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Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Elin Robe Armor Templates

24-Karat Robe Template
Sterling Robe Template
Black Label Template

Everneath Gown Tier 14 Not Eligible as a Template

Typhoon Weavings Tier 13 Not Eligible as a Template
 Unique Robe Template

Nightshift Tier 13 (Crafted)

Crasis Robe Tier 14 not Eligible as a Template
Malevolace Tier 14 (mcnm)

Magister's Robe Tier 11

Shadowskin Tier 12
Slinky Robe Tier 11
 Second Skin Tier 12

 Attuned Overflowing Divinity Tier 11
Twilight Wrap Tier 10
[Luxurious Fashion] Heavy Snowfall Robe (Costume)

Froststalker's Robe Tier 10
Sihranweave Raiment Tier 10
Robes of the Labyrinth Tier 10
Ardent Tunic Tier 11
Eldritch Robes Tier 11

Envelop Tier 8
Sikandacar_Robe Tier 7

Envisioned Beauty Tier 9
Bloody Quilled Robe Tier 8

Nascent Raiments Tier 8
[Luxurious Fashion] Honor Robe (Costume)
Attuned Sheltacloth Winterlace Robes

Robes of Vadoma Tier 6
Velikan Robes Tier 7

Relaxation Robe Tier 8
Celestial Robe Template

Vintage Gown Tier 7
 Sepokt Robe Template
[Luxurious Fashion] Sanctimonious Raiment's (Costume)

Glaresip Robe Tier 6
Oknon Robe Template
Tier 8 Robe Template
Well-Cut Garment Tier 5

Robe of the Scion Tier 5
Tier 6 Robe Template

Vestments Of Spirit Tier 4
Tier 7 Robe Template
Viney Vestments Tier 4
Tier 3 Robe Template
Stoppelsquare Gown Tier 5

Boarthistle Tunic Tier 2
Questions Robe Template
[Luxurious Fashion] Outriders Robe (Costume)

Tier 2 Robe Template
Robe of the First Expedition Tier 1

[Luxurious Fashion] Honor Robe Template (Costume)


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