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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Reaper Releasing This May 13th!

If you have yet to notice reaper class will be releasing this may 13 for NA servers. They will be giving everyone double experience boost and may 1st to the 31st will have bonus boxes for hitting levels 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60. Starting a reaper requires you to have a character above level 40 that is an elin to obtain the new class. When you do this you get a level 50 reaper and you work up from level 50. This means you don't have to sacrifice a character to make an elin unlike what was orignally said to KTera.

If you have yet to watch the story video you can see it below:

Its unclear whether they will do the changes to crafting as of yet but if you have yet to max out your crafting it would be a smart idea to do this now just in-case this update brings the changes for crafting and the removal of the crafting quests. Crafting will be difficult in the future and the rewards from crafting will be much more with the new runes as well as the new specialty crafting system they add. Leveling it will be hard again because of the new crafting time point system. Be sure to save those Idyallic leaves and other things so you can make all the things you need in the future!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Elin Robe Armor Templates

24-Karat Robe Template
Sterling Robe Template
Black Label Template

Everneath Gown Tier 14 Not Eligible as a Template

Typhoon Weavings Tier 13 Not Eligible as a Template
 Unique Robe Template

Nightshift Tier 13 (Crafted)

Crasis Robe Tier 14 not Eligible as a Template
Malevolace Tier 14 (mcnm)

Magister's Robe Tier 11

Shadowskin Tier 12
Slinky Robe Tier 11
 Second Skin Tier 12

 Attuned Overflowing Divinity Tier 11
Twilight Wrap Tier 10
[Luxurious Fashion] Heavy Snowfall Robe (Costume)

Froststalker's Robe Tier 10
Sihranweave Raiment Tier 10
Robes of the Labyrinth Tier 10
Ardent Tunic Tier 11
Eldritch Robes Tier 11

Envelop Tier 8
Sikandacar_Robe Tier 7

Envisioned Beauty Tier 9
Bloody Quilled Robe Tier 8

Nascent Raiments Tier 8
[Luxurious Fashion] Honor Robe (Costume)
Attuned Sheltacloth Winterlace Robes

Robes of Vadoma Tier 6
Velikan Robes Tier 7

Relaxation Robe Tier 8
Celestial Robe Template

Vintage Gown Tier 7
 Sepokt Robe Template
[Luxurious Fashion] Sanctimonious Raiment's (Costume)

Glaresip Robe Tier 6
Oknon Robe Template
Tier 8 Robe Template
Well-Cut Garment Tier 5

Robe of the Scion Tier 5
Tier 6 Robe Template

Vestments Of Spirit Tier 4
Tier 7 Robe Template
Viney Vestments Tier 4
Tier 3 Robe Template
Stoppelsquare Gown Tier 5

Boarthistle Tunic Tier 2
Questions Robe Template
[Luxurious Fashion] Outriders Robe (Costume)

Tier 2 Robe Template
Robe of the First Expedition Tier 1

[Luxurious Fashion] Honor Robe Template (Costume)

Monday, April 7, 2014

April Fashion Event

Since the removal of the template system is coming to a North American server near you they are holding an event which gives out different types of costume armors. These are temporary armors which are dyeable and they contain the full set of which ever tier style they come from. They appear in the costume tab of course which means you don't have to worry about them taking up inventory space like the old template system. But one of the downsides of this new system is you can't mix and match parts from different tiers like you could with the old system. And it still raises the question after this said event how will we obtain these in the future? For now these questions are an uncertainty but we at least can enjoy these for a limited time!
  • April 1 to April 8—Luxurious Fashion Coupons
  • April 8 to April 15—Elegant Fashion Coupons
  • April 15 to April 22—Stylish Fashion Coupons
  • April 22 to April 29—Fantastic Fashion Coupons

Elin Heavy Armor Templates

24-Karat Hauberk Template

Sterling Hauberk Template

Firmating Suit Tier 14 not eligible as a template

Piquemail Tier 14 (drops from mcnm)
Court Plate Tier 14 (drops from mcnm)
Alloyed Chestplate Tier 14 not eligible as a template

Scriven Mail Tier 14 not eligible as a template
Ascendant Armorplate Tier 13 not eligible as a template
Strifeguard Tier 13 not eligible as a template
Santia's Hauberk Template (Federation Bills vendor)

Tomb Plate Tier 14 not eligible as a template
Buffbreak Mail Tier 14 not eligible as a template
Ethertwist Hauberk Tier 14 not eligible as a template
Infernal Warplate Tier 14 not eligible as a template
Pressure Plate Tier 13 not eligible as a template
Quandary Bazaar Heavy Armor Plate (Federation Bills vendor)

Earthtomb Plate Tier 13 not eligible as a template
Chaos Bloodplate Tier 11
Monstrous Mail Tier 10

Lordly Mail Tier 12
Bloodsoaked Chainmail  Tier 12
Darkheart Breastplate Tier 11
Chestpeice of the Pure Tier 11
Fringed Azure Plate Tier 11

Attuned Hematescent Kryplate Tier 11 (crafted)
Solar Chestplate Tier 10
Determinus Plate Tier 10
Patternweld Bluefin Plate Tier 11
Tier 10 Template
[Luxurious Fashion] Heavy Snowfall Hauberk (contains full armor template costume) 

Knightswear Tier 12
Hauberk of Anguish Tier 11
Deathshell Tier 10
Hauberk of Slaughter Tier 11

Breastplate of Fortitude Tier 12 not eligible as a template
Plate of Virtue Tier 12 not eligible as a template
Preserving Plate Tier 11
Unbending Plate Tier 10
Labyrinthine Breastplate Tier 10
Froststeel Hauberk Tier 10
Gulaslayer Breastplate Tier 10
Celebration Plate Tier 8
Brutal Breastplate Tier 4

Spectermail Tier 8
Karassian War Plate Tier 8
Honor Hauberk Template
[Luxurious Fashion] Hauberk of Mystel  (contains full armor template costume)

Hauberk of Intersection Tier 10
Pertinacious Plate Tier 8
Lumbent Plate of the Champion Tier 7

Chestplate of Shade Tier 7
Hookfist Hauberk Tier 7
Hauberk of the Deceiver Tier 7
Vaitor's Solance Tier 7
Melsanir Breastplate Tier 6
Tier 6 Hauberk Template
Bitter Mail Tier 5

Tier 8 Hauberk Template

Unique Hauberk Template

Choice Platemail Tier 9
Glareslip Breastplate Tier 6
Oknon Hauberk Template

Well-Admired Platemail Tier 7
Sepokt Hauberk Template
[Luxurious Fashion] Well-Admired Platemail  (contains full armor template costume)

Jeweled Chest Tier 7
Tier 7 Hauberk Template

Tier 5 Hauberk Template

Second-in-Commands Breastplate Tier 1
Tier 2 Hauberk Template
Dented Madman's  Hauberk Tier 4
Tier 3 Hauberk Template

Boarlords Hauberk
Questions Hauberk Template
[Luxurious Fashion] Outriders Chestpeice (contains full armor template costume)

Icewalkers Hauberk Tier 10
Cryptic Hauberk Tier 10
Delphians Hauberk Tier 10
Hauberk of Defiance Tier 8
Steeled Determination Tier 9
Hauberk of the First Expedition Tier 1
Black Label Hauberk Template

Bark of Vekas Tier 0
[Luxurious Fashion] Federation Supply Hauberk (contains full armor template costume)