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Monday, January 6, 2014

Tera Online's New Class Dark Elin

Updated: 1/9/2014

Class Name: Reaper

If you have not seen the new class yet for Tera Online. Korea has decided to add a brand new class into Tera. This new class is an elin only race specific class. At first the thought of this class was supposed to be similar to a tank but after seeing some of the skills and descriptions this class seems more like a new dps class then a tank because of its light armor. This new class does have a unique skill the ability to counter attack. Something that no class in Tera Online has yet. One of my friend's and fuyuko's friend was kind enough to translate some of the website that Korea put up for this new dark elin class.

Tera's first new class updates
The Soaring
A pair of scythe's appear between scorching Pora Elinu
Moonlight looking sword and dark power absorbing everything till the end of war.
Examine the long-awaited class updates!
Mysterious Dark Elin appeared
the long war against the argon left a scar of destruction over all of arborea's nature and life
the elin queen in sorrow declared war
pora elinu became a base supplying war supplies
on a silent day when i was ready to go to the alliance with war supplies,
pillar of fire appeared and screams were spreading,
The invader was a Orcan crowd, their madness made pora elinu turn into a hell quickly
Rida Elin queen saw the spirit tree and she sheltered herself in a place of exile with sadness and anger
on that day she was spending her days in sadness,
a mysterious elin and mercenary came to her.
she said she will bring back pora elinu.
"embracing moonlight night and darkness,
it is sharp critical double edged sword cutting even the sky."
Chain sword and dark magic skills. This class is a middle range class. Fast movement and melee + melee range and dark magic that will make enemies confused. Natural chain attack, dynamic camera walking, bringing enemies, counter skills, exchange locations, you will experience tricky and fast combat sense.
Note: Skill names subject to change
Skill Icon Skill name
  Chain Sword Combo
Chain Sword Cutting
Chain Sword Last Blow
Chain Sword Slash
Chain Sword Swing
Chain Sword Spinning Blade
Chain Sword Flying Slash (stun)
 Chain Sword Uppercut
 Dark Whip (MP recover)
 Dark Explosion
 Advent of Darkness (reduce sword skill cool down)
 Counter Capture (you fly to the enemy)

Chain Sword Cutting      Spinning Blade      Dark Explosion      Advent of Darkness
strong survivability using counter attack and darkness she uses light armor. This class has low defense but the darkness gives her various abilities and high damage for survivability.
Also Tera Online had no counter attack skills until now, sudden leap so it gives her more survivability. Very Special class skills.
characteristic skills:
Tent of Darkness = no damage when you are gonna die / counter = ignore enemy attack
Sudden Leap = you can dodge 2 times  /  exchange location = change your place to the enemy's place            

dark tent (passive)            counter             sudden leap              exchange location

Dark Elin costumes / New hair and appearance
Condition for making this new class is as follows:
You will need a level 40 or above character on the account already. Once the new Dark Elin class is created she will start at level 50. When you make a Reaper it enters Tera Online with a key story quest and new general quests completed up to level 50. From level 50 to 58, Reaper be leveling in an exclusive area to experience the back story and grow. Reaper class gains experience quickly in this area as well as necessary gear and even cosmetic gear to catch up.
They will be provided a new set of gear called Princess Aphrodite gear which will make it easy for them to catch up to wonderhome hardmode gear. But the dungeons will not drop the gear for people they will be obtained by designs from the exclusive Reaper leveling grounds. 
  • Baldar's Temple solo will drop a non enchantable +9 version of steadfast gear.
  • Wonderholme won't drop gear for Reaper
  • No PvP gear for Reaper class until the next update
  • Reaper cannot obtain Nightforge
  • Event's will be put in place after the release of Reaper class to help them obtain gear faster.
  • Glyphs will be unavilable until level 58 and Reaper class will have the same number of glyph points as other classes.

This new class is scheduled for release January 15th 2014.

Dark Elin Blader wields dual chain sickles and uses dark magical arts that confuse enemies. They are close/middle ranged DPS who are capable of both physical and magical attacks. Wearing light armors, Bladers have impressive Area Effect abilities and outstanding mobility.
So as we can see a lot of interesting updates. Another thing that my friend also brought to my attention was some new weapon skins. And amazingly one weapon skin that doesn't look ugly for mystic. This new weapon skin is called "Legacy of Angels".  Archangel Ancient Heritage comes from the random Angel Box.
The only question is how long until we get these updates for the English servers. We are supposed to get Kuma World next so we might end up having to wait for these new updates for quite awhile especially since the new Dark Elin class is still in the making. I will update this topic if more new information for these new updates come out. If you have yet to see the video for this check below:



  1. when the dark elin will come in EU???

    1. I have no idea what EU's schedule is for updates so I can't answer that I play on NA and they are saying it will be some time during spring but no one really knows if that's true or when.


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