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Monday, April 1, 2013

Why should I Buy Tera Online?

Tera Online is now free to play so many people might be wondering why anyone would go and buy Tera Online from a store. Something that many people do not realize is the limitations that a free account in Tera has. One of the biggest differences is the amount of character slots you can have with the free account. You can only have 2 characters with the free account. You get no special mount's or interesting titles. When trying to sell items in the trade broker you can only list up to 10 items at once. Another important thing to note is the number of bank slots is 72 Slots with the free account and you have to buy more to increase the size of this same with the character slots which can get expensive especially if you use more then one account like me. You also can't send more then 10 Gold per message in game which is annoying.

With any physical copy you get a free mount the Terminus Mount you have the maximum character slots which is 8 and you get the maximum slots for your bank of 288 Slots. For founders accounts there is no gold limit on mailing people gold in game. You can post up to 30 items on the trade broker at once instead of the limited amount of 10. And you get the bonus title of founders. But currently Tera Online has stopped producing these copies so they are becoming very limited and eventually it might not be possible to obtain founders status. This means if you don't get a physical copy soon you might have to buy each of the addons to your accounts which will cost you much more then spending 40 or 50 on buying a physical edition.

The physical editions also came with a added bonus which many people did not know about. If you enter your Tera Online code in backwards you are rewarded with even more special prizes in-game. You get a free Tawny Huntress mount which is a very cool looking female lion mount. Two emeralds which sell to the vendor for 1k gold each. And two semi-enigmatic scrolls which are rare scrolls which can be used to change the stats on jewelry.

Sometimes it's still possible to find some of the games on ebay for sale but I already bought all the copies from my local stores. If you enjoy Tera Online you should consider going to buy Tera Online before they all sell out and then your disappointed in the future.

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