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Monday, March 31, 2014

Golden Wolf Mount Glimmerheart

Select players across the Tera world received free gold colored wolf mounts for their full account's. If you where lucky enough to receive a message with the following message:


We wanted to thank you for being a valuable member of the TERA community, and what better way to say thanks than to grant an exclusive shiny new wolf mount, only obtainable through recognition. Glimmerheart, a stamina-restoring account-bound wolf mount, decked out in solid gold, is available immediately in your Item Claim.

You have been handpicked based on several factors, which may include your play time, purchases, and contributions to the community. "


Of course the black one looks really good in my oppinion but the gold isn't bad considering its a free 280 mount that restores stamina and its usable account wise. I'm guessing they are using this as a smart stratagy knowing that certain people like myself who actually blog about Tera bring customers to the game.

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