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Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tera Online Pets Guide

Tera Online has decided to give all of its player base a new way to enjoy the game. As of April 11, 2013 you will be able to buy pets from the item shop. Adopting these cute pets are not only for show but come with some cool features. So far the only mmorpg that has added pet's that actually do something is Ragnarok Online.

There are 5 pets so far to choose from. They are Rambo, Prince, Dragonette, Carnivorous Plant, and Candyspinner. Rambo is a ram, Prince is a cute frog, Dragonette is a baby dragon, Carnivorous Plant is one of the Venus fly trap plants which is found in some maps in game, and the Candyspinner is the most unique it's a little bear in a multi-colored jump suit that spins on top of a rainbow colored top and carries lollipop's.

Pets can be personalized by the ability to change their names. So you are not forced to keep them the names they come with you can name them what ever you want. This is a nice feature which is the same as what ragnarok online had to offer you where able to name pets or rename pets.

These pets are not the same pets many people saw during the closed beta of Tera Online. Those pets where vendors of items like shops which could be placed all over different parts of town to sell items. The pets that these are will follow you around and provide the useful skill of picking up items for you.

Pets do require much responsibility and in Tera Online you will have to feed your pet to keep its energy up so you can send it out to help you loot. Pet's won't do their task if they are hungry so as a good master buying food for them will be your job. You can purchase food at merchants in any town or you can buy high quality food from the item shop.

Once a pet is used on an account it is bound to that character. You can access the pet window from the activities menu in game. And pets can be summoned by a summon pet skill located in your skills window. For now that's most of the information which we know at this time but once more information is known about pets I will update this article to provide more information.


  1. can you equip more than one pet at a time?

  2. At What Level can you get a pet? Where do you get the pets from etc.. So far nothing I'm finding online is telling me these details..

    1. Unfortunately all of your pets don't come free these are cash shop pets pretty much so the only time that you can obtain pets outside of paying EMP for them is when they do various holiday events they usually have pets which you can obtain. You also can try to get your hands on some of the pet Popori strong boxes if there are any left on the trade broker and try using some keys from corsairs to get lucky

  3. Rappelz has the best pet system.. just saying since read the Ragnarok comment*


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