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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter in Tera Online and the Egg Event

Anyone that has been around for any of Tera's older events like the Xmas Santa event or the Halloween ghost event knows that the events are usually rich with rewards. But now that Tera has gone free to play events seem to have gotten more about wasting time and less about rewards.  The spawn rate of the egg monsters have been decreased and the time they respawn is now 5 minutes where it used to be only 2 minutes a really bad nerf.

The loot tables for the egg's seem to have been changed now bronze eggs can drop more decent items but gold eggs drop a lot of crap which is pretty useless or worthless. Many of the egg monsters will despawn or drop nothing when killed making it more annoying and less fun. And so far that I've seen no cosmetics have dropped from any eggs. Other then the small chance of possibly getting a master enigmatic scroll or some strongbox keys nothing really amazing drops and the drop rate is really low of the good items.

But rather then just make this a whole rant about how they ruined the event I will at least help out the people that might be interested in investing time on this event. While a lot of the really populated map's that had a lot of spawns got nerfed really bad I did find some area's that have spawns that are worth your time if your interested. Some of these maps include:

Freeholds (north of Chebika)
Basilisk Crag
Elenea area's are fairly good too
Tempest Reach

Keep in mind each channel has different spawns and spawns aren't always static some egg monsters wonder in a range of 40 meters so sometimes you'll have to move around a bit they do appear as a orange color star on your map as you can see from the pictures so you don't always have to see them before you know there's one in the location.

The event does give you eggs just for logging in daily and this is per account so if you have multiple accounts it would be wise to login to all of them to get the free eggs. You might also want to wear your PvP gear while doing this event because some have even tried to steal my eggs during the event. Its better to be safe then sorry in this case in PvP events are a battleground.

But you won't find me egg hunting during this event as for everyone else happy egg hunting and good luck finding all the gold ones!

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