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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Girl Scout Cookies have come to Mount Tyrannus!

If you haven't seen the Elin Girl Scout cookies in Mount Tyrannus server it's something you won't want to miss. These Elins are selling Girl Scout cookies in Velika meanwhile they are very entertaining they do a show and they are cute little baker elins.
They sell cookies at a great deal and the cookies provide buffs for the difficult battles you might face in the future as well as restore stamina and give you energy!
The message they advertise with the following message: "Hi everybody!! We are cute Elins selling cookies by the dozen! Only 100 gold! Go into your dungeons with fresh baked goodness that boost mana regen and power!!! =D".  A very catchy advertisement if you ask me not to mention talented chef's that provide cookies that not only taste delicious but also are healthy for you.

Here you can see the girl scout cookie chefs hard at work in the girl scout factory making cookies before the next big sale. When I asked Tickle.Me.Elin the head chef what the cookies are made with she had only this to say "They are made with Elin Honey and only the finest baking ingredients and love". When I asked if Tickle.Me.Elin if she plans to move operations to the other servers in Tera Online she said she only has plans to sell to different alliances on Mount Tyrannus but the Elin Girl Scouts have no plans to move to other servers. Also the Girl Scout cookies will only be selling for a limited amount of time. So you will want to get these while supplies last!

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