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Thursday, September 5, 2013

New Alliance Patch Templates

So the alliance patch has been out for awhile and it brought us some PvP some dailies and such and the introduction to the federation gear which everyone kinda does not see much point in getting the armor for because its lesser compared to the previous conjunct gear only newer people would want to get this gear as catch up gear.

But today while I was helping one of my guildies named Tick.Me.Elin do the uncommon summoning sticks so he could get his uncommon membranes a tier 14 dropped. At first we thought it was just a peice of fodder but it turns out besides this item being a tier 14 ilvl 151 item it also comes with a very nice unique skin but unfortantly these don't seem to be usable as a template which is slightly disappointing.

At the same time though it might be worth holding on to them for if they end up changing this in the future but I figured I would post a screenshot of this new weapon. I think it's possible that there might be armor templates which go with it as well and while I farm these bams I will keep an eye out for anymore unique drops and figure out whether they are useable for templates.

The name of the lance which dropped is: Lasting Impression

I checked my auction house and also found a bow for sale for a quite large amount but the template isn't something ive seen before either.

The bow is called: Learning Curve

The interesting thing was I checked some of the online codex's and none of the NA databases seem to have any information about these items. I would imagine that if these end up being usable as templates in the future they will be quite expensive I told my guildies not to just give them away especially since none of us have tried to use them as a template yet. Cause not sure if maybe it's just not marked as a template out of a mistake or not. I'm thinking about also asking to see if the GM's plan on allowing us to use these as templates. I would love to be able to skin my Visionmaker using these cause they are pretty unique.

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  1. Is this lance "Lasting Impression" still obtainable? If yes, how?


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