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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wintera Snowfield Battleground

So today we got our hands on the snowball battlefield and for anyone who hasn't tried it yet there is some interesting starter tips that you will enjoy as well as a few noticeable bugs that can also be found with the snowfield battleground. So I figured I would cover them in this post this way all the readers will be well informed and provide some interesting stuff as well.

So the first thing you might ask about it whats the point of doing it? Well the answer is you get tokens which can be used to buy items from the merchant which you can find in all the main cities or at least in velika that I've noticed. I haven't checked all of the cities but it's near the banker in velika. The items which you can buy are:

  • Riding Skill: Snowdrift
  • Santa Cap
  • Red Rudolph Hairband
  • Brown Rudolph Hairband
  • Yellow Wintera Scarf
  • Red Wintera Scarf
  • Blue Wintera Scarf
  • Green Wintera Scarf
  • Shape Changer: Height Changer (permanent)
  • Shape Changer: Chest (permanent)
  • Shape Changer: Thighs (permanent)
  • Gilded Leaf Necklace
  • Santa Candle
  • Rudolph Nose
  • Hot Cocoa
The tokens obtained can be put in your bank so you can collect them with more then one character to save them up faster. Keep in mind you can only do the snowball fight battleground 10 times per character. So if you want to do it more then 10 times you will need to pull out alternative characters to make this possible.

When you enter this battleground it will be a 10 verses 10 match and it works like last man standing or the team with the most players still alive if time runs out. You obtain some skills while your in this battleground.

So if you take a look you obtain the following skills which you can see from the screenshot:

  • Flameball: This throws a fireball in front of you and slows all the targets who get stuck in it.
  • IceTrap: Puts a stun trap on the ground enemies get stunned if they walk into it and slowed.
  • Hot Cider: Heals you for 50k HP
  • Thermal Layer: 100,000 damage shield and immune to knockdown or slows.
  • Snowball: Throws a snowball for 20k damage single hit target
  • Snow Barrage: Charging skill that can hit multiple targets and can do up to 40k damage 10k when not charged but uses more snow then a snowball.

The blue chests called Warm Up Box will either have thermal layer or hot cider at random.

The patches of snow will give you snowballs these can be gathered in groups.

The chests will have flameball or icetrap's at random.

When you die you have to just wait till the rest of your team finishes killing the remaining people.

At this point you might be thinking wait a minute I learned nothing new that I didn't already know from the main website what a useless post right? Well if you're still here and reading I'll let you in on a few interesting tips you most likely don't know.

Visionmaker weapon will randomly stun people hit by any of the effects that you throw including the large snowballs great for stunning groups of people. This also works for mayhem weapons. This may work for fire weapons or necklaces as well but I have nothing to test with to find out.

Vigorous crystals also work you can restore health just by rolling with 4 of these and hiding behind the wall and avoiding enemies. It heals quite a lot this can really save you during long fights.

Make sure your inventory isn't full or you can't pick up items and it will tell you that your on cool-down when you are not.

You can avoid getting hit by jumping but be careful when doing this cause if you get knocked down you become the victim and will get raped.

Otherwise this battleground is a whole lot of fun and if you haven't given it a try yet you should consider doing so. There are some achievements and boxes which you can get for having a certain amount of wins which should be fairly easy unless your team is bad. But you can go with five of you're friends to make it easier as well.

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