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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Newer Ways to make Gold in Tera Online

So while ago I made a guide about making gold in Tera Online and now with the new avatar weapons out the prices of weapons that drop from dungeons are slightly different which makes it a little bit more challenging to make money. So with that being said I'm going to make a newer guide which has new tips of making money. And I'll tell you guys a lot of the more useful tips since when it boils down to it I don't actually need money really at this point since I'm pretty far progressed though making nightforge pvp.

The ways for low levels to make money still is pretty much the same from the first guide the only difference is the sale of items EMP wise which many people will buy various items from the shop but this requires a person has money to blow on the cash shop for cosmetics. The only other thing which you can do to make money before hitting level 60 that hasn't already been talked about before is templates of different armor skins. Many armors and weapons have really unique templates which people will spend money on just to change the look of the armor. Some of the crafted items that come from various designs have very cute armor templates these are a favorite. Of course soon the template system will be removed and this wont be possible but until then this is a really good way of income. For example the level 60 queens wrath armor from MC normal mode is selling between 5k to 20k for a run that doesn't take long this is a great source of income many of the other templates of lower level armors can sell anywhere from 500 to 2k gold or more.

The main way you will be making money from is at level 60 this can be from farming materials that are useful to people in need of them for example some people like to get things ahead of time before a patch comes out like for example when Visionmaker 3 comes out certain materials will be trade-able. These items will be expensive since many people don't think ahead patch wise and when more people realize they need them the demand will then increase. So picking up all of these items before they come out will be very important since after they are released that's when the high demand comes in of course some people don't want to wait for that to happen they want to make money now and not have to wait.

There's some other ways you can make money now with items that people need the newer dungeons 3 man, 5 man and 7 man dungeons drop zenith boxes and while when you open them they can give you some fodder and a random gem they can also drop steadfast gear or mark of bloodshed which is used for nightforge pve set. If your not one for waiting for things to sell you could always try your luck on opening but if you have patients to wait for something to sell these usually sell for 350 to 400g each on the auction house during double drop weekends you get 2 per run in normal circumstance its 1 per run. Keep in mind after doing them all you can reset and do them all again and with elite that means you can do it a total of 4 times per character. The more characters you have the more boxes and this requires little effort to make money. It's more easy then doing the daily quests as well.

The alliance zone quests are another way of making money since you can buy a vary of materials from these vendors like zyrks and crystals and you can also sell these. The alliance quests can give you money as well and if you obtain echelon 3 or better you can participate in the battle if your alliance wins you will get 10k gold if your alliance loses you'll get 2k gold.

For people who want another tip to make money in the future. Currently tier 14 fodder prices for golds is very cheap. So cheap that you can buy gold fodder for 100g -200g each which is a great deal. In one of the newer patches for Korea a dis-assembly system was created to allow you to disassemble tier 14 gear and obtain tokens which can be traded to purchase tier 15 gear. Since tier 15's will be the new in demand things being able to have a lot of it in the future will be really valuable to you. So you would want to stock up for the future.

Another option to make money requires more people but can work equally as well if you have 4 people who know how to do MCHM you can clear it in hopes of getting the rare wonderholme drops and sell them as a group and split the money between the people who are going you can sell the quills to buyer's and the mark of bloodshed as well if one drops. Regents still sells for certain classes (Healer classes) Since the weapon is still really good better then the wonderholme weapon.

The last option requires a raid amount of people which honestly I'm kind of surprised no ones started doing this as of yet that Ive seen and this is GDKP runs for raids. The idea behind this is get a static of players who can carry a group of baddie buyers. How this works is lets say someones spamming about wanting to get PvE VM on the character that they have so you offer to sell them cubes at a price and then everyone in your raid allows the person to win the rolls on all of them and then you split the money to the players who showed up. This can be done with the Bop gear as well and if you can get more then one buyer the more money your party can make off of this. And you can still take any BoE items and sell and distribute the funds among the players carrying.


  1. Thanks for the work that you put into creating this guide. I do have a couple of questions though if you don't mind.

    1. Please elaborate on the current armor template system being removed. Will it be replaced with a better system?

    2. Which materials that will be used to make VM3 will be tradable? I would like to start stacking up on these items now.

    1. 1. Currently the only information I know so far is they are adding some sort of online rewards system which has like costume templates but I don't know how it works and whether it will have all the previous templates or what. But I know the system for templates which we currently use to remodel with was completely removed. So people will most likely want to buy all the good looking templates and remodel before the patch hits which removes this system.

      2. As far as I know all of the PVP VM3 materials are tradeable which would be the ones from nexus points, Ballicarium, Killingspree, Alliance points. Whether they change this in the future we don't know but as far as we know these are tradable.


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