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Friday, May 23, 2014

Pay To Win Items

Figured I would just go ahead and use this topic for the pay to win items as they get added Tera Online is 2 years old that's about the incubation time for a free game to go pay to win. And seeing how they started adding items which cannot normally be obtained without purchasing from players this will only get worse from this point on.

Artisan Additive: Can't be obtained from anything else currently but shop items
Once Cured Loot Box: Contains a 4k restore item for the new crafting point system vendor in game sells 1k restore for 6k gold but the full restore is RNG loot box only.
Inner Wear Boxes: Can be obtained from a box in game but you get 1 out of 20 different types while the RNG loot boxes have a "chance" for one of certain types depending on what you want. While this might not be pay to win to everyone it costs 80 tokens to get 1 chance for 20 different inner wears its pay for an advantage over the free players.

The new crafting system by itself puts the game at a much more pay to win perspective since you are limited on farming and crafting and that they increased the cost of how much everything from the first day the patch came in they doubled how much it costs to gather and craft. That was done as a ninja patch without any comment about it.

Normally when En-Masse would do some kind of update such as the ninja update we knew something new was going to be added to the shop but they ninja added artisan additive and didn't make any official comments so people kept asking support and getting responses like we don't understand how everything works but yet they secretly add some pay to win items into the shop like they are embarrassed about it. Even the one cure all loot box wasn't advertised right away we magically see these items in the shop and then later they decide to make a blog post which is different from before where they would first blog about it and it would be released. But mmorpgs that are free to play eventually they get doomed to go pay to win. So as they start ruining Tera I'll keep posting updates to this topic here.


  1. now ktera has "Luminescent" Master Enigmatic Scroll which is
    a 100% chance to Masterwork an item



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