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Saturday, October 18, 2014

Fane of Kaprima Recycle with Free costume code

So after nearly a year since the removal of Fane of Kaprima the dungeon is making a return as a short dungeon event. Hopefully with recycled loot table for everyone but we all know how much bluehole enjoy's re-using the same models over and over. And instead of something new for the halloween season it looks like you guys will be enjoying an old dungeon just recycled. But they also gave a free code for some devil horns so if you've missed the code its below:


Just some funny images for you guys who might not know what fane of kaprima is my friend did some model editing with the sprites before it was removed from game before it was removed and put it into an older game Ragnarok Online. But I hope you enjoy this new event from Tera.

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