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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Exploiting Break Out in Tera Online!

If you have been playing Tera Online more recently the amount of people exploiting bugs in Tera's mechanics have been much more frequent and I'm not sure if En-Masse is just being lazy or whether they just don't really care about people exploiting tera game mechanics to abuse in PvP.

And the whole reason I'm going to explain some of the ways they are exploiting is so that everyone can abuse these bugs and hopefully En-Masse will get enough complaints and they will be more likely to fix them since that seems to be the only way to get stuff fixed now a days. 

So lets first talk about the block cancel exploiting that's going on. The sad thing is at first it was purely something people abused in 3v3 arena's which I don't really find fun anyways so it wasn't really something that I found annoying but now people have been abusing this in fraywind and corsair's which are the only fun battlegrounds. And most people might not realize what people mean by macroing so let me explain. Warrior class and Lancer class has the ability to cancel skills using a shield block. And people who have a keyboard with the ability to macro key functions can macro stuns and slows with block cancel which allows them to avoid cool downs and refresh the stun over and over until you die stunned. That might not sound broken at first but when your in a corsair's and get stunned for one minute until you die by one warrior and can't do anything at all while they kill you that is pretty frustrating. At first the block cancel was mostly only used for stopping the combo attack mid animation to stagger but our pro exploiters found that if the macro was set to millisecond's they could even abuse skills the same way as the combo stagger exploiting. And if you still don't understand what block canceling is this video explains it pretty well.

Another issue with people using block canceling is that it speeds up the animation of attack this will also cause you to lag and lose FPS making it so that you cannot move at all while they are on top of you attacking. Don't believe that it works that way? Check this video. This is a whole lot worse then the priest exploiting the not being able to get knocked down bug.

As if this wasn't bad enough people are also finding new ways to exploit the alliance area's just like vanarch was exploited too. The legion guild last alliance on Mount Tyrannus lost exarch because of some kind of key running abuse not sure exactly what that was but here's something new that my guild has noticed. Someone from enlightened union will group up with a bunch of people from iron order alliance then go into dark quaver and go to each key node collect all five keys then drop them allowing the people from iron order to recover them and do this to every node on the map until all of the extractors are on cool down so no one can collect any until they all respawn again. This caused union hall to only get vault for 5 hours the last event. It also feeds the exarch and the other alliances a large amount of points for recovering keys this is why other people working as individuals stand no hope in securing any high positions in the alliance cause its impossible without exploiting to catch the top contributors.

The last thing which is also happening much more often is the macroing, botting in corsairs and fraywind. Having people sit in the save zone or at the beginning of the map in a corner jumping or using a skill to avoid getting marked as away from keyboard in order to get honor. We aren't just talking about one or two its gotten to the point when there's three or more in one battleground and its impossible to kick them cause they sit on a main character in the battleground participating and declining any vote kicks that get sent or they time out cause of two bots within one battleground. I hate to say it but to fix this problem En-Masse would need to make it so if a person doesn't get at least 1 kill or 1 assist a person receives no credit. Take away the incentive to away from keyboard in a battleground.

Who knows if En-Masse plans on fixing any of the bugs but it seems like the Tera Online community is just as bad or worse then the botting or Chinese gold farmer communities that people rage about. Most of your exploiters speak English and are in your top elitist guilds cause they feel like they need to abuse the game to win cause they aren't satisfied in just being good. If you've been exploiting any of these and reading this topic most likely I think you are scum. Just because your ruining the game for everyone else and i still enjoy Tera which is why I don't abuse it or try and ruin it for other people. But from now on when you experience any of the above report it blow up En-Masse support or the forums force them to do something about it. Cause I'm frankly tired of reporting stuff and getting generic responses all the time and having bugs that have existed for five months only get worse and worse.


  1. Been playing Tera since beta and I can say this:

    Elins have smaller hitboxes, bigger killboxes, and faster/smoother animations for all classes which allows you to maximize the exploit in the block cancel/macroing (increased lunge in 1st combo attack). This is working as intended. Bluehole wanted Elin lancers to be overpowered and the dominant race/class; this will bring more money for costumes (since people will love their lancers), more people rerolling to level a lancer if they didnt initially (again more costumes), and overall more ways to bring money into the game by making a casual player feel strong while letting the hardcore players who max out their gear feel like gods (and again more willing to spend money on costumes and/or gold trading). Throw in some RNG **scams** (jackpot weeknds ring a bell?), alkahest from the EMP store, and make it painfully hard to progress as "non-elite" while only having like 4 GM staff and a few internal employees.. and you've got a scamming company raking a bunch of people across the coals making huge profits ALL WHILE CONSTANTLY DOWNGRADING THEIR SERVERS. I guarantee you that EME is making more money now than when it was P2P, and a LOT more. So much that playing this game just makes me feel like I'm being scammed out of my money since you have nothing to show for it if you simply have"bad RNG".

    Again, the game is working as intended. They're milking it for as much money as they can get from it.

    Fuck Tera. Fuck EME. And Fuck BHS for letting it go to shit. Also Fuck NCsoft for constantly trying to kill NA Tera (which I feel is part of the problem).

    Also, EME (RNG-eesus) - I want my 200$ back from those strong box keys, for I have nothing to show for my "purchase". Fuck you.

  2. you said it brother


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