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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

A New Reason Tera Online is so laggy

So we all have figured out that over the course of the last few years the game is pretty poorly optimized but once we've done all the steps to improve fps it should be playable right? Well ideally this would be true if it wasn't for the block cancellation bug. But unfortunately these people that are abusing block cancel not only lag out the target they are attacking but the players around them as well. And the more people doing it the more lag to the point that it can crash your video card.

We actually have tested this theory in guild recently a keyboard set to 45 seconds for a block cancel doesn't really cause lag at all but allows a person to still spam skills like stun or slows without cool down but when the macroing person sets the keyboard to 0 seconds the amount of fps loss of the players around it is over 70% and the more players in the area cause even more lag the more they spam it the more fps is lost for example. The user had 60fps normally but macroing his fps dropped to 20fps while people around him who had 30 fps dropped to nearly 0 fps barely able to move.

According to the GM's though block cancel is working as intended and it does not seem to be a bannable offense but as more people continue to abuse this it not only is destroying PvP from a skill point of view cause you get stunned for 3 minutes while someone solo kills you but it also lags you our or can cause you to crash because they speeded up the skill usage and are over killing your computer with the action. A group of a few players doing it can make you lag so hard you wouldn't even notice them killing you until you've already respawned and left the area.

And I'm starting to think that unless 1 out of 3 people start abusing the bug and making it impossible for most players to enjoy the game En-Masse might not care enough to get ktera to fix it especially since the Korean players are much less likely to abuse and exploit bugs like the type of community that English servers are known for. If you don't actually believe this is true and you have a keyboard with macro abilities try it yourself and see the results and you'll know how broken the game is. Then the next time you lag out while in arena or get stunned for 2 minutes by a warrior that keeps using combative strike over and over on you until your dead you'll understand how they managed to pull this off or when you get slowed indefinitely by a lancer and no priest dispel pulls off the slow.


  1. They haven't fixed that bug yet? I haven't played in a few days, but I was sure that bug was fixed in a patch released on december or november.

    1. It's not fixed they say its working as intended and aren't going to do anything about it. But our guild tested it to see the client effects and all and it causes really bad lag and its broken in pvp. For lancers they will slow you with every hit making it impossible to dispel the slow and lag you out. For warriors they stun you over and over again refreshing the stun duration until your dead but the stagger and the client lag makes it impossible to do anything at all but watch yourself die. Most people try not to make it noticeable unless they are losing really bad since they want to feel like they have "skill" and if they cause you to disconnect with lagging your client out that's the only time they might get in-trouble for it but with a good computer unless 2 or 3 people are all doing it at once your fps wont drop below 10 and it won't crash your game.

    2. Yeah we did end up testing it all you need is a keyboard with the ability to macro skills. You set skills up to block in 0 seconds after a skill is used so for example you set it up so that when staggering counter is used on a warrior 0 seconds after its used you block cancel so it results in an instant cancel allowing you to use staggering counter over and over without a cooldown. But the speeding of fps causes clients to lag and if your sitting with a laptop or a desktop with an older video card and lacking a cpu over 4.2ghz your pc's gonna have a bad day. Just one lancer spamming block cancel will drop fps pretty low and the more people in a location defently will crash your game, video card, or give you a BSOD.

  2. Elin lancers are "working as intended".

  3. Also warriors can't stun lock or block macro, they have a CD on block because everybody cried about it yet lancers never received such a nerf.. go figure.


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