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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Learn Spanish to speak with Spanish Tera Online players

Spanish is one of the most frequently used languages aside from English. Many of the Tera Online users will use Spanish if they don't know English and for people that have not learned Spanish in school this guide will be useful for you to speak to someone with some of the basic phrases you would need to run dungeons.

English Spanish
Do not stay inside the red circle No se quede dentro del circulo rojo
Attack from behind Ataque por detras
revive and run back revive y vuelve corriendo
Stay behind the boss Mantengase detras del jefe
You have the debuff Usted tiene el "debufo"
You know the fight? Conoce la pelea/mecanica del jefe?
You speak English? Hablas Ingles?
Heal saname
Dispel Boss disipe al jefe /Dispelea al jefe
Thank you gracias
Do not know No se
How much cuanto cuesta
I do not speak Spanish Yo no hablo espaƱol
Hello, How are you Hola, como estas
I'm good Soy bueno
Feel free to comment below if you find mistakes or have suggestions on what to add to the list.

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