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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

How to play a Sorcerer in Tera Online

Sorcerer in Tera Online is a very powerful and fun class when someone plays it using the right skills and glyphs but at the same time if someone has no idea how to play a sorcerer they can be the worst player ever. Specifically some sorcerers in Tera have taken the worst rotation ever and made it the most used using fireball over and over. This is very bad this makes you a horrible noob. Look below if you want an example of how to tell that you are bad.

So you might ask "How do I not be one of these sorcerers?" continue reading to find out more.

The first thing you need to decide is whether you will be a PvE player or a PvP player since the glyph build will vary as well as the proper crystals and rotation. These builds will also require glyphs from Temple of Temerity and Sir Juka's Gallery. You can also just pvp to get glyph boxes for both if you don't wanna run these over and over since without a group it can be hard to find people to run these.

Lets talk about PvE first you will need to use the following crystals to maximize DPS against bosses:

  • Carving
  • Savage
  • Acrimonious
  • Focused
You will want to make sure you stay behind the boss as much as possible this means you will want to use your glacial retreat, mana siphon, and backstep to position yourself to always be behind the boss. If this is too difficult for you then consider swaping out the behind critical damage for boss damage but you won't be doing as much DPS. When it comes to glyphs that you will need you want to use the following: http://teracodex.com/glyphbuilder#so60:v1:017910112012252210102

The rotation for this build will depend much on your ping so if you have bad ping you will adjust your rotation depending on how good or bad the ping you play with is because of the buffs that you will be running though.


This is the rotation that you will want to use if you have ping high enough to accomplish this without buffs running out. The skills are:
OC = Over Channel
LTC = Lightning Trap Cancel (Means start casting it and move before you blow the cooldown)
BoC = Burst of Celerity
FB = Fireblast
HS = Hailstorm
FlamingB = Flaming Barriage
MB = Magna Bomb
AP = Arcane Pulse
IN = Ice Needle
PB = Painblast

You can adjust this as you feel the need too since depending on your play style and ping it might / might not be possible for you to accomplish this but with the glyph build above this will be optimal damage for PvE.

When it comes to PvP you will want to change the crystal setup since boss damage doesn't work on players.

  • Carving
  • Savage
  • Salivating
  • Slaying

The build I will be showing is more of a glass cannon glyph setup not recomended for 3v3's or 1v1 but it will be very good in a pvp situation when you want to destroy groups of people. The slaying crystal is really good if your able to stay alive long with your hp at 50% of course you can substitute it for back power instead and the salivating is good for the mana since you don't want to run out.

The glyph build: http://teracodex.com/glyphbuilder#so60:v1:01001110142130107276

The slick arcane pulse allows you the ability to move with an arcane pulse charged which if you actually hit targets with it you will do some serious damage much less noticable compared to putting a fireblast under peoples feet. You want to get used to using your traps since they are very useful against people whether it be explosive to knock people over or stun.

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