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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Fate of Arun upcoming update and information about Northern Initiative Pack

So if you haven't checked your mail recently we got some information about Fate of Arun the new expansion coming out for Tera Online which is adding the level 65 level cap. They have also emailed about a northern initiative pack which can be claimed by logging into the game before December 15 at 11:59 p.m. PDT. The package might be for everyone or it might be for only people who subscribe to the news letter. To be honest I'm not to sure you would have to check. The pack contains the following:

  • Fate, the White Tiger Mount

    Ride into battle with this exclusive HP-restoring white tiger mount.

  • x30
    Stamina-recovery Potions
    Arunic and Combat Panaceas keep your stamina up so you can stay in the action for longer.
  • x40
    Greater Charms
    Four types of charms to increase your endurance, power, critical chance, and MP regeneration.
  • x60
    Special Campfires
    Hasty campfires speed your recovery and charming campfires make your charms last longer.

The new content should also be releasing on December 15th according to the website and from the look of it the new monsters are zombies and stitched together fallen hero's from the past. This content might remind some of World of Warcraft the Icecrown expansion with professor putricide who was found in the plague wing of Icecrown Citadel. The theme of some of the content looks more like a wow rip off unfortunately with the only exception being that of the under sea dungeon Bathysmal Rise. 

New continent was also released this area is called Northern Arun which is a collection of jungles, colossal ruins and the area considered the home of baraka's. 

New leveling zones have been added and are the following:
  • Savage Reach 60-61
  • Spring Valley 61-62
  • Ex Prima 62-63
  • Arx Umbra 63-65
  • Highwatch (City of the Baraka's)
New dungeons have also been released which are the following:
  • Sabex Armory
  • Macellarius Catacombs
  • Ravenous Gorge
  • Bathysmal Rise
New Skills have been added to the classes as well:
Warrior- Binding Sword: Throws your sword to snare up to 4 enemies and pull them to you.
Lancer- Rallying Cry: Defiant should draws the aggro of monsters to you and your party is immune to knockdown and immobilization
Slayer- Eviscerate: Deals damage and knocks enemy's down.
Berzerker- Raze: Knocks down enemy's and moves you forward.
Tackle: spinning axe attack that knocks down enemy's.
Unbreakable: Prevents hp from dropping below 1 while active.
Reaper- Shrouded Escape: Cloaking ability that reduces aggro.
Sorcerer- Nova: Releases massive explosion that deals damage to enemy's in a radius and knocks them down.
Warp Barrier: Cancels all damage and recover MP with each hit while it's active.
Archer- Thunderbolt: Concussion arrow causes damage and knocks enemy's back.
Tenacity: Restores MP and increases resistance to stun.
Priest- Zenobia's Vortex: Unleashes a whirlwind to deal damage to all enemy's and throws them into the air.
Divine Intervention: Pull and retrieve a party member and brings them to you.
Mystic- Contagion: inflicts a disease on the target that deals damage over time and decreases enemy's endurance.
Vampiric Pulse: Shoots a fire bolt that deals damage to all enemy's and heals party members in range.
Some of these skills are similar to Wow and also League of Legends. And we notice the amount of skills added some classes only got one skill while other classes got more then one. Some of these skills seem slightly overpowered. 

The Coliseum was also added a new battleground that combines pve and pvp by waves of monsters which requires skills and strategy to complete. As well as a new UI system hopefully we won't need to tweak the performance anymore in Tera Online if not the horrible flash will still be an issue for this content. 

They added a Fusing crystal system which allows you to fuse the crystals that aren't very helpful into new crystals with other effects or higher ranked crystals. Enchanting also got more simplified by adding feedstock that helps you plus your gear. You can get more feedstock by dismantling gear and dismantling can be done anywhere.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fane of Kaprima Recycle with Free costume code

So after nearly a year since the removal of Fane of Kaprima the dungeon is making a return as a short dungeon event. Hopefully with recycled loot table for everyone but we all know how much bluehole enjoy's re-using the same models over and over. And instead of something new for the halloween season it looks like you guys will be enjoying an old dungeon just recycled. But they also gave a free code for some devil horns so if you've missed the code its below:


Just some funny images for you guys who might not know what fane of kaprima is my friend did some model editing with the sprites before it was removed from game before it was removed and put it into an older game Ragnarok Online. But I hope you enjoy this new event from Tera.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Thresher Impulse Rifles ZMR

Just in-case anyone plays the ZMR game from enmasse and didn't get the code for the Thresher Impulse Rifle. I thought I would post it for you.


Monday, September 22, 2014

Never ride with Swulfen

I really had to share this just because if your really bored this will give you something amusing to watch. Keep in mind too when ever swulfen decides to give you an offer that you can't refuse that's when its a good idea to take a nap or go alone. Total trap run with swulfen.



Friday, September 12, 2014

Archeage Dragonfury Stream

We will be streaming archeage when they fix the problems today so if you haven't seen Archeage as of yet you can either watch it from one of the following streams:

Watch live video from Swulfen on www.twitch.tv Watch live video from Swulfen on www.twitch.tv

Monday, September 1, 2014

Lack of fraywind and Arena queue's in Tera

So one of my friends decided to go and play Tera Online recently and aside from showing him some of the guides on my blog to get his system working properly and allow him to get used to crystal setup's and all he wanted to try to PvP. But apparently he hasn't been actually getting queue's for any of the PvP stuff in Tera Online. He says it seems like PvP is dead. And then I tried asking some of the people who used to play all the time and since they have been playing Archeage all the time they haven't really kept an eye on Tera either.

But after looking though the forums it looks like other people are having the same trouble. I know I haven't been online and playing all that much so I lost touch with the game after I got into an accident and I've been slowly recovering not to mention my work is piling up too. But it's kind of sad to see Tera Online die mostly just because I would say that Elin's in Tera bring out my love for lolicon. And while that might be some what silly I did also enjoy playing the battlegrounds in Tera Online too.

So what I would like to do is hear from some of my lovely followers and see what you guys have to say about Tera Online and to make it easier I'll pose it as a question. Do you think Tera is dieing? And if so why and give some reason's. I don't usually do things like this but to be honest I didn't have a really good response for my friend so I wanted to see what the community that checks my blog thinks. 

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Code for some free Ruby Glasses

The awesome troll email sent to me about "How great the community is" worst game community NA gives a code for a free pair of Ruby Glasses and while they did have a code before for ruby glasses this is useful for everyone who didn't play during the first year worth of Tera Online.


But I would be careful about joining the community in Tera Online cause it's a total trap the community is very drama filled. But like always enjoy the free stuff~!

Saturday, July 26, 2014

Free Summer Shades code

Another give away code for the release of the bathing suits this week gives a free pair of White Sun Shades. Use the code to take advantage of this give away they are a temporary 30 day cosmetic for free.  NGSPP-04A3M-IS3OP-H7JZW-HGXOR

Friday, July 18, 2014

Free Pet food code

Enmasse has given a way another free gift code for your accounts this time it's related to the new pets released and gives you free food to feed them.


I also wanted to appologize for not posting as often I've been wrapped up with Archeage learning the game and all and helping guildies but I will try and put out some more good information for Tera when I have time.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Enmasse ZMR Beta Keys

Even though most people might not care about this I have a some beta key's for ZMR and since i've been busy with archeage I'm not really interested in the ZMR beta but if your bored and you would like a key feel free to take one of the keys below and use it.


Saturday, July 5, 2014

Tera Online Masterwork Scroll farming made easy

So most people know that masterwork scrolls will be getting removed from the level 58 dungeons when the new dungeons come out this month. Currently there is some ways to farm mes scrolls very fast in dungeons and I figured before it gets patched I would teach you something you can use tonight and tommorrow before the new content comes out so you can stack scrolls up. Of course might be a waste of time because the new mes scrolls for 50% and 100% masterworking should be following soon. But the price of mes should go up eventually so this can make you some money for the future.

So to take advantage of this the dungeon is Suryati's Peak the dungeon is usually use for leveling 58's and you would think it might be too annoying to use for getting mes but you get 2-6 mes normally and for a double drop it counts as triple so that would be 6 to 18 mes scrolls per run and you can solo it. It should take you about 2-4 minutes per clear depending on how good your are soloing the last boss.

*Disclaimer use at your own risk

To accomplish a fast run you will want to remove the following file from your game EX_HWC_B_SD_CollisionMap.gmp

Retard proof option:

Removes more then just Suryati's Peak also removes kuma's and alliance collision just modify if you don't wanna remove all of those.

This allows you to walk around the gates allowing you to skip all of the monsters and go right to the last boss. You will need to kill atleast the first set of mobs to start the instance timer this makes it so you don't have to wait (If you dont have elite status) when you kill the boss. You walk into the dungeon climb around the first fence on the left side of it. Skip the second boss and walk around the left side of the second fence. At the 3rd fence you can jump over it using profile spaming with space bar jumping. Then just ride to the npc's for the last boss and spawn the boss and kill it. Don't get hit by red balls and using vigorous and potions help a lot you want to keep the blue ball buff stacked 3 times.

You might be asking why I'm sharing such a broken bug to the game. The answer to that is that I've tried to have them fix this if they really wanted to improve tera they could have fixed it 6 or 7 months ago when I started reporting people for all of the collision removal and stuff people where doing they just gave me generic answers and responses and nothing really happens at all. And at the most if you get caught abusing such things your looking at a 24/hr ban which is just a slap on the wrist for doing things like kuma collision exploiting. People exploit the macro's and also lag switch too so unless it gets bad enough that it could like risk the player base I doubt they will really do anything about it. Which is sad cause it's really ruining tera so more or less just giving you some heads up on what everyone else is using.

Not to mention people actually sell this information on some of the hacking forums and such which is pretty sad. Its not like it requires much effort to accomplish just requires you to mess with different files. It was stupid they didn't make collision serverside that's why people would use teleport hacking and such cause the server doesnt record what it should. I've been busy with testing Archeage and playing that so I'm just sharing some of the reason's I most likely won't play tera anymore and letting you guys use this to farm of course it's probly laggy anyways.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

How to play a Sorcerer in Tera Online

Sorcerer in Tera Online is a very powerful and fun class when someone plays it using the right skills and glyphs but at the same time if someone has no idea how to play a sorcerer they can be the worst player ever. Specifically some sorcerers in Tera have taken the worst rotation ever and made it the most used using fireball over and over. This is very bad this makes you a horrible noob. Look below if you want an example of how to tell that you are bad.

So you might ask "How do I not be one of these sorcerers?" continue reading to find out more.

The first thing you need to decide is whether you will be a PvE player or a PvP player since the glyph build will vary as well as the proper crystals and rotation. These builds will also require glyphs from Temple of Temerity and Sir Juka's Gallery. You can also just pvp to get glyph boxes for both if you don't wanna run these over and over since without a group it can be hard to find people to run these.

Lets talk about PvE first you will need to use the following crystals to maximize DPS against bosses:

  • Carving
  • Savage
  • Acrimonious
  • Focused
You will want to make sure you stay behind the boss as much as possible this means you will want to use your glacial retreat, mana siphon, and backstep to position yourself to always be behind the boss. If this is too difficult for you then consider swaping out the behind critical damage for boss damage but you won't be doing as much DPS. When it comes to glyphs that you will need you want to use the following: http://teracodex.com/glyphbuilder#so60:v1:017910112012252210102

The rotation for this build will depend much on your ping so if you have bad ping you will adjust your rotation depending on how good or bad the ping you play with is because of the buffs that you will be running though.


This is the rotation that you will want to use if you have ping high enough to accomplish this without buffs running out. The skills are:
OC = Over Channel
LTC = Lightning Trap Cancel (Means start casting it and move before you blow the cooldown)
BoC = Burst of Celerity
FB = Fireblast
HS = Hailstorm
FlamingB = Flaming Barriage
MB = Magna Bomb
AP = Arcane Pulse
IN = Ice Needle
PB = Painblast

You can adjust this as you feel the need too since depending on your play style and ping it might / might not be possible for you to accomplish this but with the glyph build above this will be optimal damage for PvE.

When it comes to PvP you will want to change the crystal setup since boss damage doesn't work on players.

  • Carving
  • Savage
  • Salivating
  • Slaying

The build I will be showing is more of a glass cannon glyph setup not recomended for 3v3's or 1v1 but it will be very good in a pvp situation when you want to destroy groups of people. The slaying crystal is really good if your able to stay alive long with your hp at 50% of course you can substitute it for back power instead and the salivating is good for the mana since you don't want to run out.

The glyph build: http://teracodex.com/glyphbuilder#so60:v1:01001110142130107276

The slick arcane pulse allows you the ability to move with an arcane pulse charged which if you actually hit targets with it you will do some serious damage much less noticable compared to putting a fireblast under peoples feet. You want to get used to using your traps since they are very useful against people whether it be explosive to knock people over or stun.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Crafting System

Rather then modifying one of the older topics on crafting I figured it was a worthy cause to just make a new post about crafting. Keep in mind they changed crafting so drastically that it's nothing like it used to be. For one thing before crafting was pretty much useless and worthless and you needed to cap out crafting on each profession of leatherworking, tailoring, armorsmithing, focus crafting and weaponsmithing.

The new crafting system has the following:


This new system includes some changes to how crafting works and also how much can be crafted. Let me explain when the new crafting system came out they changed how many times you can either gather or craft by the cost of labor points. These labor points restore on a daily basis but once they are used you will need to wait for them to restore or buy more either from crafter's loot box for an RNG chance or at a npc which patrols velika. This works on an account bound basis in other words all of the points from you main character share the same points as all the ones in that same account. Different accounts have different point pools from your main.
This is quite expensive 5,320 gold each to restore 1,000 labor points. You gain 5 points back every 5 minutes. Gathering from nodes cost 10 points regardless of whether you succeed to gather fail or get hit and stopped during a gather by a monster or player. The cost for crafting weapons and armor are much more expensive 25 points to 150 points per item.

Some new items also appeared with the change of crafting such as the new crafting Artisan Additives these are used to increase critical success rate to get bonus items during a craft. These items are a one time use and usually cost about 800g on the trade broker they are only obtainable though the cash shop. They are supposed to only increase chance by 15% but this seems to be much higher when crafting a weapon or armor is usually a 1 and 10 for a critical on average for someone who's unlucky having the items usually make it more like 1  in 4 which would suggest the success rate is much higher of course RNG never works how we want it.

The crafting quests to make crafting to 410 easier have been removed so now you will need to use old materials and craft items to actually be able to get to 410. And crafting above 410 will require new recipes the old ones will no longer bring you higher anymore. You can buy these from the npc's in the crafting area's of main cities.

 After you hit 500 crafting you need to complete a crafting quest to go higher and be an artisan at that craft. To do that you are required to meet the following requirements:

  • Total Promotion points 0/150
  • Ore Refining (skill 1-500)  1  0/35
  • Essence Refining (skill 1-500) 1 0/35
  • Weaponcrafting (skill 1-200) 3 0/35
  • Weaponcrafting (skill 201-500) 3 0/35
  • Critical success 5 0/35

So how this works is you are required to at least hit 150 promotion points this means you don't have to max all of them to get this completed you only need 150 out of 175 possible.

Once you hit the max amount of points it takes away the window and you are granted artisan crafting allowing you to craft higher to 800 points. There is an item to drop the artisan mastery which you can buy which suggests you might have to do this in the future in order to craft some of the materials since you can only have one mastery at a time for artisan.

Crafting for visionmaker 3 will also require the crafting oil which is obtained from artisan crafting. This new system has kind of forced people to feel the need to make many new accounts just for gathering and crafting since they don't share the same labor points. Also causing people to bot on low levels in higher level area's at a much worse rate then before.

The only useful items which can be crafted is the flawless set which is a crafted version of steadfast but aside from that until tier 15 comes out we have the only real incentive to crafting being alchemy potions and scrolls and etching for gear.

Friday, June 6, 2014

Unable to Download Manifest Fix 6/6/2014

So this of course like always when Tera Online decides to do something they never do it right and if you've had the problem before you'll find out that redownloading the whole game to fix this bug isn't working and its failing to download patches as well cause you know how Tera is. After running though everything that was in all of the online posts and realizing nothing worked one of my guild members sent me a fix for this problem. This might not fix future problems when they go and make new updates but it will get you playing right now if you can't play cause of this error.

To make it really simple I made a quick little installer to add the files so if you aren't a computer pro all you need to do is double click and install.

32bit Manifest Launcher fix

64bit Manifest Launcher fix

If this helps you feel free to share it and give me some google+ love <3

Friday, May 23, 2014

Pay To Win Items

Figured I would just go ahead and use this topic for the pay to win items as they get added Tera Online is 2 years old that's about the incubation time for a free game to go pay to win. And seeing how they started adding items which cannot normally be obtained without purchasing from players this will only get worse from this point on.

Artisan Additive: Can't be obtained from anything else currently but shop items
Once Cured Loot Box: Contains a 4k restore item for the new crafting point system vendor in game sells 1k restore for 6k gold but the full restore is RNG loot box only.
Inner Wear Boxes: Can be obtained from a box in game but you get 1 out of 20 different types while the RNG loot boxes have a "chance" for one of certain types depending on what you want. While this might not be pay to win to everyone it costs 80 tokens to get 1 chance for 20 different inner wears its pay for an advantage over the free players.

The new crafting system by itself puts the game at a much more pay to win perspective since you are limited on farming and crafting and that they increased the cost of how much everything from the first day the patch came in they doubled how much it costs to gather and craft. That was done as a ninja patch without any comment about it.

Normally when En-Masse would do some kind of update such as the ninja update we knew something new was going to be added to the shop but they ninja added artisan additive and didn't make any official comments so people kept asking support and getting responses like we don't understand how everything works but yet they secretly add some pay to win items into the shop like they are embarrassed about it. Even the one cure all loot box wasn't advertised right away we magically see these items in the shop and then later they decide to make a blog post which is different from before where they would first blog about it and it would be released. But mmorpgs that are free to play eventually they get doomed to go pay to win. So as they start ruining Tera I'll keep posting updates to this topic here.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Status of Tera Online after the Reaper Patch

So I'm sure people who might have quit might be wondering what Tera Online is like now that reaper is out. I must say reaper is a really well thought out class. The combo system on reaper is really smooth and they actually gave you really good chain skills unlike other classes that you have to guess what the best combo would be. Of course it is likely the new space bar to win class more so then slayer is.

Some of the problems I'm seeing with it is most reapers have no idea how to play as a reaper in pvp they are bad which is giving reapers a bad name you'll see stuff like WHHM (no reapers) or reapers making them with the level 58 quest gear hoping to get carried by hosting a run cause they are too lazy to run Balder's Temple for gear. So I would say you need to do the following if you come back to try reaper:

  • Balders's Temple for Oculus gear 
  • Wonderholme HM or craft the flawless bloodhoned gear
  • Vault + Nexus
  • 3man(Channel Works), 5man(Shattered Fleet), 7man(Kezzel's Gorge)
So Balder's Temple gives the Oculus gear which is steadfast equivlent non enchantable gear this can be good for people who lack steadfast for mains as well but for reapers it's a must to get into wonderholme. Of course getting in to wonderholme will be easier if your running with a guild just like my guild has been working on helping each other gear reapers cause trying to pug to do the same thing means people keep coming in and getting your stuff. You can craft the flawless bloodhoned gear which is slightly lower on base attack then wonderholme if you don't really care about running wonderholme but reapers have no pvp set of gear.

Vault drops the goldfinger tokens and has a chance to drop the crafting boxes which are used to craft the artisan armors. Nexus also drops the crafting boxes as well. You can get goldfinger tokens from Balder's Temple solo as well these are used for the new inner wear so your elin isn't going commando with no panties.

To be completely honest Reaper was the only real highlight of this patch. They removed the remodel system and as of yet there is no good replacement on North American servers to make up for removing it unless you want to cash shop some new clothing. The crafting and gathering system now costs points and to make it worse a day after it came out they doubled the cost for points to force people to farm even more. Claiming that it was going to stop the botting problem which will only end up getting worse since now you'll have people making up 30 or 40 new accounts to get points to gather with. Like heres a really good example of it:

Could care less if the guild Noblesse is upset by me posting screenshots of some of there bot lines in both channels of bastion they have one level 60 with three level 4's gathering from the same node at the same time they are all following one level 60 back and forth and because the node spawns are so fast they just have to run back and forth doing it until they all use all of the points up then they switch out and do it on fresh accounts. I'm pretty sure eventually someone will think to make a clientless bot which does the same thing and gathers like this if it's not already possible.

Its great they provided points which restore over time and all and a npc which sells potions to restore for in game gold the problem is that it costs almost 6k for 1k point restore which is quite expensive and honestly you most likely won't get that much for using 1k points with people botting so hardcore since most items are still slightly worthless.

The thing thats the most frustrating thing is the fact they added Artisan Additive which increases the critical rate success on crafting. If you have yet to get to higher levels of crafting when you go to craft the bloodhoned set it crafts three of these weapons for one set of materials you cannot get Artisan Additive in game its emp only so you'd have to spend money on it or buy it from someone who has to increase chances. Sure you don't need it cause you can still critical but after doing a lot of crafting the actual success rate of most weapon's is really low we are talking like 100 to 1 success rate. Sure its not a 100% success change but it is a pay for advantage. Its only a matter of time that they start offering more greed options when they see people spending a lot of EMP on this new money sink. Speaking of which making gold for non EMP spenders is continuing to be really grindy with no new ways to really make money aside from crafting with tons of bot mules pretty much.

It does scare me about Tera Online's future cause usually most free to play games stay non-pay to win for two years before they start rolling out the red carpet reason being is they try to build a player base and get a lot of people sucked into it so that as they provide pay to win advantages when they lose 10% of the player base it doesn't matter and most people keep playing cause they "Invested" into Tera Online with so much money. And they keep trying to justify the fact they are adding these features by saying En-masse has no control over what Bluehole does to Tera Online. But let me enlighten you guys to a fact:

  • 2008 June- Founded North American subsidiary: Bluehole Interactive
  • 2010 February- North American Subsidiary office name change to En Masse Entertainment

Need proof cause you don't believe it you can click here and view it from Bluehole's history which basicly means that when we are dealing with En Masse Entertainment we are dealing with the North American office for Bluehole meaning it is owned by Bluehole. I always found it odd that they had source access to the server and never used it. A perfect example is Japan they make tons of cosmetics which only they have access too and only sometimes do things made for japan come here this is because Bluehole's artists aren't making those things we are only getting access to what Bluehole itself makes. This is why they always claim to be able to forward everything to the developers of Bluehole because En-masse is the same company.

But anyhow for now I'm still playing with my guild even though things don't really look good for Tera Online's future especially since many of the bugs which have been complained about still exist with the broken game engine like all these collision based exploits with dungeons and battlegrounds. But I will be giving Archeage a try when it comes out since it has some pretty interesting features to it just incase they decide to hardcore ruin Tera Online in the future.

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Reaper Releasing This May 13th!

If you have yet to notice reaper class will be releasing this may 13 for NA servers. They will be giving everyone double experience boost and may 1st to the 31st will have bonus boxes for hitting levels 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60. Starting a reaper requires you to have a character above level 40 that is an elin to obtain the new class. When you do this you get a level 50 reaper and you work up from level 50. This means you don't have to sacrifice a character to make an elin unlike what was orignally said to KTera.

If you have yet to watch the story video you can see it below:

Its unclear whether they will do the changes to crafting as of yet but if you have yet to max out your crafting it would be a smart idea to do this now just in-case this update brings the changes for crafting and the removal of the crafting quests. Crafting will be difficult in the future and the rewards from crafting will be much more with the new runes as well as the new specialty crafting system they add. Leveling it will be hard again because of the new crafting time point system. Be sure to save those Idyallic leaves and other things so you can make all the things you need in the future!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Elin Robe Armor Templates

24-Karat Robe Template
Sterling Robe Template
Black Label Template

Everneath Gown Tier 14 Not Eligible as a Template

Typhoon Weavings Tier 13 Not Eligible as a Template
 Unique Robe Template

Nightshift Tier 13 (Crafted)

Crasis Robe Tier 14 not Eligible as a Template
Malevolace Tier 14 (mcnm)

Magister's Robe Tier 11

Shadowskin Tier 12
Slinky Robe Tier 11
 Second Skin Tier 12

 Attuned Overflowing Divinity Tier 11
Twilight Wrap Tier 10
[Luxurious Fashion] Heavy Snowfall Robe (Costume)

Froststalker's Robe Tier 10
Sihranweave Raiment Tier 10
Robes of the Labyrinth Tier 10
Ardent Tunic Tier 11
Eldritch Robes Tier 11

Envelop Tier 8
Sikandacar_Robe Tier 7

Envisioned Beauty Tier 9
Bloody Quilled Robe Tier 8

Nascent Raiments Tier 8
[Luxurious Fashion] Honor Robe (Costume)
Attuned Sheltacloth Winterlace Robes

Robes of Vadoma Tier 6
Velikan Robes Tier 7

Relaxation Robe Tier 8
Celestial Robe Template

Vintage Gown Tier 7
 Sepokt Robe Template
[Luxurious Fashion] Sanctimonious Raiment's (Costume)

Glaresip Robe Tier 6
Oknon Robe Template
Tier 8 Robe Template
Well-Cut Garment Tier 5

Robe of the Scion Tier 5
Tier 6 Robe Template

Vestments Of Spirit Tier 4
Tier 7 Robe Template
Viney Vestments Tier 4
Tier 3 Robe Template
Stoppelsquare Gown Tier 5

Boarthistle Tunic Tier 2
Questions Robe Template
[Luxurious Fashion] Outriders Robe (Costume)

Tier 2 Robe Template
Robe of the First Expedition Tier 1

[Luxurious Fashion] Honor Robe Template (Costume)

Monday, April 7, 2014

April Fashion Event

Since the removal of the template system is coming to a North American server near you they are holding an event which gives out different types of costume armors. These are temporary armors which are dyeable and they contain the full set of which ever tier style they come from. They appear in the costume tab of course which means you don't have to worry about them taking up inventory space like the old template system. But one of the downsides of this new system is you can't mix and match parts from different tiers like you could with the old system. And it still raises the question after this said event how will we obtain these in the future? For now these questions are an uncertainty but we at least can enjoy these for a limited time!
  • April 1 to April 8—Luxurious Fashion Coupons
  • April 8 to April 15—Elegant Fashion Coupons
  • April 15 to April 22—Stylish Fashion Coupons
  • April 22 to April 29—Fantastic Fashion Coupons

Elin Heavy Armor Templates

24-Karat Hauberk Template

Sterling Hauberk Template

Firmating Suit Tier 14 not eligible as a template

Piquemail Tier 14 (drops from mcnm)
Court Plate Tier 14 (drops from mcnm)
Alloyed Chestplate Tier 14 not eligible as a template

Scriven Mail Tier 14 not eligible as a template
Ascendant Armorplate Tier 13 not eligible as a template
Strifeguard Tier 13 not eligible as a template
Santia's Hauberk Template (Federation Bills vendor)

Tomb Plate Tier 14 not eligible as a template
Buffbreak Mail Tier 14 not eligible as a template
Ethertwist Hauberk Tier 14 not eligible as a template
Infernal Warplate Tier 14 not eligible as a template
Pressure Plate Tier 13 not eligible as a template
Quandary Bazaar Heavy Armor Plate (Federation Bills vendor)

Earthtomb Plate Tier 13 not eligible as a template
Chaos Bloodplate Tier 11
Monstrous Mail Tier 10

Lordly Mail Tier 12
Bloodsoaked Chainmail  Tier 12
Darkheart Breastplate Tier 11
Chestpeice of the Pure Tier 11
Fringed Azure Plate Tier 11

Attuned Hematescent Kryplate Tier 11 (crafted)
Solar Chestplate Tier 10
Determinus Plate Tier 10
Patternweld Bluefin Plate Tier 11
Tier 10 Template
[Luxurious Fashion] Heavy Snowfall Hauberk (contains full armor template costume) 

Knightswear Tier 12
Hauberk of Anguish Tier 11
Deathshell Tier 10
Hauberk of Slaughter Tier 11

Breastplate of Fortitude Tier 12 not eligible as a template
Plate of Virtue Tier 12 not eligible as a template
Preserving Plate Tier 11
Unbending Plate Tier 10
Labyrinthine Breastplate Tier 10
Froststeel Hauberk Tier 10
Gulaslayer Breastplate Tier 10
Celebration Plate Tier 8
Brutal Breastplate Tier 4

Spectermail Tier 8
Karassian War Plate Tier 8
Honor Hauberk Template
[Luxurious Fashion] Hauberk of Mystel  (contains full armor template costume)

Hauberk of Intersection Tier 10
Pertinacious Plate Tier 8
Lumbent Plate of the Champion Tier 7

Chestplate of Shade Tier 7
Hookfist Hauberk Tier 7
Hauberk of the Deceiver Tier 7
Vaitor's Solance Tier 7
Melsanir Breastplate Tier 6
Tier 6 Hauberk Template
Bitter Mail Tier 5

Tier 8 Hauberk Template

Unique Hauberk Template

Choice Platemail Tier 9
Glareslip Breastplate Tier 6
Oknon Hauberk Template

Well-Admired Platemail Tier 7
Sepokt Hauberk Template
[Luxurious Fashion] Well-Admired Platemail  (contains full armor template costume)

Jeweled Chest Tier 7
Tier 7 Hauberk Template

Tier 5 Hauberk Template

Second-in-Commands Breastplate Tier 1
Tier 2 Hauberk Template
Dented Madman's  Hauberk Tier 4
Tier 3 Hauberk Template

Boarlords Hauberk
Questions Hauberk Template
[Luxurious Fashion] Outriders Chestpeice (contains full armor template costume)

Icewalkers Hauberk Tier 10
Cryptic Hauberk Tier 10
Delphians Hauberk Tier 10
Hauberk of Defiance Tier 8
Steeled Determination Tier 9
Hauberk of the First Expedition Tier 1
Black Label Hauberk Template

Bark of Vekas Tier 0
[Luxurious Fashion] Federation Supply Hauberk (contains full armor template costume)