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Saturday, October 26, 2013

Visionmaker 3 Myth or Fact?

Update visionmaker 3 is a fact 2/17/2014

So people have been speculating a lot whether there will be a visionmaker 3 as well as another upgrade onto the conjunct set using strikeforce as a base to make another set of gear. And there seems to be some controversy whether or not Tera Online is gonna keep going with the same set's as a continuation or whether they will just junk visionmaker 2 in the future and start over in some way.

But from what we have seen so far they seem to be working towards an overall trend. This trend relates to rewarding the older player base which puts in the effort to obtain the best gear by allowing them to upgrade it to a future expansion. I'm sure many of you remember world of warcraft days but if you don't every time a new expansion was set for a release the old tier of gear was then replaced by greens from the new expansion. This was a very upsetting way of moving on to the new gear cause if you did your 25 or 40 man raids and spent all the time farming it out you would be giving it away to the NPC monster in the end and vendoring it for gold.

While not everything that Tera Online has done has been the favorite of every player in its community I believe that when it comes to gear and how they plan on structuring it they want the older player base to be happy and not feel like they wasted months farming gear only to vendor it in the future so I believe that all of your PvE, and PvP crafted sets will continue to be upgraded while the sets which drop from monsters and require nothing but participation's in daily raids with RNG based drops will continue to be the NPC fodder each expansion.

I also think they will continue with the trend of catch up gear after every new large content update with a set that's easy to masterwork for the newer players to have the ability to catch up with the old and that is most likely why the base set of conjunct now requires 0 crafting to make it as well as in the future KTera has made it even easier for players removing the need to grind battlegrounds and nexus in order to craft the set instead you would only need the two armor pieces and the recipe.

Visionmaker is a similar trend quills now drop at a 100% rate and I'm sure in the future they will take steps to reduce the cost of the items or eliminate them completely so newer players can obtain visionmaker faster so they can move on to visionmaker 2. The other notable thing is while visionmaker 2 right now for NA Tera Online is a grind. In KTera they have updated the servers with other ways to obtain materials such as the new revamped alliance systems credits allowing you to buy Sturdy forge Pitch which is a much needed item that costs 4,000 Killing Spree credits and can only be bought from the Killing Spree vendor. If they had intentions of just stopping the line of gear with visionmaker 2 I seriously doubt they would be making an effort to provide more ways for people to catch up in making this set. Instead they would just leave it as is and not say anything then one day we would be vendoring it.

The GM's in Tera Online as well as some of the development team when talking usually mention gear sets as being from Conjunct Series or Visionmaker Series and if they seem to think its a series it means that most likely they will continue the series onward rather then just removing it. In the current post about the Canyon Clash they talk about using the "Conjunct Series" for the gear for the event meaning they will most likely be using Strikeforce gear during the event.

In the end all we can really do is speculate whether Visionmaker 3 will be released in the future but I would think that there's more fact floating around to support that we will be seeing a visionmaker 3 in the future or at least some sort of upgrade for turning visionmaker 2 into something else. But in the end we are forced to wait and twiddle our thumbs and hope that myth's become a reality.

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