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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Tera Online Leveling Guide

Leveling in Tera Online might seem like a impossible task for many people. Especially since Tera Online is a Korean mmorpg and for many it might seem more grindy then games like World of Warcraft where you magically hit max level over an hour or two of work. I will start by saying Tera Online was not made for people with ADHD or ADD because someone who does not want to put in effort to playing a mmorpg will not like leveling in Tera.

With that being said Tera Online is a fun fast paced action game and you need to put effort not only into leveling up but actually learning how to play. This isn't the kind of game where you press your 1, 2 then 3 and repeat. Tera Online requires you to build your own combination and is great for people that like to fiddle with large amounts of skills. Most skills trickle in as you get higher level so don't feel to discouraged by the low number of starting skills.

Deciding on which class you want to level is the best way to start off in Tera Online. The easiest classes to level are sorcerer, slayer, berzerker, archer, warrior, lancer, priest, mystic in that order. Your healing classes will be the slowest leveling classes mystic being the most painful. With the new buff to lancer it has helped to speed up leveling process making it fairly easy.

Once you know which class your going to be leveling with the next step is crystals many of the other guides I have put up go into detail about crystals for classes and such which you can check out but for quick purposes you'll want normal monster crystals and boss crystals for weapon and armor these will be the most useful to someone whose been playing awhile and if your new you could buy the cheap crystals from the specialty vendor and get the mana restore for weapons and HP restore for armor.

You can level in Tera Online in quite a few different ways depending on your own personal style. If your the kind of person that doesn't mind repetitively grinding the same monsters over and over each area comes with different repeatable quests which are optional you can choose to do them or not even pick them up at all.  Dungeons have repeatable quests as well if your more of a dungeon grinding kind of person those quests last up till you out level the dungeon. All repeatable quests will not allow a high level to kill for you so it would have to be done by yourself or by having people your level go do them with you.

If grinding the same monsters are not your thing and you don't really like waiting for dungeon parties then you might want to try questing the normal way by following all of your quests from location to location and follow the storyline. You'll want to make sure you do all of the red storyline quests because these give a really good amount of experience.

If you learn your class well enough and are using a dps class you could pick up the repeatable BAM quests and then use an experience boost and farm BAM's for experience this can be a very well rewarding way of leveling quickly but one of the downsides to BAM experience is you will hit levels that the BAM's might be too hard and some levels your quests will end up being to low for you. Usually if you plan on using BAM's to level you will need to stop at some point and either continue the storyline to get into an area with easier BAM's again or go grind some of the repeatable normal monster quests.

When I'm soloing I usually skip BAM quests when they aren't easy kills mostly because the longer it takes to kill a BAM for a quest the less value the quest reward is to you when you can just skip it and continue the easier quests and move on to the next area. But if you have a good guild it doesn't hurt to see if someone can help or ask in area chat to see if anyone your own level is planing on doing it. That way you can get it done without wasting 30-60 minutes per BAM while you are alone.

Elite status can be helpful for daily experience boosts for questing but most of us leveled our characters long before elite status even came out. It isn't required to have elite status to level to 60 fast it just helps to cut the time down it takes by a decent amount. Keep in mind the elite status experience only effects monsters killed. It does not effect quest experience so if you are buying it in hopes that you will get double experience on quests you'll be disappointed. Also if you don't feel buying elite status is a good idea for you what you can do instead is buy experience boosts from the auction house. The only downside to buying the ones from the auction house is they work in real time so when you are logged off they keep ticking down unlike the ones from elite status that don't decrease while you are logged off.

When all is said and done there is no super secret guide that will make you level up in a day and usually the fastest leveling will take about a week or so without elite status if you play like a Korean and don't sleep or eat much. If you manage to have a friend that plays a priest you can use a level 60 priest's buffs to make your questing or BAM killing so much easier since the amount of HP it restores will be enough to keep you alive even if your hit really hard. Many of us at level 60 use the buffs to solo farm BAM's for items so this is something that would help you leveling too. But for many new players this will not be an option. 

Keep in mind if your going to buy some leveling guide your most likely going to end up with some version of what you just got here so save yourself money and don't buy some outdated useless guide which really won't tell you anything you didn't already know. Leveling area's are easy to find just follow the story quests even if your BAM farming story quests will popup as you level up and show you the next area. If you do some quick exploring you usually can find all the BAM's your looking for in the next area.

And lastly Tera Online has no cheats to get to 60 instantly if someone claims you can do it with some program hes most likely trying to hack your account. Keep yourself safe by not trusting shady programs which claim to make the game better. You'll want to avoid using Tera Online bots because in Tera people will find you and ruin your day when they catch you.


  1. I just started Tera and I'm enjoying it, but im always scared of the gear upgrading system failures ;-;

    1. The good thing is gear doesn't break in tera so you don't have to worry about losing your weapon.


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