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Monday, April 29, 2013

Manaya's Core Shandra Manaya Dungeon Guide

As a guild leader of my very own guild teaching my guild members is a normal daily thing when someone wants to go. And because I'm always explaining the fight to people I figured it would be a great idea to share a guide with all the bloggers that are nice enough to come and help out with some of my other posts and such.  For this guide I'm going to just focus on the queen since she has quite a few different abilities and two different stages.

I usually take guildies through the normal mode to help them learn because it can still be a rough fight for someone that hasn't done it. For healers they usually get taught duel healing with DPS that have done the queen before so it's not a whole bunch of people at once. Its hard to carry multiple people that don't know the fight. And with teaching DPS we usually don't take more than one because of the sense of frustration which can happen where people get upset with each other we always bring the people that aren't going to get angry while teaching someone new or aren't going to rage quit.
The queen fight has different roles depending on your own personal class. The first I'll go over is one of the biggest roles of the healer throughout the first phase. Healers during phase 1 need to be kiting the adds around the room in a circle while everyone else is on the queen. The kiting could be done by another class like a sorcerer but one way or the other a healer should learn how to do it so all of the DPS can focus on burning down the queen who's in the center in egg form. As a healer you need a certain crystal setup for the first phase. You will be using:

In weapon:
1x Swift Crux
3x Threatening Crux

In Armor:
1x Fine Fleetfoot Crux
3x Stalwart Crux

And when you get out of the first phase you want to switch to your normal crystal set up. Don't worry you have a few seconds before the queen comes down to quickly switch your crystal setup. The crystal setup is the same for mystic or a priest so it doesn't matter too much. The kitting phase as a priest consists of using self heal to pick up the hate. As a mystic it consists of dropping motes. The first phase is easiest with a mystic since the DPS if they need heals can go to the edge of the map and pick up the healing motes. As a priest you give them the buffs and try to drive by heal without getting killed it puts more stress on a priest which can make them mess up. So priests require a team which doesn't need to be healed constantly and can avoid most of the queens center attacks.

During the kiting for a healer at a certain point which is dependent on how fast the DPS are killing her you will get a message that says the gullets have spawned and a few moments later you will hear something that sounds like a door opening before they come out as a healer the trick is to dismount and heal yourself so you pick up all of the gullets and then let them drop in a long line which makes a trail of poison then you keep kitting the adds in the poison until they are all dead. Once that happens the whole thing starts again keep in mind if your duel healing to teach someone the other priest needs to stand and watch they can't be healing or it picks up threat even without threat crystals. And if DPS is really fast there isn't much time in between for a priest or healer to kill the add's with the poison before another set will pop on top of a healer. But if the DPS are good they can usually burn it down to end the phase quickly instead of making it a long and agonizing fight.

At the start of phase 2 as a healer you buff everyone before she comes and then are mostly worrying about keeping everyone alive. The only other phases which a healer might need to know is the debuff phase which I'll cover after I go over DPS role since usually you don't make your healer focus on debuffs unless someone dies. The other important thing is when she starts to do her power buffing a healer needs to wait until she hits two stacks and remove it quickly or she gets a empowered version which will make her normal attacks a one shot. If you mess up this cleanse you will want everyone just kitting the boss until she loses it.

If you look at the queens hp box at the top right the debuff that has 2 stacks is her buff that normally would have to be removed just as it hits two or else like this screenshot most or all of your party could be dead because she hits very hard. It takes time to get used to the timing on it especially since your worrying about keeping the party alive as well as removing the buff. For priests it's a ranged skill and mystic it's a aoe skill they have to use while being on top of her so you always want to make sure that your close enough you can use it when her health is to the point that she will start doing it.
Let's talk about the DPS's role in the phase 1 of the queen. For a DPS you will want to add a Swift Crux into your weapon to help with the movement speed while in combat and you will want to use Anarchic Crux in your armor.

 If you're a ranged DPS sorcerer you will not be using fireblast unless your healer wants to time your fire blasts with their healing just cancel casting fireblast will rip threat from a healer and get you killed. However if your healer gets stuck and dies you as a sorcerer can pick up threat while the rest of your team revives the priest. As a ranged you will be on the edge of the ring around the egg DPSing and placing the pink puddles in area's that the healer won't want to kick you in the face. You want to avoid placing them on the edge where the healer is running because they will dismount and kill your healer. You also don't want to put them in the middle on top of DPS cause they won't be able to DPS.

For melee DPS and our fearless tank DPS its possible the queen will drop puddles on you too usually its whoever has the top threat so backing out and placing it on the outer ring where the ranged won't get stuck in it and not too far out that the healer will have problems is what you will want to do.
I didn't think to take screenshots of the queens egg abilities but in the future when I teach someone I'll get some screenshots instead of just a written explanation of her skills. The queen doesn't always do them in order either she can troll like a boss. But usually she will do a close range aoe stun then a center aoe which you don't want to be standing in its pink color and lasts a few seconds then after she usually does a donut which you want to be either completely outside or in the center at the egg or it will nearly one shot you in normal.

Hard mode everything is faster and is a one shot so you have to do it perfectly. She will do like white waves from different corners and usually you get arrow tells which tell you where they are coming from. She throws in some all corners low range ones as well. As a DPS you just avoid them standing on her corner near her back you can avoid the claws from above and most of her wave line attacks without having to move that much. And when she's around 6% everyone moves to her back side which is indicated by a line of shadow and burns her.

DPS should line up, recharm and get buffs before she comes up as well as the healer should revive any dead hopefully there won't be any if you've successfully avoided all of her abilities. With phase 2 started you'll end up with all of her various annoying skills that either hurt or kill. And everything in hard mode will kill which is why if your learning it don't do hard mode. The hardest skill for DPS especially berserkers to avoid is the death ball she curls into a ball and then releases a poison which stacks in normal if you get more than one tick you will die but in hard mode your dead if you get hit at all. This is the biggest killer during the fight for berserkers you want to always have your running speed up and use your leaping strike to get yourself out of range. I play a berserker so I feel your pain other classes have dash and other abilities making it easy for them but for us we are limited to our slow running speed which you can slightly fix by making your boots enchanted all with running speed.

This is the tell just before she spreads poison letting you know to get out of the way cause she's going to release in an aoe. It is possible for her to do it at any point and I've had some bad ones that she did it after every single ability which gets really stupid fast.

When she releases it looks like this like a dust cloud covering a wide area and you don't want to get hit when she releases or it will hurt. Best advice for a berserker is attack like she's going to do it every time you attack so.. Charge thunderstrike run in hit her and get out and keep doing that so you never get caught at ground zero of the queen when she does it because there's no way out if your too close.
She does some ranged attacks that she will throw a bomb never stand in her red circles cause they will kill a cloth armor player and hurt another DPS and to make it easier on your healer try to stay together as much as possible so your healer can heal everyone without having to chase you to the edge of the other side. Berserkers and tanks can block most of her attacks using there shields but the death ball you always need to get out of because it can't be blocked.

One of the other annoying moves she does is she will pick someone and then fly and try to crush the person she chases for a little bit then does a hulk smash so just use a backstep or run out if she targets you and for our fearless berzerker you can just block it like the picture below.

Besides the death ball another major killer of people is the donut she does this consists of the same kind of donut from first phase only this time its red color and its get near the middle of her first or if your max range just stay out and then the second part is move out of center to avoid getting hit. I have pictures to show you. First picture middle safe red donut bad:

And the next which happens after it which is get out of the center:

Arrows pointing out tell you not to be in the center.
At a certain point in the fight she will start doing a shield phase that needs to be broken. If you fail to break the shield she will go crazy and do a map wide aoe of the death ball in normal it is possible to heal though it but its better if you have the DPS alive and burn the shield then let her do her aoe death ball which is pretty close to killing everyone if you're not bunched up and getting heals. Energy stars or mystic power buff can help your DPS burn the shield faster and DPS want to hit from behind of course.

When she's not in one of her phases like this DPS are better off attacking from her back side instead of standing behind her because she has a tail whip and split which does really nasty damage and can put a poison debuff on you.

She will also do a laser attack which is a frontal from her in 3 beams in normal it hurts but it's not fatal depending on how your hit by it. Healers can be killed regardless by it if they are caught in it. But it's pretty easy to avoid just move out of the way.

Another ability that she does will root a person to the floor if they get hit by it the skill looks like a circle with a fence tanks and berserkers can block it but everyone else needs to get out fast.

The only other ability I didn't manage to get a screenshot of because I'm usually trying to get out of it really fast. But she will start by going under ground and moving to a certain person she picks at random this does not do anything so don't be afraide to let her come to you and save your escapes. When she pops up she will do either the jump skill which is explained above or she will put a red circle under your feet which follows you. Wait until the circle stops following and then when you see her put a orange/ green poison circle under you then use backstep or escape. The ability hits for a good amount and puts a poison debuff on you. She tries to trick most classes into backsteping when she goes under ground so don't be fooled by her  and make sure you save your escape abilities. As a berserker you could use the leaping strike glyph to reset it then just leaping strike out of it to avoid taking most of the damage just as she puts it down. I'll make sure next time I go I'll get a screenshot to put here for that skill.

The biggest part of the queen will be the debuff phase at different phases during the fight she will do a ring which everyone will have to take a debuff or she goes crazy with the aoe death ball for the whole room if you mess it up.

Usually when you're in a group you will be given a number 1, 2, or 3 and depending on the number that will be the ring you stand in. The center is 1 the outer ring is 2 and anywhere outside of the queen is 3. While taking 3 you just stay out completely and don't move in at any time during the fight.

During the debuff's someone might be told to skip what this means is you don't want to take any debuff and how you accomplish that is you wait for 1 and 2 to go off leaving a white area in the center then everyone but the person whose taking 3 moves into the center and then she will aoe the 3rd debuff on the outside of the map. If she does two debuff phases one right after the other you can do one then skip the other because in normal mode your taking 20k damage every time you do the debuff so there's no need to take extra damage if she decides to do this buff back to back. When she goes to do the debuff the next time if you had 1 then you take 2 if you had 2 then you're going to take 3 and if you had 3 you will take 1. That cycle will keep repeating until she's dead if someone dies another person will have to step up and take the debuff cause everyone has to have the proper colors or she will freak out.

It is possible for a healer to take debuff 2 and 3 in extreme cases. They would wait till 2 goes off then back step into 3 but it's better to just have everyone learn how to do it in preparation for hard mode.
Near the last 10% of the queens fight she starts what is known as the walk where she starts walking to the edge of the map and then gets an empowered buff which makes her attacks faster and she hits like a truck you want to DPS her and burn her at the last few percents so she doesn't get to the edge of the map.

The only other advice I can give is you want to keep the queen in the center as much as possible if you get caught behind her on a side and she death balls you won't be able to get out and you will die it's better to give your team more freedom to move around and position themselves.
You can always check out video's on the fight and if you'd like to see some of the ones from our guild Dragonfury-MT server you can catch them on twitch.tv/shizen579  which our streamer does as mystic point of view and also sorcerer point of view.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Unable to determine current version error

After the most current patch many people have been having this problem after closing out of the game and starting it up again. This error is annoying because it will not allow you to hit play and start the game. But never fear there's a quick way to resolve this error.

You fix this error by going into the Tera folder and deleting the following two files:

Once the files are deleted the game will patch new versions of these files and then allow you to play the game once again. The issue's are related to Tera's servers so until they upgrade them or fix them this will be something we have to deal with. But it is worth mentioning how to temporarily fix it so you don't miss out on nexus or playing with your friends!

Friday, April 19, 2013

How to use a macro to masterwork using common scrolls

Some people have been asking me to make a guide on how to macro common scrolls to try and masterwork an item. Without making a macro its time consuming clicking each scroll until the item masterworks so with this guide I'll show you how to automate the process so you can go and do other things and not have to babysit it.

This guide is for the Axife Mouse Recorder Demo so if your using any other program's besides this one you'll have to figure out on your own how to macro using that program because each program will work differently. This mouse clicker is not pixel based so you will not have control over your mouse so you cannot tab out and do other things.

The first thing you'll need to do is open Axife Mouse Recorder you will see a screen like this:

Click on the very first one since we will only need the simple functions to macro the simple task of using common scrolls on an item. And a small box will pop up with some functions that allow you to record:

Then you'll want to click on the record button and click into the game so that what you do effects the active Tera Online window.

To make it easy you want the item your enchanting in the top corner then next to it common enigmatic scrolls and next to it common identification scrolls. We first click the common enigmatic scroll and use it on the item making it the silver question mark you see above. Then we use the common identification scroll to identify it then we tab out of game and stop recording with the program. Then you put the number in the box below the record for how many times you want it to repeat the process like if you have 100 scrolls you want to set it for 100 and if you have 1000 scrolls you set it for 1000. Once you hit play it will continue to use scrolls on the item until either the item is masterworked or until it runs out of scrolls.

Masterworked items cannot be rerolled with common scrolls so once an item masterworks the macro will be unable to continue using scrolls on it so you don't have to worry about wasting scrolls that could be saved for the next item.

Lastly just wanted to say that this isn't a hack or anything of that kind its just a process of repeating the same tedious task over and over without doing it by hand. If your unsure about using any macro programs then just don't use them this guide was intended for people that wanted to know how. If you have questions concerns or want to brag about your success feel free to leave a comment.

Update this is still working as of 8/12/2013 Masterworked the mayhem sword in 200 CES also someone was kind enough to demonstrate how to use the program with a youtube video you can watch it here

How to use a macro to masterwork using common scrolls?

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Learn Spanish to speak with Spanish Tera Online players

Spanish is one of the most frequently used languages aside from English. Many of the Tera Online users will use Spanish if they don't know English and for people that have not learned Spanish in school this guide will be useful for you to speak to someone with some of the basic phrases you would need to run dungeons.

English Spanish
Do not stay inside the red circle No se quede dentro del circulo rojo
Attack from behind Ataque por detras
revive and run back revive y vuelve corriendo
Stay behind the boss Mantengase detras del jefe
You have the debuff Usted tiene el "debufo"
You know the fight? Conoce la pelea/mecanica del jefe?
You speak English? Hablas Ingles?
Heal saname
Dispel Boss disipe al jefe /Dispelea al jefe
Thank you gracias
Do not know No se
How much cuanto cuesta
I do not speak Spanish Yo no hablo español
Hello, How are you Hola, como estas
I'm good Soy bueno
Feel free to comment below if you find mistakes or have suggestions on what to add to the list.

Learn Portuguese to speak with Portuguese Tera Online players

Portuguese is a pretty commonly found language in Tera Online especially in the North American servers of the game. Whether your trying to buy items in trade chat or just doing some dungeons with a friend it is useful to know how to tell if someone is Portuguese and knowing how to say a few basic words can save you from a wipe if the player doesn't know how to do the dungeon.

English Portuguese
Do not stay inside the red circle Nao fique dentro do circulo vermelho
Attack from behind Ataque por tras
revive and run back revive e volta correndo
Taunt the monster Taunt o monstro
Stay behind the boss  fica atras do boss
You have the debuff Voce tem o debuff
You know the fight? Voce conhece a luta?;
"Voce sabe lutar?
Do you speak English? Voce fala Ingles?
heal me me cura
Please buff por favor buff
dispel boss  Da Dispel no boss;
desencanta o boss
Thank you obrigado
Do you want to .. Voce quer ..
I don't know Eu nao sei
How much quanto custa
I need Eu preciso de
I do not speak Portuguese Nao falo portugues
Hello, how are you Ola, como vai voce(formal)

If you have any suggestions or if I made a mistake feel free to leave a comment below and I will fix it.

Learn Filipino to speak with Filipino Tera Online players

Many mmorpg's have players that come from the Philippines and many of these players might know very little English or no English at all. Knowing basic phrases can help you determine whether they are Filipino and whether they know how to do a dungeon or not. While I have not met many people from the Philippines in Tera Online I'm sure as the game continues to develop a larger population more Filipino speaking players will start to join.

English Tagalog Pronunciation
Hello Kumusta koo-moo-STAH?
I am fine Mabuti mah-BOO-tee
Goodbye Paalam pah-AHL-ahm
Thank you Salamat sah-LAH-maht
You're welcome Walang anuman wah-LAHNG ah-noo-MAHN
How much? (money) Magkano? mahg-KAH-noh
Expensive Mahal mah-HAHL
How many? Ilan ee-LAHN
Cheap Mura MOO-rah
I don't know hindi ko alam heen-DEE koh ah-LAHM
Do you have ...? Meron ka nang ... MEH'rohn kah BAHNG ...
Do you like ...? Gusto mo ...? GOOS-toh moh
I would like ... Gusto ko ...   GOOS'toh koh
I love you Mahal kita Mah-HAL kee-TAH
Wait a moment. Sandali Lang
Do you know... kilala mo
You have this item mayroon/meron ka nito
What is the cost Mag kano ba
do you want to go to ... gusto mong pumunta sa...
stand behind boss tumayo sa likod boss
You have debuff Mayroon kang debuff
Stay out of the red circle lumabas sa pulang bilog
revive and run again mabuhay at tumakbo ulit
Taunt the monster i-taunt ang halimaw
Stay behind the boss Manatili sa likod ng boss
You know the dungeon alam mo ang kulungan/dungeon
Do you speak English? Nagsasalita ba kayo ng Ingles?
Heal me pa-heal ako
Please buff Mangyaring magpadilaw
dispel boss i-dispel boss
Would you like to ... Gusto mo bang ...

Learn Chinese to speak with Chinese Tera Online players

Many people on mmorpg's have run into players which only speak Chinese or understand very little English. This can be difficult when partying in dungeons especially if you don't know whether the other players know how to do the dungeon. This table below will give you some basic and useful phrases which can help you to determine if the person your speaking to knows Chinese and can help you figure out if they have done the dungeon before or not. 

English Pinyin Chinese Pronunciation
How are you? Ni Hao Ma 你好吗 Nee haoww mah?
Good Hao Haoww
Not good Bu Hao 不好 Boo haoww
Good morning Zaoshang hao 早上好 Dzaoww-shung haoww
Good afternoon Xiawu hao 下午好 Sshyah-woo haoww
See you later. Zaijian 再见 Dzeye jyen
Do you want ...? Yao buyao……? 要不要……? Yaoww-boo-yaoww
I want ... Wo yao…… 我要…… Wor yaoww ...
I want to go to... Wo yao qu…… 我要去…… Wor yaoww chyoo...
Where is ...? ……Zai nali? ……在哪里? ... dzeye nah-lee?
What is this? Zhe shi shenme? 这是什么? Jer shrr shnn-muh?
I like... Wo xihuan…… 我喜欢…… Wor sshee-hwan...
I don't like ... Wo bu xihuan…… 我不喜欢…… Wor boo-sshee-hwan ...
Thank you xie xie 谢谢 Sshyeah-sshyeah
I don't understand Wo ting bu dong 我听不懂 Wor ting boo-dong
How much money (does it cost)? Duoshao qian
Dwor-sshaoww chyen
Don't have Meiyou 没有 May-yoh
Too expensive Tai guile 太贵了 Tie gway luh
How long (time)? Duojiu 多久 Dwor jyoh?
I do not know how to Wo bu zhidao ruhe 我不知道如何
Do you know this Ni zhi bu zhidao zhe 你知不知道
You have a debuff Ni you yige debuff 你有一个debuff
Stand behind the boss Zhan zai houmian de laoban 站在后面的老板
Do not stand in the red circle Buyao zhan zai hongse yuanquan 不要站在红色圆圈
Attack from behind Cong beihou gongji 从背后攻击
resurrect and then run back Fuhuo ranhou pao huilai 复活然后跑回来
Taunt monster Chaofeng de guaiwu 嘲讽的怪物
Do you know the dungeon Ni zhidao dilao 你知道副本
Do you speak English? Ni hui jiang yingyu ma? 你会讲英语
Heal me, Yizhi wo, 医治我,
Dispel the boss Daxiaole laoban 净化了老板

If there are any mistakes or if you have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment and I will change or add them!

Learn German to speak with German Tera Online players

While playing on the North American Tera Online server it's possible to meet people from other countries which don't speak English as a first language. Knowing some of the basic words can help you figure out what country they are from and allow you to figure out if they have done a dungeon before or not. Some people might be thinking why should I learn when they are in my server? If you take time to get to know some of the German speaking players many of them are really nice as a guild leader I have some in my own guild as well.

English German Pronunciation
Yes Ja yar
No Nein. niyn
Yes, please Ja, bitte yar bitt-er
No, thank you. Nein, danke. niyn dang-ker
Please. Bitte. bitt-er
Hello Hallo hal-lo
Goodbye. Auf Wiedersehen. owf vee-der-zay-en
How are you? Wie geht es Ihnen? vee gayt ess een-en
Do you speak English? Sprechen Sie Englisch? shprexh-en zee eng-lish
Can you help me? Können Sie mir behilflich sein? kern-en zee meer be-hilf-lixh ziyn
I don't understand. Ich verstehe nicht. ixh fair-shtay-er nixht
Leave me alone! Lassen Sie mich in Ruhe! lass-en zee mixh in roo-er
How much? Wie viel? vee-feel
How many? Wie viele? vee feel-er
What's that? Was ist das? vass ist dass
I'd like... Ich hätte gern... ixh hett-er gairn...
I want... Ich möchte... ixh merxht-er
I like it. Es gefällt mir. ess ge-felt meer
I don't like it. Es gefällt mir nicht. ess ge-felt meer nixht
How do you say this in [English]? Wie heißt das auf [Deutsch]?
That's fine. Das ist gut. dass ist goot
Do you speak ... Sprechen Sie ...
English Englisch
French Französisch
German Deutsch
Spanish Spanisch
Chinese Chinesisch
What is your name? Wie heißen Sie?
Bad Schlecht
Wife die Frau
Husband der Mann
Daughter die Tochter
Son der Sohn
Mother die Mutter
Father der Vater
Friend Freund (m) Freundin (f)
How much does this cost? Wieviel kostet das?
What is this? Was ist das?
I'll buy it. Ich nehme es.
I would like to buy ... Ich möchte ... kaufen.
Do you have ... Haben Sie ...
Where is ...? Wo ist ...?
What time is it? Wie spät ist es?
Where do you live? Wo wohnen Sie?
Today heute
Tomorrow morgen
Happy Birthday! Alles Gute zum Geburtstag!
behind boss stehen hinter boss
You have debuff Sie haben debuff
Stay out of the red circles Bleiben Sie aus roten Kreise
Attack from behind Angriff von hinten
revive and run back wiederzubeleben und laufen zurück
Stay behind the boss Bleiben Sie hinter dem Chef
You know the fight? Sie kennen den Kampf?
heal me heile mich
dispel boss zu zerstreuen Chef
Do you want to .. Wollen Sie ..

If I've made any mistakes feel free to leave a comment below or if you have anything that should be added!

Learn Russian to speak with Russian Tera Online players

When it comes to North American Tera Online Russian speaking players are pretty common to find in the server. Knowing at least the basics can make it very easy for you to figure out whether they know a dungeon and have experience in the dungeon. Some phrases can also allow you to figure out if Russian is the language they speak and some of the phrases can help you better understand what people are saying if they are speaking in Russian.

English Privet Russian
Hello Zdrastvooyte Здравствуйте
Hi! Preevyet! Привет!
Nice to see you! Rat teebya veedet' Рад тебя видеть
How are you? Kak pazhivayesh? Как поживаешь?
Fine, thanks! Spaseeba preekrasna! Спасибо, прекрасно!
Not so bad Neeploha! Неплохо!
Thank you Spaseeba Спасибо
Thank you very much. Bal'shoye spaseeba Большое спасибо
That's all right Nyezashta Не за что
Sorry! Eezveeneete Извините
You're welcome Pazhalooysta Пожалуйста
Excuse me Prasteete Простите
That's all right Neechevo, neechevo, pazhaloosta Ничего, ничего, пожалуйста
No harm Neechevo srashnava Ничего страшного
I'm sorry I (we) should be going K sazhalyeneeyoo mnye (nam) para eettee К сожалению, мне (нам) пора идти
Good-bye! Da sveedaneeya До свидания!
Bye-bye! Paka Пока!
See you Ooveedeemsya Увидимся
Do you speak English? Vi gavareetye pa angleeskee? Вы говорите по-английски?
My Russian is bad Ya plokha gavaryoo pa rooskee Я плохо говорю по-русски
I don't understand Ya nee paneemayoo Я не понимаю
I understand Ya paneemayoo Я понимаю
Maybe mozhet byt' может быть
What's new? Chto novogo? Что нового?
How are you doing? kak vy delayete как вы делаете?
And you? A vy? А вы?
So-so. tak sebe Так себе.
As usual. Kak obychno. Как обычно.
Not so bad. Neplokho Неплохо
Bad Plokho Плохо
I know Russian. (I can speak Russian) YA znayu russkiy yazyk Я знаю русский язык
He knows everything. On znayet vso Он знает всё
I don't know what to do. YA ne znayu , chto delat' Я не знаю, что делать
Who knows? Kak znat' ! Как знать!
he doesn't want to know; he won't hear of it on znat' ne khochet он не хочет знать; он не хочет это слышать
to know when to stop znat' meru знать меру
Let's say Skázhem Ска́жем
a tale skázka ска́зка
storyteller skázochnik ска́зочник
to show pokazát' показа́ть
 We are now friends. Tepér' my druz'yá. Тепе́рь мы друзья́.
Be a friend, wait for me. Bud' drúgom, podozhdí menyá. Будь дру́гом, подожди́ меня́.
close friend blizkiy drug близкий друг
girlfriend podrúzhka подру́жка
friendship drúzhba дру́жба
What do you want? Chto vy khotite? Что вы хотите?
He doesn't want to help. On ne khochet pomogat'. Он не хочет помогать.
I really want to succeed. YA ochen' khochu dobit'sya uspekha. Я очень хочу добиться успеха.
I want you. (familiar, sexual connotation) YA khochu tebya. Я хочу тебя.
be on the alert byt' nacheku быть начеку
What to do? Kak byt'? Как быть?
so be it tak i byt' так и быть
He could not solve this problem. On ne mog reshít' étu zadáchu. Он не мог реши́ть э́ту зада́чу.
What do you think about it? Kakóe u Vas k étomu otnoshéniye? Какóe у Вас к э́тому отношéние?
This is very dangerous! Eto óchen' opácno! Это óчень опácно!
I like this dress. Mne nrávitsya éto plát'ye. Мне нра́вится э́то пла́тье.
You can only blame yourself for this. V étom vy mózhete vinít' tól'ko sebyá. В э́том вы мо́жете вини́ть то́лько себя́.
I don't feel quite myself. Mne kak-to ne po sebé. Мне как-то не по себе́.
to be out of sorts; to feel awkward ne po sebe не по себе
Take care of yourself! Beregite sebya! Берегите себя!
Well, I don't know exactly. Nu, ya tóchno ne znáyu. Ну, я тóчно не знáю.
All right, agreed, we are meeting at seven. Nu khoroshó, dogovorílis', vstrecháemsya v sem'. Ну хорошó, договори́лись, встречáемся в семь.
What an idiot! What has he done! Nu i idiót! Chto zhe on nadélal! Ну и идиóт! Что же он надéлал!
We do not need any help! My ne nuzhdáemsya ni v kakóy pómoshchi! Мы не нужда́емся ни в како́й по́мощи!
So what? I don't care about that at all. Nu i chto? Eto menyá sovershénno ne volnúet. Ну и что? Это меня́ соверше́нно не волну́ет.
Come on, already! Nu daváy zhe! Ну давáй же!
whatever... kakoy by... какой бы...
so ... what... takoy... kakoy такой... какой
I'll do it myself. YA sam eto sdélayu. Я сам это сдéлаю.
Where are you from? Otkuda vy Откуда вы
Welcome! Dobro pozhalovat'! Добро пожаловать'!
Thank you very much. Bol'shoe spasibo. Большое спасибо.
I must be going. YA dolzhen idti. Я должен идти.
Hope we'll meet again. Nadejus', my eschjo uvidimsja Надеюсь', мы еще увидимся
I don't speak Russian. YA ne govoryu po-russki. Я не говорю по-русски.
I speak only a little Russian. Ja nemnogo govorju po-russki. Я немного говорю по-русски.
I'm sorry. Excuse me. Izvinite. Прости
American amerikanskoe американский
stand at the back of the boss stoyat v zadney bossa стоят в задней босса
you have a debuff u vas yest' debaff (it's if you have debuff skill)
 na tebe debuff (it's if you under debuff's influence)
у вас есть дебафф;
 на тебе дебафф
Do not stay inside the red circle Ne ostavaytes' vnutri krasnogo kruga Не оставайтесь внутри красного круга
attack from behind Ataka szadi Атака сзади
revive and run back vozrozhdeniye i bezhat' obratno возрождение и бежать обратно
Taunt monster zaagri monstra заагри монстра
Stay behind the boss Ostanovites' pozadi bossa Остановитесь позади босса
You know, this fight Vy znayete, eta bor'ba Вы знаете, эта борьба
heal me istseli menya исцели меня
stand at the back of the boss stoyat pozadi bossa ,
soyat szadi bossa
тоять позади босса;
 стоять сзади босса
dispel the boss snyat s bossa buff снять с босса бафф

If anyone notices any mistakes or has any suggestions feel free to make a comment below and I will change the table above!