Tera Nexus Times

The current nexus times are:

Saturday, Sunday—2 a.m., noon, 7 p.m. pst
Monday, Friday—noon, 7 p.m. pst
Tuesday, Thursday—6 p.m. pst

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Another method of tweaking to fix the UI Lag

Some people have still been having issues with the UI lag. While the settings from http://tera-online-guides.blogspot.com/2012/10/tweaking-tera-onlines-game-performance.html has helped improve game performance and fixed errors others still notice a problem with some video cards. A friend of mine from K-Tera has been kind enough to share some other settings that might help to address this problem for others so I'll post what she shared.

These settings are found under your Nvidia Control Pannel:

Antialiasing - FXAA  On
Antialiasing - Gamma correction On
Antialiasing - Mode Enhance the application setting
Antialiasing - Setting 16xQ CSAA
Antialiasing - Transparency 8x (supersample)
Maximum pre-rendered frames 3
Multi-display/mixed-GPU acceleration  single display performance mode
SLI rendering mode  NVIDIA recommended
Texture Filtering - Anisotropic sampling option  on
Texture Filtering - Negitive LOD bias  Allow

She also recomends using the core unparking which was explained in the first guide I published as well. But keep in mind if your on a laptop core unparking will not be an option for you because it causes the system to use more power and laptops are made to be power efficiant since they run on a battery. Core unparking does not work for systems which are only single cores as well it only effects multi-core processors because all your doing is taking off the windows limits that makes the system use all 4 cores instead of locking them and making them inactive during when they are not being used.

Another thing she also recomended was downloading and installing beta legacy drivers from: http://www.geforce.com/drivers/beta-legacy

Reasoning for this is because she says many of the beta drivers for the newer cards boost performance over the main current drivers and will improve your game performance even more. She said if tweaking your system this way doesn't improve fps performance you could look to your ram and make sure that your not over your usage as well as check for any virus's on your system that could be causing fps drops but other then what was posted on the above guide there's not much you can really do to improve fps.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Nexus Times Changed

I always find it anoying having to go to the Tera Online website and submit my age just to view the patch notes for the Nexus times since I can never remember them now that they are all week long. Not to mention they released two patches based on the times since they screwed up. So I'm going to go ahead and post the times for Nexus here.

  • Sunday noon
  • Sunday 5 p.m.
  • Monday 6 p.m.
  • Tuesday noon
  • Wednesday 6 p.m.
  • Thursday noon
  • Friday 6 p.m.
  • Friday 9 p.m.
  • Saturday 6 p.m.
  • Saturday 9 p.m.

  • If your having trouble staying connected in game you should check out the Tera Online performance tweaks as well as the article on fighting lag during nexus in Tera Online because you'll notice a major increase in FPS (Frames Per Second).

    Tuesday, October 2, 2012

    Tweaking Tera Online's Game Performance

    Updated: 7/17/2014

    Added flash memory changing for optimization~!

    I wanted to add something else about the lag because it really will make players understand the lag during things like PvP and why none of the things below will make it possible to fix lag under every circumstance so if your interested click here.

    Whether you have the best gaming computer on the market or have an older computer that still meets recommendations for Tera Online chances are you are not getting the best performance out of your game. There are a good number of settings that you can do outside of game and within the game client which can improve your game function increase your fps and make Tera Online play more smoothly.

    The first settings that I will cover are the ones that are specific to Nvidia cards I'm not sure if the same settings can be found in Radeon cards so I can't say if it's the same for those cards. But if you pull your video settings up for your graphics by going to Nvidia Control panel. Then go to manage 3d settings you have two options you can either make a profile just for Tera Online or you can edit the global settings for all games its up to you what you decide to do. Set the options in the profile like so:

    •  Vertical Sync - Force On
    •  Triple Buffering - On
    •  Threaded Optimization - On
    •  Trilinear Optimalization - Off
    •  Texture Filtering - Anisotropic sample opt... - Off
    •  Power Managment mode - Prefer Maximum Performance
    •  Maximum Pre-Rendered Frames - 3 (Need at least direct x9.0 for this to work)
    •  Antialiasing Transparency - Multisample
    •  Antialiasing Setting - 2x
    •  Antialiasing Mode - Override any application settings (This uses the preset you have in Nvidia)
    •  Anisotropic Filtering - 16x
    •  Texture Filtering - Negative LOD bias - Allow
    Now that we've covered Nvidia settings lets talk about client based settings. These settings are ones which cannot be edited by changing them in game. They are core settings for the client which Tera Online might not recommend you changing but these have direct effect on how well your graphics are in game. I was pretty impressed seeing how I wasn't using the best video card on the market and i've managed to improve my game quality by a good percentage. These settings will be found here:
    C:\Program Files (x86)\TERA\Client\S1Game\Config   <- 64bit operating systems
    C:\Program Files\TERA\Client\S1Game\Config  <- 32bit operating systems
    C:\ProgramData\HappyCloud\Cache\TERA\Client\S1Game\Config  <- New location for the  happy cloud version of Tera Online

    If you installed to another location you should know where to find the Tera Online folder. In that folder delete the following files:


    Load the game up and it will remake these files for you which is clearing out all the normal settings making default versions for you.

    Then back up the S1Engine file. And open it in notepad so you can modify the settings in the file. Search and Replace:

    Search: UseMinimalNVIDIADriverShaderOptimization=True
    *Replace: UseMinimalNVIDIADriverShaderOptimization=False
    Search: bDisablePhysXHardwareSupport=True
    *Replace: bDisablePhysXHardwareSupport=False
    Search: MinSmoothedFrameRate=
    Replace: MinSmoothedFrameRate=32
    Search: MaxSmoothedFrameRate=
    Replace: MaxSmoothedFrameRate=120
    Search: CompatLevelGPU=4
    Add: CPUNumLogicalProcessors=4    <- This is the number of cores your CPU has mine is 4 which is quadcore.

    *Note: This setting only applies to Nvidia cards.

    Note: Make sure that you make the S1Engine.ini file read only or the settings will revert back to the default.

    If you are lost making these modifications I have edited files uploaded here:


    Another modification which can be done which also has an effect the UI game system uses Autodesk® Scaleform which runs on flash so updating your shockwave player as well as flash player can also play a part in improving your fps in game while most of us do this normally so it might not apply to everyone there are some people who might not update it often.

    Increasing flash memory for adobe

    Use the address above and make sure that the settings look like below
    The reason you will want to set these settings to 10MB's instead of unlimited is when they are set to unlimited it can cause memory leaks and make the game lag very bad or cause it to crash completely so we want to just limit how much memory it can use so it doesn't do bad things.

    *Note: Core Unparking is not recommended for laptops this will increase battery usage and raise CPU temperatures!
    Another feature which can be modified for even more performance is the CPU core parking. In windows vista+ windows in an attempt to conserve power windows parks CPU's making it so only one core takes all of the processes. This causes GPU to bottleneck in games and decreases performance. Editing this can be done easily using a program to modify the registry which you can find below. You can switch it back if you want to but I noticed a direct increase in all of my programs not just in game. And one of my friends noticed major increases in windows 8 as well.


    You will need to restart after you unpark all the cores of your computer.

    So hopefully if you've managed to do all of the above at this point Tera Online should look and play that more amazing without having to use any of the other changes that you see in Tera Online Guides: Fighting Nexus Lag I can't say how these settings above will effect Nexus until tomorrow but I found much better improvement overall which makes me very happy.

    More information on Tweaking Tera:

    Full Break down of S1Engine.ini
    Speeding up client login network throttling to reduce lag and FOV
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