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Saturday, November 22, 2014

Fate of Arun upcoming update and information about Northern Initiative Pack

So if you haven't checked your mail recently we got some information about Fate of Arun the new expansion coming out for Tera Online which is adding the level 65 level cap. They have also emailed about a northern initiative pack which can be claimed by logging into the game before December 15 at 11:59 p.m. PDT. The package might be for everyone or it might be for only people who subscribe to the news letter. To be honest I'm not to sure you would have to check. The pack contains the following:

  • Fate, the White Tiger Mount

    Ride into battle with this exclusive HP-restoring white tiger mount.

  • x30
    Stamina-recovery Potions
    Arunic and Combat Panaceas keep your stamina up so you can stay in the action for longer.
  • x40
    Greater Charms
    Four types of charms to increase your endurance, power, critical chance, and MP regeneration.
  • x60
    Special Campfires
    Hasty campfires speed your recovery and charming campfires make your charms last longer.

The new content should also be releasing on December 15th according to the website and from the look of it the new monsters are zombies and stitched together fallen hero's from the past. This content might remind some of World of Warcraft the Icecrown expansion with professor putricide who was found in the plague wing of Icecrown Citadel. The theme of some of the content looks more like a wow rip off unfortunately with the only exception being that of the under sea dungeon Bathysmal Rise. 

New continent was also released this area is called Northern Arun which is a collection of jungles, colossal ruins and the area considered the home of baraka's. 

New leveling zones have been added and are the following:
  • Savage Reach 60-61
  • Spring Valley 61-62
  • Ex Prima 62-63
  • Arx Umbra 63-65
  • Highwatch (City of the Baraka's)
New dungeons have also been released which are the following:
  • Sabex Armory
  • Macellarius Catacombs
  • Ravenous Gorge
  • Bathysmal Rise
New Skills have been added to the classes as well:
Warrior- Binding Sword: Throws your sword to snare up to 4 enemies and pull them to you.
Lancer- Rallying Cry: Defiant should draws the aggro of monsters to you and your party is immune to knockdown and immobilization
Slayer- Eviscerate: Deals damage and knocks enemy's down.
Berzerker- Raze: Knocks down enemy's and moves you forward.
Tackle: spinning axe attack that knocks down enemy's.
Unbreakable: Prevents hp from dropping below 1 while active.
Reaper- Shrouded Escape: Cloaking ability that reduces aggro.
Sorcerer- Nova: Releases massive explosion that deals damage to enemy's in a radius and knocks them down.
Warp Barrier: Cancels all damage and recover MP with each hit while it's active.
Archer- Thunderbolt: Concussion arrow causes damage and knocks enemy's back.
Tenacity: Restores MP and increases resistance to stun.
Priest- Zenobia's Vortex: Unleashes a whirlwind to deal damage to all enemy's and throws them into the air.
Divine Intervention: Pull and retrieve a party member and brings them to you.
Mystic- Contagion: inflicts a disease on the target that deals damage over time and decreases enemy's endurance.
Vampiric Pulse: Shoots a fire bolt that deals damage to all enemy's and heals party members in range.
Some of these skills are similar to Wow and also League of Legends. And we notice the amount of skills added some classes only got one skill while other classes got more then one. Some of these skills seem slightly overpowered. 

The Coliseum was also added a new battleground that combines pve and pvp by waves of monsters which requires skills and strategy to complete. As well as a new UI system hopefully we won't need to tweak the performance anymore in Tera Online if not the horrible flash will still be an issue for this content. 

They added a Fusing crystal system which allows you to fuse the crystals that aren't very helpful into new crystals with other effects or higher ranked crystals. Enchanting also got more simplified by adding feedstock that helps you plus your gear. You can get more feedstock by dismantling gear and dismantling can be done anywhere.

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