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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tera Online Leveling Guide Fast leveling from 56 to 60

So normally once you hit level 56 the Devan spawn no longer gives much experience this is also true of the Dragoon spawn the experience is so low it is not worth anything. So getting to 60 fast must be done using an alternative method. This can also depend on the type of resource you personally have available to you.

The very first option requires you to have a friend willing to help you get to 60 fast. If your friend is willing and can find a spawn with BAMs to kill for you the experience per kill is a really good amount and you can level purely by leeching experience from a level 60's farming. But this can be difficult because many level 60's will gank you and your friend while your farming and also usually you will need a friend who can solo kill BAMs without much trouble.

Another option is farming the various types of bears and mobs which you will find in Pathfinders Post area this can be decent experience and it has repeatable quests but finding an open spawn for any of these types of monsters can be a slight pain too. But it's always worth checking since it's a pretty fast way to level.  For bear farming the crystal setup would be:
4x Hunters Crux
4x Stalwart Crux

At level 56 you might also need priest buffs to survive since they will do a lot of damage to you. 

If you can't find any spawns there's one other option for a quick way to get to level 60. This way does not require spawns to be opened. Instead you travel to the Westonia area and to the dungeon called Suryati's Peak this dungeon is a level 56 dungeon but what is amazing about this is that it has a ton of monsters which give great experience even with having a level 60 helping you farm the dungeon. It works best if a class with aoe's is helping you. Any class like a berzerker, Slayer, Sorcerer would do the trick. And if your helping level a berzerker or lancer they can even pull all the mobs off you or gather them up and block allowing you to get back critical damage.

Another amazing thing is the dungeon also has a repeatable quest for monster kills which gives great experience. What your friend will need to be able to do is kill the first two bosses at least to get the maximum amount of monsters for you the 3rd and 4th bosses are not really worth the effort of clearing them unless your sure that your friend can help you kill them you might just want to only do the first two and clear out all the monsters then reset the dungeon. At level 59 the monsters still give 120k per kill even with a level 60 and no experience buffs this is much faster then questing.

In the end this was such a fast way to level and didn't require a spawn the time it takes to clear it you don't have to wait to run it again which makes it great I would say clearing up to the 3rd boss like we where doing was about 20 to 30 percent at level 59 which was really insanely fast. I went from 59 to 60 in about 3 hours. So hopefully you will find this guide some what useful. More guides to come in the future! 

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