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Monday, September 1, 2014

Lack of fraywind and Arena queue's in Tera

So one of my friends decided to go and play Tera Online recently and aside from showing him some of the guides on my blog to get his system working properly and allow him to get used to crystal setup's and all he wanted to try to PvP. But apparently he hasn't been actually getting queue's for any of the PvP stuff in Tera Online. He says it seems like PvP is dead. And then I tried asking some of the people who used to play all the time and since they have been playing Archeage all the time they haven't really kept an eye on Tera either.

But after looking though the forums it looks like other people are having the same trouble. I know I haven't been online and playing all that much so I lost touch with the game after I got into an accident and I've been slowly recovering not to mention my work is piling up too. But it's kind of sad to see Tera Online die mostly just because I would say that Elin's in Tera bring out my love for lolicon. And while that might be some what silly I did also enjoy playing the battlegrounds in Tera Online too.

So what I would like to do is hear from some of my lovely followers and see what you guys have to say about Tera Online and to make it easier I'll pose it as a question. Do you think Tera is dieing? And if so why and give some reason's. I don't usually do things like this but to be honest I didn't have a really good response for my friend so I wanted to see what the community that checks my blog thinks. 


  1. i'm sure you wanted me to come in here and post even if you didn't fuyu your gonna get it anyways. i think one of the main reason's the games slowly dieing is just the long amount of wait period inbetween updates especially since enmasse is just a branch of bluehole. for a mmorpg they are doing a pretty poor job just with that aspect alone. but all of the bugs and exploits haven't helped either they took way to long to address a lot of them and they still aren't fixed for good since the engine is still broken. Macroing will always be possible. and with a little hex editing and map hacking it would be possible to bring back the same exploits from before.

    Tera's got some really interesting control's and all but at the end of the day they dropped the ball when it comes to the pvp. the whole reason its dead is because you got no incentive for open world pvp, alliance pvp is just a small instance based area that only the bigger zerg wins. and then you got the same few maps for arena's and pvp over and over and grinding that gets boring especially if you lack friends to hang out with.

    I already told you about why i switched to archeage and sold my tera account because pvp is very important in a mmorpg ive played on omega server and got a bad reputation for stealing from people all the time its not even possible to end up being noticable as a guild or individual in tera cause its all zerg it doesn't come down to how well people work together cause in tera you have the poor client lag condition which makes it impossible to play.

    1. I didn't know you sold your account Hisui o3o But anyways I can see your point I mean In most of the older pvp games I played I just wanted senpai to notice me. Wasn't so much about just pvping. When People noticed me doing evil things it gave me popularity and that feels good. And I can see what you mean about Tera I was bored and read a lot of the articles that you put up about the hacking stuff. Even though I was totally confused cause we both know I'm horrible when it comes to technology.

    2. just stay away from pron sites so i dont have to fix your pc again and we will be okay

  2. I have to say after I learned about most of the hacking which can be done in Tera Online it had the same kind of depressing feel for me. Not to say I wasn't actually hacking cause I totally abused it. But if they actually fixed the bugs instead of ignoring them or punished people. Aside from my lovely 24hour ban from the game ouch my wrist got slapped. The condition of the game just didn't have the same feel. I have tried Archeage and I do like it but the one thing I do have to comment on is that pvp is hard.. No impossible to avoid in the game as you get higher levels. That basically means that if you don't like pvp tough luck. And the system it has you have items to risk so that is one thing that I'm not sure if I can feel the love for as of yet. But aside from that it feels exactly like Tera combat wise which is odd since it is a tab target game only much faster paced.

    Also wanted to thank you for the useful guides Alan because I didn't know about the thunderstruck tree's I got one the first time I tried planting was pretty sweet.

    1. You mr. Orihara better be a good boy and not hack or you'll get banned. Very naughty I'll have to tie you up and teach you a lesson<3

    2. Somehow the thought of you tieing me up scare's me and usually I like asian girls. I kind of think this might be a bad thing.... I think I'll kindly reject the offer. ^_^


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