Tera Nexus Times

The current nexus times are:

Saturday, Sunday—2 a.m., noon, 7 p.m. pst
Monday, Friday—noon, 7 p.m. pst
Tuesday, Thursday—6 p.m. pst

Tera Online Guides

This section will be just to make it easier for people looking for guides which have been made already. Basically just easier navigation for people who check from the home page.

Obsolete guides:
Vanarch System (Replaced)

Basic Game Feature guides:
Map System 
Gathering Guide
Language Guide
Pet Guide
Enchanting and Modeling
Crafting System
Strongbox Loot Table
Class Guides:
Berserker Guide
Sorcerer Guide

Battlegrounds Guide:
Kuma's World Guide

How to macro common scrolls
Cheaper way to Masterwork

Leveling Guides:
Tera Online Leveling Guide 
43 to 56 Fast Leveling 
56 to 60 Fast Leveling
Preparing for level 60

User Interface Tweaking:
Performance tweaking for Tera
Full Break down of S1Engine.ini
Speeding up client login network throttling to reduce lag and FOV
Reducing Hitbox Lag in Battlegrounds
What causes Tera's Lag
More information on video tweaking for Tera
Reducing lag in Nexus
Another Fix for UI lag

Making Gold Guides:
Guide to make gold in tera
Making gold for experienced players
New ways to make Gold

Dungeon Guides:

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