by 25%.
Thunder Strike [5] Glyph of Carving  (Level 20):  Doubles critical hit rate.
[3] Glyph of the Sanative  (Level 20):  Decreases HP consumption by 50% when over-charged.
[7] Glyph of the Slick  (Level 26):  Eliminates slowed movement restriction.
[4] Glyph of Carving  (Level 58):  Doubles critical rate.
[2] Glyph of the Sanative  (Level 58):  Decreases HP consumption by 50% when over-charged.
[6] Glyph of the Slick  (Level 58):  Eliminates slowed movement restriction.
[4] Glyph of the Swift  (Level 60):  Speeds charging by 25%.
Triumphant Shout [3] Glyph of Spirit  (Level 20):  Increases MP regeneration by 50%.
[4] Glyph of Energy  (Level 20):  Decreases cool-down by 30%.
[3] Glyph of Influence  (Level 32):  Reduces MP cost for the next chain skill by 75: Dash.
[3] Glyph of Grounding  (Level 58):  Increases endurance by 16 for 12 seconds.
Retaliate [3] [3] Glyph of Energy  (Level 20):  Decreases cooldown by 20%.
[4] Glyph of Power  (Level 20):  Increases power by 25%.
[3] Glyph of Fury  (Level 58):  As your HP declines, your skill power increases, to a maximum of 400%.
Vampiric Blow [5] Glyph of Power  (Level 20):  Increases power by 25%.
Tenacity [3] Glyph of Energy  (Level 20):  Decreases cool-down by 20%.
[5] Glyph of Balance  (Level 20):  Increases balance 50% for 15 seconds.
[5] Glyph of Balance  (Level 58):  Doubles balance for 15 seconds.
[3] Glyph of Infusion  (Level 58):  50% chance to restore 6% of your max MP per second.
[4] Glyph of Restoration  (Level 58):  Restores 12% HP.
Fiery Rage [5] Glyph of the Pump  (Level 22):  30% chance to increase strength by additional 10% for 20 seconds.
[5] Glyph of Fleetfoot  (Level 22):  Increases combat movement speed by 20 for 15 seconds.
Leaping Strike [5] Glyph of Power  (Level 24):  Increases power by 25%.
[4] Glyph of Persistence  (Level 24):  30% chance to eliminate cool-down.
[3] Glyph of Blaze  (Level 36):  Speeds charging by 30% for Lethal Strike, the next skill in the chain.
[3] Glyph of Carving  (Level 58):  Doubles critical rate.
Mocking Shout [5] Glyph of Haste  (Level 26):  Speeds casting by 50%.
[2] Glyph of Powerlink  (Level 40):  Increases power for the next chain skill by 25%: Staggering Strike.
[3] Glyph of Haste  (Level 58):  Speeds casting by 50%.
Unchained Anger [4] Glyph of the Sanative  (Level 30):  Decreases HP consumption by 50%.
[5] Glyph of Strength  (Level 30):  Increases knockdown by 10% for 20 seconds.
[5] Glyph of Raging  (Level 56):  25% chance of activating Flurry of Blows I.
Dash [4] Glyph of Energy  (Level 32):  Decreases cool-down by 25%.
[4] Glyph of Persistence  (Level 58):  35% chance to eliminate cool-down.
Lethal Strike [3] Glyph of Power  (Level 36):  Increases power by 25%.
[6] Glyph of the Slick  (Level 48):  Eliminates slowed movement restriction.
Staggering Strike [3] Glyph of Influence  (Level 40):  Reduces MP cost for the next chain skill by 63: Flatten.
[4] Glyph of Energy  (Level 40):  Decreases cool-down by 20%.
[4] Glyph of Blaze  (Level 40):  Speeds charging by 30% for Thunder Strike, the next skill in the chain.
[4] Glyph of Persistence  (Level 60):  35% chance to eliminate cool-down.
Fearsome Shout [3] Glyph of Powerlink  (Level 46):  Increases power for the next chain skill by 25%: Staggering Strike.
Bloodlust [4] Glyph of Brilliance  (Level 52):  Decreases MP consumption by 150.
Flurry of Blows [5] Glyph of Lingering  (Lvl 56):  Increases effect duration by 30%.
Inescapable Doom [4] Glyph of Energy  (Level 58):  Decreases cooldown by 20%.
[3] Glyph of Influence  (Level 58):  Reduces MP cost for the next chain skill by 63: Flatten.
[5] Glyph of Lingering  (Level 58):  Increases effect duration by 30%.
[4] Glyph of Blaze  (Level 58):  Speeds casting by 25% for Flatten, the next skill in the chain.
[2] Glyph of Blaze  (Level 58):  Speeds casting by 30% for Flatten, the next skill in the chain.
Evasive Smash [6] Glyph of Power  (Level 60):  Increases power by 30%.
[4] Glyph of Carving  (Level 60):  Doubles critical rate.

All of the glyph's colored in red are advanced glyphs which are obtained from temple of temerity or sirjuka's gallery. The numbers between [] are the cost of points to use the glyph. Some glyphs have the same name but lower point cost these will reduce the over all amount of glyph points used allowing you at level 60 to gain extra glyphs that's why it is important you take the time to do the dungeons and obtain these glyphs. Which glyphs you use will depend on your style of play but for berzerker the glyphs that are usually useless are ones which reduce MP cost of skills. Currently in all situations you will be more focused on providing your berzerker with more skill damage and attack power or reducing cool-down of skills over a static reducing MP consumption of skills since most of use infused charms to buff our mana. For me personally I focus mostly on damaging skills but you might decide on a different combination.

Another very important thing that will matter to how successful you are in PvP and also in leveling and PvE is the crystals you use and making sure that you have the right stats on your weapon and it is properly enchanted. In a PvE situation having the proper crystals and weapon enchants will make a noticeable difference in weapon damage.  Some weapon stats are more situational increasing damage on different types of monsters while others are more broad effects.

For example:
Do 4.5% more damage when you attack boss monsters.  Effects boss monsters only
Do 5.1% more damage when you attack monsters from behind.  Effects all monsters when behind
Do 6% more damage when you attack enraged monsters. Effects all monsters when enraged 
Do 5.3% more damage when you attack prone monsters.  Effects all monsters when knocked down
Do 4.5% more damage when you attack minions. Effects minion type monsters
Do 4.5% more damage when you attack normal monsters. Effects normal type monsters

Some bonuses have little or no value to a berzerker because they only help in certain situations like for example: You deal 3% extra damage to the target with the highest aggro to you.  This stat would not be considered as valuable as having boss monsters or enraged because the only time a berzerker would have highest aggro on you would be if your tanking or if you pull threat from a tank. Some of the stats above have very little value even during leveling or doing end game dungeons. Ones that are for minions is one of the most useless stats currently. Minion's make up the very few mobs that are a minion to a boss or smaller types of monsters usually these aren't important to anyone unless they make it required for a dungeon in the future you won't be aiming for this type. Prone is useless during boss fights. Most bosses have high resistance to knock down in the rare event that the boss ever gets knocked down its very rare and doesn't last very long. But it can be a better stat over minion's.

As you can see from the picture above weapons come with multiple stats which increase damage this one is masterworked and so the bonuses are slightly higher then normal. All of the stats with the light green recycle on them are stats which can change anything without that does not change. This weapon is the PvE agnitor axe from the nexus traverse raid. The very first stat on all weapons which above says "Do 5.7% more damage when attacking from behind" with this stat can be the same as one of the other effects which in this cause it matches the +9 stat. The object of trying to roll the best stats for a berzerker is trying to get the stats which will be used the most and benefit the berzerker. These stats on this weapon are the second best possible. The first best would be having double boss damage instead of boss just being on the +6 stat. If the berzerker wanted the most utility for sustained damage he would have to reroll the 5.7% behind damage to boss then keep the other stats enrage and behind and he would see the most sustained damage. Boss damage fits all situations of attacking bosses he doesn't have to constantly fight to keep himself behind the boss.

For PvP weapons as a berzerker most weapons come with pvp damage on them they cannot be changed and that's actually something that really benefits you in all pvp situations its flat increase of damage against other players. But as a berzerker you would want your pvp weapon to have stats you can use. One of the most useful stats for berzerker is Increases attack speed by 8%. This increases cast speed of skills and speeds up the animation allowing a berzerker to finish using skills faster. Most active PvPers want attack speed on the weapon they plan to PvP with while it can be useful in PvE increasing damage output for PvE is usually the better idea since most of a berzerkers buffs focus on more damage and they have attack speed with flurry of blows. 

As said before crystals are a very important part of weapons without crystals you gimp your overall damage by a really decent amount. But some crystals have less usefulness in PvE while some will cause the most difference. Play style will play a roll on which crystals you will want to use but some crystals are more a demand for the berzerker class.  In a PvE situation these are the crystals you will most likely be interested in:

Fine Savage Crux- Critical attacks do an additional +1.2 times damage when attacking from the rear. Cannot stack with other Savage crystals.
Fine Carving Crux- Increases critical chance by 3%. Crystals with the same effect cannot be stacked.
Acrimonious Crux- Critical attacks against boss monsters do +1.38 times damage when attacking from the rear. Cannot stack with other Acrimonious crystals.
Fine Focused Crux- Your attacks do an additional +1.7 times critical damage against enraged monsters. Cannot stack with other Focused crystals.
Fine Forceful Crux- Critical attacks will increase your Power when attacking opponents from the rear. Cannot stack with other Forceful crystals.
Fine Slaying Crux- Critical hits do an additional +1.79 times damage when below 50% HP. Cannot stack with other Slaying crystals.
Mutinous Crux-  Inflicts an additional 7.8% damage to boss monsters.
Hunter's Crux- Inflicts an additional 7.8% damage to normal monsters.
Backbiting Crux- Critical attacks against normal monsters do +1.38 times damage when attacking from the rear. Cannot stack with other Backbiting crystals.

Any of the crystals above would benefit a berzerker some have more value for different boss fights or situations. For example the Mutinous Crux is very useful for boss fights that you cannot critical on a boss like Kelsaik which has very high critical resistance. Berzerkers will see the most damage based off of criticals so stacking damage which increases critical damage even if its only +1.38 times the damage can make you do thousands more damage. Crystals which specify type of monster only work on that type like for example increasing damage on normal monsters will not benefit you in a boss fight. Ones which work based on a boss or monsters enrage will only increase damage when it is enraged. Fine Slaying crystals are based on your HP being low if your healer is really good you shouldn't find yourself with low HP in a boss fight so this crystal will have less use for you in PvE.

Some of the PvE crystals play double rolls as PvP crystals as well but any which specify monsters will not work against other players. Some of the crystals which you will find useful in PvP are as follows:

Fine Forceful Crux- Critical attacks will increase your Power when attacking opponents from the rear. Cannot stack with other Forceful crystals.
Fine Slaying Crux- Critical hits do an additional +1.79 times damage when below 50% HP. Cannot stack with other Slaying crystals.
Fine Savage Crux- Critical attacks do an additional +1.2 times damage when attacking from the rear. Cannot stack with other Savage crystals.
Fine Carving Crux- Increases critical chance by 3%. Crystals with the same effect cannot be stacked. 
Fine Cruel Crux- Increases your attack power against knocked-down opponents. Cannot stack with other Cruel crystals.
Fine Brutal Crux- Inflicts 9.3% more damage on a knocked-down opponent.
Fine Furious Crux- Chance to inflict an additional 9.5% damage to enemies when below 50% HP.
Fine Virulent Crux- Critical's will also inflict a Poison VI effect against knocked-down enemies. Cannot stack with other Virulent crystals.

Some are not very valuable in PvP but it also depends much on the utility of how you plan to use them. I've found some crystals useful which other people have told me are useless so its good to find your own utility for them. When my gear as a berzerker wasn't as good as it is now I found that many times I would hit someone and they would get away with only a small amount of hp remaining and to compensate this problem I started using the Fine Virulent Crux which can poison the person so if they try to get away the poison will likely kill them since it does not take into effect defenses and does a standard damage over time effect. But I usually base my damage on knocked down or critical damage since if you critical you can usually one shot another player. There are many other crystals which give mana over time or when hit or hitting another player. I didn't add those to this because personally I usually PvP with infused charm and make use of unchained anger and the other mana abilities over wasting a slot for small mana regeneration. But that is my own style of play you do not have to follow what other people do feel free to use what crystals your comfortable with.

Importance of potions and scrolls is another thing which might be more standard for most classes but it can be very useful for a berzerker to remember to buy them. Decreasing cool-down on skills and also the Scroll of Savagery which increases critical power multiplier. Increasing your damage to the maximum will be making sure that all of your rings and necklace also benefits you. As a berzerker the best rings you will want will have critical +2 and critical multiplier by +0.04. Necklace can have these stats as well the more critical you have and the higher your critical multiplier is the more damage you will do. As a berzerker well geared it is not unreasonable to see damage over one million with a critical.

End game playing as a berzerker can be tough especially since it can feel like you cannot get out of things on time before things go bad. As a berzerker you will have to make special effort to get out of different effects since not all effects can be blocked using your shield. The queen fight is a good example of a fight in which moving out is very important. This fight will require that you have your boots enchanted with the fastest running speed to help you move out faster, Wear a combat speed crystal to also help increase movement speed, and use abilities to get out of the effects of her death ball. During the second phase of the queen fight she curls into a ball and explodes with an effect that poisons you for a long duration destroying your HP it is possible for a healer to heal you through it in normal but in hardmode it will be a one shot. The abilities you have to get out of this ability is your evasive smash, dash and most importantly leaping strike. Leaping strike is the main hope of getting out the object is to run as far as you can and leaping strike out before your going to get killed. This is difficult to master since you never know when she will do her death ball. The best advice I can give you is play like she is going to death ball every time you hit her. You never want to be caught right next to her because you won't have time to get out charge a strike a few meters from her move in to hit her and move out. Keep doing that until you see her go to do her ball and stop any skill and get out right away.

To the right person berzerker class can be a very powerful and rewarding class to play. Hopefully with the information contained in this guide you will be able to make your berzerker experience a good one and be the next top berzerker on your server.