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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Tera Online Priest avoid all knockdowns in PvP

You might be wondering why priests are on the top rating score for most servers while most mystics are not. Whether you have noticed or not some priests are avoiding getting knocked down during any type of pvp they get into because of a bug that's in the skill animations. And pretty much this is supposed to be a hush hush in game just like all bug cause the elitist players want to be able to exploit it as long as they can meanwhile people who don't know about it continue to get curb stomped in pvp.

But like all bugs the best way to get it fixed for everyone to make it fair game play is to post about it. The trick behind this bug that people are using is the skill called arise which picks people up off the floor when they are knocked down but of course this skill has a 30 second delay so you might wonder how would a priest get around this? Some of your buff animations as a priest share the same animation as the arise animation which currently will prevent you from being knocked down.

What makes this not fair for other healers like mystics is they don't have the arise skill so they cannot avoid all knockdowns and for a priest not ever having to worry about getting knocked down is making them nearly impossible to kill. As a mystic fighting a priest you have to wait for them to go to do it and then fear and sleep them to get around it. But in the end your going to have to just focus on killing one of the dps and avoid the priest if he knows how to do this bug. And the priest having the ability to 120 stamina res in pvp makes fights really stupid if the priest can avoid every knockdown you try to hit them with.

Then we all know there's people who decide to use dysncing as well as what ever bugs. If someones using a lag switch on top of the bug above they will be nearly un-killable in any situation. As someone who enjoys PvP the most out of mmorpg's this kinda stuff just makes me angry. The good news is the GM team for En Masse has seen streamers abusing this bug and they do know that people are doing something to avoid knockdowns. But until Ktera manages to get a fix for this which most people might not know about since if you search for it you cannot find anything related to it on the net it might not be fixed for a while. So let me be the first to say something about it so they know about it and it gets fixed.

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