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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Sorry I haven't been posting

Sorry I haven't been posting in a long time I pretty much quit playing tera online almost a year ago and gave all of my stuff away because I just don't like what tera has turned into. That and the fact they still have yet to address the duping exploit which people are abusing in the auction house to dupe rare costumes and stuff. I don't really wanna take down the blog considering people still use it for a vary of the useful information it provides so I've just kind of left it up. And hisui posts from time to time.

Aside from that I've been playing archeage a little but i'm mostly waiting for the release of the english version of moonlight blade because all of my friends seem to be in agreement that it's going to be the next big successful mmorpg. And I'm really hoping to play it with a lot of my old friends who I haven't played a game with in years.

Work has also been keeping me busy and I have been traveling to Japan, China, and South Korea quite often within the year and that's actually been some really good experiences. I've managed to go to some really nice hot springs like Manza Onsen in Japan. And Huangshan Mountain in china. Both I really enjoyed would totally recomend going to Manza Onsen if you are ever in Japan. There are actually a few other hot springs I wouldn't mind going to in Japan just to see the difference. But it really makes your skin feel really good and water is pretty hot.

But anyhow I just wanted to say I didn't forget about my blog or the people who view it and didn't want you guys to think I've completely abandoned it. I still check to see the comments people post (even though a lot of them are spam bots) and still try to respond to legit questions when possible too.

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