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Friday, January 25, 2013

A sign Tera Online is going pay to win?

Pay to win is the type of server that most players find upsetting. The term pay to win is when the developers of a game give an unfair advantage to it's players by allowing them to pay for an advantage over normal free to play players. This can be done a number of ways usually it is done by the sales of weapons or gear that is otherwise difficult to obtain or has no drop rate at all in game forcing players to buy it. Currently on Tera Online the En Masse team has promised not to make the server pay to win. Unfortunately when it comes to all free to play mmorpg's usually it is only a matter of time before the server goes pay to win regardless of promises made.

One of the way's En Masse can accomplish this is by forcing players to ask for pay to win. An example of one of the tactics they might use they might make the enchanting system a really low chance they already claim that they will be taking the master alkahest from the specialty vendors and making it as a drop from dungeons and from events. That right there makes me think of the amount which drops from raids which is such a small amount it's stupidly low not even near enough for one weapon. They said they will not add it to shop but if enough people complain for it they would most likely add it in the future and head towards pay to win.

Another example would be that of masterworking items. They already made it possible for pre-masterworked items to drop from dungeons at a low chance if they make the chance of masterworking an item even lower to compensate for the small chance they provide already dropped items they could sell a bonus item to either increase the chance or masterwork an item with a higher chance by using it this would provide an advantage over someone that would have to work triple as hard as it used to be before it went free to play. By doing either of these it would cause people to ask for a pay to win server because they would not want to waste the time farming the items and could just buy them.

The overall problem with how they are handling the server is that pay to win will eventually ruin the overall economy of the server. It will be filled with gold farmers, botters and many other undesirable player's in the community. Someone told me they thought all Brazilian players and Chinese players would be banned from the server but the likely-hood of that happening is low and it still will not stop players that want to bot for tera gold. While the botting was never a problem in the past the new revived player base will also revive the botting community. And doing a wide ban on IP's for Chinese and Brazilian players would only hurt the community since there's a large amount of them flooding the servers and they would only farther lose possible people who would support item shops.

The end result of Tera Online whether it happens today or in a few months will be the pay to win model En Masse will only hold it off for so long before stupid players give them a reason to switch from fair free to play to pay to win. The community in the end will be what doom's the overall game. All other games at this point have been switching to compete with free to play games eventually there might not be a place for pay to play niche players to enjoy gaming anymore. But we still have Final Fantasy 14 to look forward to still being pay to play so if they can pull off a better remake they might just save gaming for pay to play gamers.

While in the end it does upset me that Tera Online seems to be heading in the pay to win direction I will still be putting up more guides and information since our guild is still very much alive and I'm still curious what will happen with Tera Online. So for now we will just wait and see.


  1. I'm all for banning Brazilian IP's. Problem is that the chat ends up being 75% Spanish. It's an American server and I shouldn't have to have a social handicap in a game I pay a monthly sub fee just as much as I should be able to order food at a restaurant without needing an interpreter. At least Blizz realized this being an issue quite a whiles ago and thus opening up Latin servers along with the Oceanic ones. It just needs to happen. I got stuck in Akasha's HM with a group that just decided to hang out after being wiped. I couldn't vote anyone out because no one would vote to kick the guy that was afk for like 20 mins. And it's not like anyone could understand me. And if they did they sure as hell didn't give a shit. They either BAN their IP's and make servers for them, or make a couple dedicated to just US that filters out other IP's.

    1. well its a free to play game now so you'll find other languages cause alot of US players might migrate from other countries so theres still alot of non english speaking players that live in the US as well. The issue though is more that those countries spent awhile DDOS attacking the server as well.

    2. To Damien Fraley: A typical american xenophobic behavior.

      and by the way, brazilians speak portuguese, not spanish, dumbass


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