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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Learn Chinese to speak with Chinese Tera Online players

Many people on mmorpg's have run into players which only speak Chinese or understand very little English. This can be difficult when partying in dungeons especially if you don't know whether the other players know how to do the dungeon. This table below will give you some basic and useful phrases which can help you to determine if the person your speaking to knows Chinese and can help you figure out if they have done the dungeon before or not. 

English Pinyin Chinese Pronunciation
How are you? Ni Hao Ma 你好吗 Nee haoww mah?
Good Hao Haoww
Not good Bu Hao 不好 Boo haoww
Good morning Zaoshang hao 早上好 Dzaoww-shung haoww
Good afternoon Xiawu hao 下午好 Sshyah-woo haoww
See you later. Zaijian 再见 Dzeye jyen
Do you want ...? Yao buyao……? 要不要……? Yaoww-boo-yaoww
I want ... Wo yao…… 我要…… Wor yaoww ...
I want to go to... Wo yao qu…… 我要去…… Wor yaoww chyoo...
Where is ...? ……Zai nali? ……在哪里? ... dzeye nah-lee?
What is this? Zhe shi shenme? 这是什么? Jer shrr shnn-muh?
I like... Wo xihuan…… 我喜欢…… Wor sshee-hwan...
I don't like ... Wo bu xihuan…… 我不喜欢…… Wor boo-sshee-hwan ...
Thank you xie xie 谢谢 Sshyeah-sshyeah
I don't understand Wo ting bu dong 我听不懂 Wor ting boo-dong
How much money (does it cost)? Duoshao qian
Dwor-sshaoww chyen
Don't have Meiyou 没有 May-yoh
Too expensive Tai guile 太贵了 Tie gway luh
How long (time)? Duojiu 多久 Dwor jyoh?
I do not know how to Wo bu zhidao ruhe 我不知道如何
Do you know this Ni zhi bu zhidao zhe 你知不知道
You have a debuff Ni you yige debuff 你有一个debuff
Stand behind the boss Zhan zai houmian de laoban 站在后面的老板
Do not stand in the red circle Buyao zhan zai hongse yuanquan 不要站在红色圆圈
Attack from behind Cong beihou gongji 从背后攻击
resurrect and then run back Fuhuo ranhou pao huilai 复活然后跑回来
Taunt monster Chaofeng de guaiwu 嘲讽的怪物
Do you know the dungeon Ni zhidao dilao 你知道副本
Do you speak English? Ni hui jiang yingyu ma? 你会讲英语
Heal me, Yizhi wo, 医治我,
Dispel the boss Daxiaole laoban 净化了老板

If there are any mistakes or if you have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment and I will change or add them!

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