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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Explanation of Tera Online's Client lag

Many of the users coming to the blog have asked about the client lag of Tera Online and have been asking for more information on what causes it. Many of them say that they have really well built computers but still experience client lag. So for today I will explain what causes Tera's client lag and more detailed information so you can get an idea why the other topics for tweaking tera's client settings makes the game run more smoothly.

The biggest problem with Tera Onlines client is the way they built the UI system. This system as said before is built using autodesk scaleform which is a flash based system. The problem with using flash for any well built game is that flash uses your CPU for its process this also means if your running flash videos in the background or other flash based programs your system performance in Tera Online will be greatly degraded. The mix between using flash's CPU process and then mixing that with video graphics from the GPU and unreal engine causes a major delay in the client communications and that's why skills can also seem like they have some sort of delay bug. I've experience that as well but in the most current update it seems to be slightly improved.

The bad thing is because Tera Online most likely has no plans on changing this system chances are there might not be a incoming fix for this so all we can do is continue to tweak the game client in various ways hoping that it smooth's out enough to the point that its playable.

One thing that you do have to consider if you've tried some of the tweaking to your client and are still running into issues remember that like I said flash is CPU based so if your processing power is really low you'll end up with a bottleneck between your CPU and GPU processes.  Bottlenecking means that your CPU or GPU is having a loss of performance because of a single or limited number of components or resources. When your GPU bottlenecks its because you are lacking the CPU processing power and because of that your game lacks the processing. Since the UI system in Tera is based on CPU and the graphics system is based on GPU the mix of these two components cause a lag within the clients interface. But with computer that is lacking CPU processing this lag will increase by much more then the average user. So if you barely meet the minimum requirements for your CPU to play Tera Online chances are your game is sitting around 10-20 fps even if your graphic card is really amazing. Upgrading your CPU in that case would be recomended to see better performance.


  1. I have:
    Nvidia Geforce 630m/ Built with Intel HD4000
    2.5 ghz RAM I5, Laptop.

    I have almost tried everything to inreasing the peformance only of this game, and I ended up with 5-10 sometimes 10-25 fps. There are many other games that I can play whitout any problem. but according to you explenation here with the CPU and GPU I still don't understand what is wrong in my situation. can you help me?

    1. Well most of the problem comes from the poor construction of the client the User Interface (UI) was build in flash while the rest of the graphics are done with the Graphical Processing Unit (GPU) both of these clashing together causes a major drop in frame rate if the UI was built all GPU dependent we wouldn't have any issue at all. In the end the game wasn't made for laptops. Laptop's are not very powerful compared to a desktop it could be a number of things ram amount the graphics card so if you've checked out all of the tweaks to video settings posted on the other articles and tried modifying the client settings to improve video frame rate and it didn't have any effect the only other thing is updating flash if that doesn't help chances are you'll always experience the problem. The fixes in the other topics have decreased the drop of frame rates by at least 80% but if your fps is normally low in most graphical games you won't see it make as much of a difference the better the system the more it will effect game performance.

  2. I have a different question. I don't really have problems with FPS, except that occasionally the entire client freezes completely for 10-15 seconds. At first I thought this might be an internet issue as I experienced similar in Aion, when an enemy in a fancy gear came within mini-map range. But that was only a fraction of a second, not this long.

    I have an 8 Mbit/sec connection, and I made sure nothing is using the internet (my PC is the ONLY device on the router.) Speedtest.net also tells me I have nothing wrong.. even the ping is between 20-50 so I can't really ask for any better.

    putting the client into wondowed mode, when the freeze happens, it's only the client. I can alt+tab out of it easily and do anything I want including launching chrome (that's what I did just now)

    Usually I have an FPS around 25-35. Yes, it's a laptop, and in case you want to say that is the problem, please reconsider, since I play the new Tomb Raider and other latest games without any problem at all. It's not an FPD issue... like I said, the entire client freezes.

    I first thought it might be an I/O thing with my hard drive. I ran Tera from an external at first, but now it runs on an SSD. It loads considerably faster, but the freeze is still there, and it lasts 10-15 seconds... no change.

    ANy ideas?

    1. Well tera's client is built in flash so i would first make sure your flash and everything is up to date recently there was a major patch for flash. Freezing could be caused by graphics drivers too so make sure those are up to date as well and make sure there isn't any freeze updates for it. You could also run the tera repair to see if maybe you have some sort of client bug that's causing the game to crash. But in the end laptops have the most issue with it. I would just go ahead and do all the updates and check everything listed above first just to make sure that your not just missing something important. Doing all your windows updates too can help as well.


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