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Friday, June 28, 2013

Weapon Templates

This section will cover weapon templates of Tera Online for each class. This will be a project that might take awhile since some of the recipes are also crafted ones. But I will try my best to do as many as I can in a timely fashion. People always ask me about some of my weapon models for my different characters so I figured rather then keep telling them it's been awhile and I don't remember I decided to make a catalog of all the weapon skins for everyone.

Berzerker Weapon Templates
Slayer Weapon Templates
Mystic Weapon Templates
Lancer Weapon Templates
Warrior Weapon Templates
Priest Weapon Templates
Archer Weapon Templates

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tera Online Leveling Guide Fast leveling from 56 to 60

So normally once you hit level 56 the Devan spawn no longer gives much experience this is also true of the Dragoon spawn the experience is so low it is not worth anything. So getting to 60 fast must be done using an alternative method. This can also depend on the type of resource you personally have available to you.

The very first option requires you to have a friend willing to help you get to 60 fast. If your friend is willing and can find a spawn with BAMs to kill for you the experience per kill is a really good amount and you can level purely by leeching experience from a level 60's farming. But this can be difficult because many level 60's will gank you and your friend while your farming and also usually you will need a friend who can solo kill BAMs without much trouble.

Another option is farming the various types of bears and mobs which you will find in Pathfinders Post area this can be decent experience and it has repeatable quests but finding an open spawn for any of these types of monsters can be a slight pain too. But it's always worth checking since it's a pretty fast way to level.  For bear farming the crystal setup would be:
4x Hunters Crux
4x Stalwart Crux

At level 56 you might also need priest buffs to survive since they will do a lot of damage to you. 

If you can't find any spawns there's one other option for a quick way to get to level 60. This way does not require spawns to be opened. Instead you travel to the Westonia area and to the dungeon called Suryati's Peak this dungeon is a level 56 dungeon but what is amazing about this is that it has a ton of monsters which give great experience even with having a level 60 helping you farm the dungeon. It works best if a class with aoe's is helping you. Any class like a berzerker, Slayer, Sorcerer would do the trick. And if your helping level a berzerker or lancer they can even pull all the mobs off you or gather them up and block allowing you to get back critical damage.

Another amazing thing is the dungeon also has a repeatable quest for monster kills which gives great experience. What your friend will need to be able to do is kill the first two bosses at least to get the maximum amount of monsters for you the 3rd and 4th bosses are not really worth the effort of clearing them unless your sure that your friend can help you kill them you might just want to only do the first two and clear out all the monsters then reset the dungeon. At level 59 the monsters still give 120k per kill even with a level 60 and no experience buffs this is much faster then questing.

In the end this was such a fast way to level and didn't require a spawn the time it takes to clear it you don't have to wait to run it again which makes it great I would say clearing up to the 3rd boss like we where doing was about 20 to 30 percent at level 59 which was really insanely fast. I went from 59 to 60 in about 3 hours. So hopefully you will find this guide some what useful. More guides to come in the future! 

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Gathering Guide

While gathering in most mmorpg's is a tedious and boring task in Tera Online you will be glad to know that gathering can be a fun and rewarding task.  And unlike most mmorpg's you do not even need to buy tools in order to gather from any resources in game. You also gain some very nice buffs each time you gather with buffs that increase your gathering speed, restore mana over time, restore hp over time, increase movement speed in combat, and increase stamina amount.

If you get these gathering professions maxed out meaning 300 skill level you get special costume awards for your characters these are:

Angel Halo Headgear:

 Faerie Globe Headgear:

Sunflower Band Headgear:

These also include useable titles which can be accessed though the V key.  And you get a special reward from maxing them all out which includes one full row of bag space added on for free!

The first levels of gathering will most likely start in the island of dawn since there is a large abundance of plants ore as well as essences. The beginning types of materials will bring your gathering from 0 to 101 gathering before it stops giving out points when you gather it. If you don't do your gathering on the island of dawn one of the other really good places to farm the lower level materials is Arcadia and Fey Forest. I've included some screenshots with marked locations that you can farm from:

Kynemetal Ore- Gray color
Sun Essence- Blue color
Verdra Fibers- Green color

Once you start hitting around level 22-25 you will start seeing the newer type of materials and if you are not leveled up that high they will appear as hard which you will see in the picture below. The next type of materials will bring you from 101 to 151 keep in mind its still possible to gather hard materials but with much more failing to gather them and the more out leveled you are to them the more you will fail.

Linmetal Ore- Gray color
Wind Essence- Blue color
Sylva Fibers- Green color

More of the maps from this point onward will include these types of materials so it's wise to level them up so when you hit the next type of material you will be leveled up enough to make it very easy to farm. And while you gather you will get buffs which can be used to help you in your bam questing or just normal questing. Keep in mind too while farming if you have taken all of the materials in your current map you can switch channels for fresh spawns of materials this can make it so you do not have to wait for them to re-spawn. And you also get a small amount of experience for gathering each node of material which can also slightly aid in your quest to get to level 60. You can also have someone with maxed out gathering help you gather which will increase the chance you succeed and also increase the points you gain but usually if your a new player it will be hard to find someone bored enough to do this with you in a level 60 map. In a party three players can gather the same node at the same time.

Normetal Ore- Gray color     
Star Essence- Blue color
Shetla Fibers- Green color

From level 151 you will use these metals and materials to get all the way to 201. The next few area's will have these types of materials for gathering. I was surprised to realize most of the new fine materials actually can sell for a lot even for a low level. I managed to make quite a bit of gold from farming these not just the dye materials. 

Most of the maps while you level up will offer the same type of materials up till you hit Tempest Reach area which will bring the new types of gathering materials and also allow you to level your gathering up more.

When you get to Tempest Reach these will be the new type of material's by this time your farming level 45 materials and you should be 201 from the last area's. In Tempest Reach many of the plant materials will be found near tree's or out in the opened they can be hard to spot because they blend in pretty well with the other foliage of the map so it can be easy to miss seeing them. The map has a lot of the metal and essences too which can make it an easy level so you can get maxed out fast while questing.

Shadmetal Ore- Gray color     
Ice Essence- Blue color
Toira Fibers- Green color

The next area comes with the highest type of material so you will need to be leveled to 250 before you start gathering it. And from this point on every map will have these types of materials even the level 60 ones. 

Xermetal Ore- Gray color     
Lightning Essence- Blue color
Luria Fibers- Green color

Some of the items which come from your gathering can be used to craft various items which will either sell for a good amount of money. Some which can be used to craft potions which sell for good money the critical damage scrolls and critical rate ones which are used in dungeons which are a must.
You also can make money from Kaelic Spark which can be gathered from the max level plants this usually sells for a good amount because it is required to make the vision-maker gear.

Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tera Online Leveling Guide Fast leveling from 43 to 56

Update: As of currently the dragoons no longer spawn minnions endlessly so you will not be able to farm them the same way as before. But the devan's and the quest for devan's is still good. You might want to just use cosairs to get up high enough level to farm devan's with your main.

Leveling from 43 to 56 is usually a time consuming adventure in Tera Online even with the use of BAM's or doing all of your quests it can take you quite a few days to get to level 56. This guide will really only be useful for someone who wants to skip out on the quest grind to level 56 since this method will not require you to complete any quests. It might be possible to start this at lower levels then 43 as well but the lower level you are the more dangerous it will be to do alone.

What you will need to accomplish leveling:

Some decent gear for your level- the better the quality of the gear the quicker you will be killing things even being under leveled.

Domineering Pentant x 4 

Noblesse Pentant x 4
The gear is going to depend on your level just like the above crystals are only level 35 as you level up you will want the next type which are at 48 to help you kill monsters faster. These crystals will make you do more damage to the minions you will be killing. Minions you ask? One of the most useless types of monsters in game? Yes there is a trick that makes this adventure very valuable to anyone leveling. 

The area highlighted in red is where we would start our grind in this area Bleakbone Dragoon's spawn and the interesting thing about these monsters is the minions which they spawn. Every time a dragoon uses a bucking attack it will stop for a moment and spawn more minions these minions do not despawn unless you manage to die from them. So the object in using these to level will be to get them to keep spawning more minions then only kill all of the minions and keep milking them for more minions.  You would think that these minions would not give good experience so to give you an idea how much you will be getting I took some screenshots of farming them.

These pictures have been taken one after the other to show you how quickly the experience gain is. Keep in mind I was only mobbing two dragoon's at the time. If you can get the full spawn and have someone helping you can easily control the 10 dragoons at once they spawn about 14 minions every time they use the bucking skill and will keep spawning more add's every time they repeat that attack which makes it insane experience. The only issue is the more minions the more lag when you get over 500 the FPS will drop drastically.  You want to avoid killing the dragoons since these are what you are milking. But if you happen to kill them they will re-spawn fairly quick sometimes its good to kill them if you feel you are too overwhelmed.

Once you hit about level 50 dragoons can still be used to continue leveling if you have the main spawn but there's a slightly faster way to level up and there's an optional repeatable quest which can be used for the monsters. You have to do the first few quests of the quest line until you get the quest for the devan monsters which is the green location in the screenshot above. The spawn itself has about 150 monsters which are very fast spawning in the area these will give you around 160k per kill if your alone and are still very fast even if you have one or two people helping you mob the entire map. The repeatable quests grants 550 experience per 20 monsters and can be stacked up to 300 times before you have to turn it in.

These monsters you will want the item level 117 gear from Akasha's Hideout since this level 50 gear when it is +9 will get you to around 58 when compared to the gear that you get from most quests and such. You will want the following crystals:

Hunter crystals x 4
Stalwart crystals x 4

There's also a great bonus for the area. Every few minutes there's a boss which spawns which is worth added experience and also drops game hunters mote which increases experience gain by 3% for 3 minutes. The boss itself is worth a generous amount of experience usually around 3x the devan's experience and his minions also drop a generous amount of experience as well.

Unfortunately at some points people will try to kill you and take your spawn's and if your a new player there is not much that you can do about this but in my case I had my slayer so I just gave them a slap and problem solved. So if you have a level 60 just kill any scrubs that get in your way and you will have no issues.

The repeatable quests will only last till you hit 56 cause once you out level them the experience for them will be 0 around 55 they will go from 500k to around 256k. So once you finally hit 56 you will need to find a new location to level up since the experience from the monsters is also really reduced.

The quest name : Suppression Orders: Blockaders

So hopefully by the time you hit the bottom of reading this you will be 56 and ready to move on to the next area. I hope this guide helps you get leveled faster I know I used it with two of my characters already while making this!