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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Learn Portuguese to speak with Portuguese Tera Online players

Portuguese is a pretty commonly found language in Tera Online especially in the North American servers of the game. Whether your trying to buy items in trade chat or just doing some dungeons with a friend it is useful to know how to tell if someone is Portuguese and knowing how to say a few basic words can save you from a wipe if the player doesn't know how to do the dungeon.

English Portuguese
Do not stay inside the red circle Nao fique dentro do circulo vermelho
Attack from behind Ataque por tras
revive and run back revive e volta correndo
Taunt the monster Taunt o monstro
Stay behind the boss  fica atras do boss
You have the debuff Voce tem o debuff
You know the fight? Voce conhece a luta?;
"Voce sabe lutar?
Do you speak English? Voce fala Ingles?
heal me me cura
Please buff por favor buff
dispel boss  Da Dispel no boss;
desencanta o boss
Thank you obrigado
Do you want to .. Voce quer ..
I don't know Eu nao sei
How much quanto custa
I need Eu preciso de
I do not speak Portuguese Nao falo portugues
Hello, how are you Ola, como vai voce(formal)

If you have any suggestions or if I made a mistake feel free to leave a comment below and I will fix it.


  1. Theres a few typos in portuguese like:
    1- "reviver e correr de volta" should be "revive e volta correndo"

    2- ficar para tras o chefe -> fica atras do boss

    3- Voce sabe que a luta? -> voce sabe a luta?(not usefulat all)

    4- me curar -> me cura

    5- dissipar patrao -> Da Dispel no boss or desencanta o boss(if you say "dissipar patrao" noone will understand what you mean.= pro typo)

    6- Ola, como vai voce(formal)- Eae(informal)

    1. Thanks for the help gregory

    2. Actually "You know the fight?" translates more like "Voce conhece a luta?" or "Voce sabe lutar?".
      "Voce sabe a luta" will not be well understood by those who speak Portuguese.

  2. I also want to learn this language because in a France mostly this language is spoken.. I like your post or this is helpful to me and learn this language to me in a very few times, so thanks..!!


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