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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Removal of Remodeling system

So during one of the newest updates to K-Tera we see something major coming to Tera Online. This is the removal of the remodeling system. Basically the remodeling system allowed you to take any tier of gear and use it in place of what ever your current gear was. So for example a level 60 using tier 10 weapons to remodel his or her level 60 weapon. This was one of the really nice features about Tera Online it allowed someone to make their character unique without needing to buy a costume to do so.

My guess is they are doing this to force people into buying costumes from the shops. With the lack of ways to customize yourself people would feel the need to buy more costumes. So Tera Online truly might just be another wow clone where everyone has the same style of armor just recolored. If you have yet to see the actual notes this was it:

Remodelling System Removal

  • The Remodelling System has been removed
    • Any remodelled gear will still maintain their appearance
  • Due to removal of remodelling the items below have been changed
    • Black Label sets
      • Can be sold back to the merchant for gold
    • 24-Karat and Silver Sterling
      • Complete set can be combined into a single costume
      • Design to combine can be bought from T-CAT Shop
So what this means is you won't be able to sell older gear either for style of the templates anymore either.  This will most likely effect more then just what people enjoyed. And also because of this kind of makes having a list of armors and weapon templates obsolete. I kind of feel like they are making a bad choose doing this especially not providing a way to continue still using older templates like in the costume model or something. This was one of the main unique features that makes you stand out from everyone else and they are taking it away so that everyone will be like a clone of the person next to them.


  1. Hi hi,

    I'm a Femani player.. and had been origonaly very exited by this coming change due to how it was worded by Tera-today as seen in their "ktera-reaper-preview-p1" which stated the following.

    "Starting with the Reaper class we will be implementing a couple of new gear categories; stat-based gear and design-based gear (avatar item). The stat-based gear is much like the current gear types in-game but with this new system the gear appearance will not change. The design-based gear on the other hand will look different but it will not possess any stats. This is so that even if you have to change your gear for a better one you can still maintain the look of a different outfit you like.

    Basically players will have their gear with preferred stats and have another piece of gear that is just for looks (and wear it like a costume). With this the remodeling system will be removed."

    The wording to me suggested that they were going to move to a two layer system and allow all items to be used in an apperance only state almost like a costume item just as armor in the sense of slots for those indavudal items..

    However after watching todays (May 9th 2014) live stream of the comming patch on the 13th.. I developed consern and found your blog looking for more information..

    Basicly.. if this system is removed as you said it's a massive blow to the game.. currently Femani get $#at on pretty much in terms of any form of costumes that have been released after the Pirate outfit with being forced into human shoes.. I love my hoves.. further more a lot of the low level armors are really... undesirable and I've always templated my low levels into something I enjoyed the visual appeal of and simply carried it along as I leveled up.

    I can understand partly why they would do this... which boils down to more money.. but I guess I'm still looking for a ray of hope.. because unless Femani suddenly get a massive boon in population.. they are forever going to continue to have their feet humanized by costumes. the only saving grace I can see is at least I am quite fond of the t15 armor that was displayed from a data mine.. of course I don't know what t15 it was meaning it could of been anything up to including a craft-able only item.

    Do you have any more newer information on this?
    Thanks for your time

  2. They will be removing it tomorrow there wont be any mix and match anymore of tier armor looks. So as of tomorrow you will only be able to use sets and as far as I know not all the sets will be added. So remodel it tonight or you'll be losing it. It really sucks and it wasn't thought out well especially since they really haven't made that many new armor skin types and such they could have done a better system by allowing people to make each cosmetic piece of gear craft wise like i can make gloves and boots ect and mix and match but this isn't the case. They ruined everything cosmetic wise that made it good. But I guess now they can make more money off of cosmetics like they want....

    1. *Sigh* well that truly is a shame... won't be able to have epic looks like this https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0BzhFcdf4gI5nU09OZkI3WGItbEk&usp=drive_web anymore.. well. if I hit 60 before the server update at 7am I can at least have that one... assuming I can get the Dreamkeeper leather... f'n 30K *facepalm*
      thanks for the info.

    2. Yeah its disappointing for sure not to mention the updates turn the game slightly more pay to win feel.

    3. Was able to get my talons on a Duskpelt design and template my stead fast before the update on the 13th.. at least I'll have that as a nice outfit till t15 comes and by then we can pray we get some of the things they were gonna be putting in cosmetic wise.... but ya.. so agree. specially with the BS cap on gathering and crafting now.. and oh suddenly there are production point pots and crit crafting chance mods in the cash shop..

    4. Yeah another patch that brings pay to win but I'm glad you got at least something that looks good. I won't hold my breath about them actually adding anything system wise that isn't pay to win. I'm betting that they will have all the garbage cosmetic templates in game with a new system but make us pay for the really popular ones somehow maybe in RNG boxes like usual.

    5. Wouldn't be surprised with the direction they seem to be going sadly.. does make me a bit glad that Wild Star is just around the corner.. it's gonna be a hybrid model of sub with a EvE Plex like play to pay thing and a cash shop.. but the devs have been amazingly responsive to player input, ideas, concerns and over all involvement. Game play is pretty nice, found a mod that makes it feel a bit more Tera-esk-action based with mouse toggle panning.. I'm pretty stoked to sink hours into the crafting system alone lol.

    6. I'm not a fan of Wildstar at all but I had more then enough world of warcraft back in the day. Don't like how the game basicly shows aoe lines forever single attack made and all but what really has my attention is archeage and I know its tab target and all but feature wise we are talking about ganking with a purpose the ability to steal from other players, the ability to build houses, farms both on land and under the ocean. Not to mention an open sandbox this is one thing mmo's have been missing for a long time. When I first started playing tera I thought it was a sandbox until I noticed many of the limitations even now after 2 years unless you remove collision you can't go to every location. The feeling of being able to explore or get lost in an mmorpg and having a massive sandbox where you have ship battles and all sorts of things like this is really appealing. But I guess everyone has there own feelings about what makes them play mmorpgs. Archeage just gives me that same feeling of when I first started playing Ragnarok a mmorpg which seemed like it was a massive vast sandbox and you didn't really feel like it was limited cause of what was out on the mmorpg market at the time.

    7. Ahhhh the good'o days of RO I remember those.

      ArchAge looks very interesting to me as well but I'll be waiting till it comes out before I give it a try, rather skeptical as to how well a "Player run justice system" is going to go with a F2P game.. and I've never been fond of being able to make something only to have a chance of someone being able to come along an ruin it. That all aside I'm still gonna give it a shot as it looks amazing and I could easily make a toggled key for locking mouse cam.. really hate having to hold right click lol.. maybe if I had played more MMOs with that as a primary control before finding Tera I'd be a lot better off haha. But ya I hear ya.. it is rather sad how Tera gives the illusion of a sand box.. and doesn't really allow or encourage to much exploring besides what little stint they did with a few achievements.

    8. I came from some older hardcore pvp style of games where the penalty systems meant killing a player would have you sitting in jail for months at a time so that could be why it doesn't really turn me off with archeages jail system. Like I played one called conquer online and when you would kill people you would get 5 PK points per kill and they would drop at 1 point per 30 minutes the cap on points was 30,000 so in 24 hours you would lose about 12 points when you went over 30 points your name would turn red and you had a chance of dropping some gear when killed at 100+ your name would go black and you would be a walking pinata cause you would more then likely drop everything and instantly go to jail. I was always black named and ended up dieing with 30k points and before they added items which reduced PK points i got stuck in jail for months and you couldn't logout and lose points so you had to just sit in jail. Did i stop pking nope cause people dropped items farmed and such i just ended up thinking of more ways not to get caught and killed and those games also where free to play. Honestly I'm glad to see a newer game using a similar system cause this is a feature which has been missing from mmo's since like 2002-2005 was beginning to think I'm just the type of gamer that doesn't exist anymore xD!

  3. Okay.

    Let me explain my case.

    I did buy a Queen Set because the apparence of Regent set.
    Ok, I did save it for tier 15 to change the apparence to my character. Because Regent style is wonderful. Now I have a Queen Set unseless. Because without the old system I cant change anymore.

    Please explain to me this new remodel system:

    - Can I still have the "Queen" set apparence in my gear?
    - That system can use any tier or set to my gear today?

    Iam so sad about it.
    Because that system is something fun and nice in the game. And they remove it, for me is not a good change after all...

    (Obs: Sorry for bad english.)

    1. So there is no way to have the queens armor as a template currently they still haven't even provided a way for people to get most cosmetics on NA yet so basicly we are just screwed right now until they give us something new to fix that.


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