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Wednesday, December 19, 2012

How Tera Online can improve its gameplay for users?

Many people might be wondering what Tera Online is up to for its future content. We are near the end of the first year of Tera being opened and content has been coming out fairly slowly for NA Tera Online. This has discouraged many players I have to say as a Tera Online user even I feel everyone it's pretty frustrating to see content coming in so slowly. Not to mention seeing K-Tera pull in really great Christmas events and us in NA Tera are not even getting most of it.

The only skill based not gear based event came to K-Tera during Christmas a battleground which is composed throwing snowballs to kill each other this sounded really interesting but no NA Tera Online will not be getting this event we get a recycled egg event for Christmas with drops which kind of suck. Content in general has been releasing quite slow for the US Tera servers.

So before i explain what would make Tera Online better then it currently is lets just quickly go over some of the things that make the game slightly frustrating at least from the point of view of a player that has been here since the opened beta of Tera Online. First the claim true action mmorpg with the claim of if you can dodge the attacks you can beat someone regardless of gear. This is totally not even close when it comes to actual pvp.

Tera Online is very gear dependent sure if you dodge an attack you won't get hit but a person with full pve gear verses someone in full fraywind is going to take double or triple the amount of damage in pve gear from someone using pvp gear. Not to mention someone in full conjunct will take so much less damage then someone without it and the better the pvp damage the closer to one shotting someone who is not in pvp gear. But of course if you suck at your class you will  not do as well as someone who knows their class.

The other main thing that is very annoying about Tera Online is the amount of content that you can find in game. Most of the content is all 5 man dungeons and while they added the raid called Nexus Traverse it does not add much into the game in terms of content. The speed in which content comes out is slow and the development team of NA Tera Online does not really let us know what's going on other then the patches are late or not coming out for awhile. Which pretty much seems to be lack of communication not really giving us a reason that we are almost 3 months behind of K-Tera and we seem to be getting farther behind with every new patch that the Korean servers get.

Now I'm not bashing the game I do enjoy playing it and I plan to play it in the future but I can see why many have canceled subscriptions because currently its very repetitive and boring. Until they fix some of the things in Tera Online they will continue to lose their player base slowly.

One of the main things which would greatly improve Tera Online and also help gaining more new members is expanding and fixing the raiding system. What I mean by this is instead of the 10 minute raid that we currently are stuck with repeating over and over 3 times a day we need something fresh and new something that causes progression and has a good story and interesting mechanics. I'm sorry I have to actually use world of warcraft as a comparison but it's the only example I can give that would at least make people understand what I'm talking about.

 If Tera Online expanded their content to include more 10/20 raid content then made sure that it required a well organized composer of classes such as making advantages for having each class this would also make people want to play some of the classes which may not be on the favorite list. Like for example having a raid which berzekers can benefit from using their fear and slows or needing to have a mystic in a raid so people could use the motes to dispel a posion or disease. They have a lot that can be done raid wise which would make the game interesting but they need to get away from only 5 man content.

They could also use to bring out content somewhat faster for NA Tera Online this is part of why people get bored so quickly I do understand it has to be translated and fitted for NA Tera but they need to work up a better system which allows content to be added in a faster fashion we used to be only a month behind K-Tera but as time has been going on we get farther and farther behind on content updates in Tera Online.

Adding more to the battlegrounds more types or just different maps would make the game more fun and less repetitive. I do realize that K-Tera gained 3v3 style Arena's but we still have not received that patch either. I'd like to see some Capture the Flag for Tera Online or maybe just some style of queued death match system that could be bet on. Sure the Battlegrounds event was interesting but even that was not well managed by the NA Tera Online team they royally screwed that up so bad that no one even wanted to participate until they made the registry free and even then they told us a day before the tournament that you would not get access to any glyph's that you did not already have. They could have easily allowed us access to them but they did not want to support fair play in the battlegrounds tournament.

It would also be nice if they made something else like a guild wars or battle system for the guild system a good example of what I mean is that of Ragnarok Online's system called War of Emperium something to add to the point of having a guild other then the vanarch system which is pretty much unfair. The guild wars system could also include a similar way to incorperate the winning vanarch by taking control a castle in a certain area of the map which would make the unfair voting system obsolete as well as stop all the feeding kills for the pvp vanarch.

For the most part Tera Online is a really awesome game and is worth buying but if they want to make it last much longer and compete verses the newer mmorpg's they should consider upgrading the content more often and provide some new raiding content. If your thinking of buying Tera Online just be warned that you will not find World of Warcraft based raiding in Tera Online but for most new users hopefully by the time they hit level 60 there will be new content finally unless we are doomed to fall farther behind in patches for the new year.

The last thing that is very frustrating is the fact that they might decide to bring this new content as a new expansion which is not really justified. I'm sorry but the current amount of updates and content which we have been awarded for buying the game does not justify them going and charging us another 50 or 60 dollars to give us new content which will make the game more fun. They really need at least one more major patch before I would even consider buying another expansion. They need to realize they did not provide all that much content that was new since the game came out back in May.

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