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Saturday, April 5, 2014

Kuma's World Guide

Okay so I took a look at all of the guides for kuma's world or Kumasylum what ever you wanna call it and they are really sad and done really explain that much.

Crystals and Glyphs

If your a priest you will want to glyph your movement speed buff with faster movement speed cause this is very important for crystal running as well as keeping up with the crystal holder so you can heal them. Mystics your swiftness aura works on people running crystals make sure you use that. Make sure mystic if your level 60 you glyph grounding which increases endurance!

DPS Crystals:
Hunter x3
Swift x1
Anarchic x3
Fleetfoot x1
Power zyrk x4

Tank Crystals:
Anarchic x3
Fleetfoot x1
Hunter x 3
Swift x 1
Grounding Zyrks x4

If your running crystals you want max movement speed so having fleetfoot and swift crystal is very important for when your in or out of combat. Hunters crystals help break boxes faster. The grounding zyrks make you take so much less damage if your gonna run it as a DPS bring these especially if your mystic is buffing grounding cause it will take kuma's 8 or 9 hits to kill you instead of a 1 hit kill on you and making you feel like a noob. 

If you get in trouble you can log out to drop a crystal so someone else can pick it up or till your healer comes to help you. When you pick them up you cant use skills or block but you can mount for a few seconds to get some extra speed out by clicking your mount the same time you click the crystal that will give you 1.5 seconds of time to ride using your mount. 

This is one of the most helpful guides of all the little cheats inside the kuma game which you can use to excel at the game. Of course these are the most common combinations for crystals but it might be missing some since there are some rare setup's for crystals as well. While it does say about other classes picking up the crystal it being game over this isn't always true since sometimes its better to have someone pick it up and also if your running with the proper crystals it will make all the difference. If your lancers rolling in no crystals and no enduring zyrks they will most likely get 2 shot since they cannot block while in the crystals effects.

Kuma's have high stun resistance, sleep resistance, and fear resistance but they can still be hit by these skills by chance so its good to use them on cool-down because if they hit a kuma they will effect it for a long duration and give your team time to get away.

When kuma's body block the landing dock you only have two ways to handle this situation. The first is knock the kuma over cause that makes your crystal runner able to run though them. The other way is by killing them but if all of the kuma's are in one location this is a bad situation since they do a lot of DPS and will kill everyone and everything.

I'm pretty sure I don't really need to go into detail about how to play a kuma because they are overpowered and make 90% of games a win for them. But if your the mama kuma you have the ability to heal the people in your party otherwise its pretty much defend your chests which is a simple thing to do.

I'm sure some people have noticed people on the enemy team running up the walls and off the map with crystals and I'm not sure whether I should honestly post about it because kuma's can abuse it as well to climb into the ship and make it impossible for non kuma's to actually have any chance to win. Which honestly I think until they balance out the game more and allow non kuma's a better chance at winning without needing to resort to dirty tricks to get crystals out I find that non kuma's wall walking to achieve a "chance" at winning is fair. Since that kuma's can still block the ship anyhow. It is sad that kuma mountain glitching is the only way for non kuma's to actually win when it comes to most games.

Like always if I've forgotten something in here and you think I should add something just let me know in comments. Share it with friends so they can not suck so bad at kuma's and have fun ^_~!
Log-out Trick: Forgot to mention this one when running crystals if your healer dies and you feel like you can't get away you can force log by Alt+F4 to drop a crystal cause when you log-out the crystal is dropped to the floor. Keep in mind that it takes the game a few moments for you to be dropped from game but this is a way of saving the crystal so a Kuma doesn't get it. Also if someone isn't listening about force logging it is possible to kick them and have the same result.


  1. You mention that it's possible for non kuma players to climb up walls so I take it your familar with the collision bug. The question I have is why hold back the information from the public. If it really is something that can balance out kuma's more for teams wouldn't it benefit everyone to know how to use this bug?

    1. that might be true but kuma's can do things with this type of bug as well which wouldn't make it fair to non kuma's as well

    2. But people already complain about how unfair that kuma's is for non kuma's even without bugs and cheats. Think about this for a moment people will keep bugging the game out for as long as they can until it gets fixed. By sharing this with the community for the time being they can use it to have some advantage on the situation. I know if I knew how to use it to have a better chance of winning kuma's I would use it.

    3. Well if you would like to talk more on the subject your welcome to email me: fuyukoprincess@gmail.com

      But keep in mind I will not be posting more on the subject on here.


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